What would you say if you were being interviewed about your golf game and the interviewer’s first question was this:

“Short game”?

Would you get an uneasy feeling and feel like the bottom of the floor fell out, or would you stay calm and confidently provide your response? Having a clear understanding of how you perceive your short game is the foundation to improving it. If your confidence is lacking, you must change your perception. To change your perception you must change your thought process. This alteration in thinking allows you to literally see your game differently.

For example, if your response is “my putting stinks,” the message you send your subconscious mind is that your putting stinks. If you reverse that thought and say “I have a great short game” the message received is that you have a great short game. I realize this sounds totally elementary, but that is as simple as it gets and it starts with how you think.

I want you to think of your subconscious mind like a “command center” and send it a positive command, EVERY TIME. Sending a positive message increases your odds for performance by altering your brain chemistry. These types of thoughts are referred to as positive command statements. Other examples of positive command statements for your short game would be:

My putter feels great in my hands

Every shot I see within 150 yards I envision going in the hole

I am focused on my target on EVERY shot

EVERY thought about my short game is positive

My short game is so good, because I love it

In my Tour Pro Mind coaching program, we spend an entire session creating positive command statements, or what I refer to as Energy Statements. By incorporating these types of thoughts into your subconscious mind, you improve your overall dialogue, and ultimately play better golf. Even if you do not believe it at first, that’s OK because your subconscious mind cannot differentiate between fact and fiction. It only responds to what you think and say.

By practicing these golf short game tips you will quickly see results and believe it on a conscious level. Ultimately you need to believe it, and that will naturally occur as you start to see results. But remember, that this game is a combination of physical and mental, and you must focus on continuously improving in every aspect of your game.

The main objective I want you to take away from this information is that your performance is directly related to how you think about your game, on and off the course. Think of your short game as your best friend and cherish the great relationship you have with it. If you think and speak kindly about it, it will reward you tremendously 🙂

Greg Liberto

The HEAD Coach