The United States Golf Association has partnered with American Express to present its second annual PLAY9 Day scheduled for July 29, 2015.
The USGA is recognizing and celebrating the limitless virtue of a round of nine holes. Following a successful inaugural year, this year the event will be broadened to include additional facilities and more golfers, thanks to gaining momentum and overwhelming popularity as a convenient, fun and enjoyable way to play the game of golf.
The USGA, in its support of PLAY9, will have a national campaign to build awareness that will encourage the participation golfers and golf clubs alike. The campaign is a goal to rally golfers of every skill set and interest level around the PLAY9 Day.
It’s goal is to be a national holiday for the game!
The awareness campaign will include PLAY9 toolkits being distributed to Member Clubs of the USGA, promotions on-air via Fox Sports, digital promotion, an engaging campaign on social media and significant support from regional and state golf associations. The toolkits for PLAY9 will be downloadable and will include a full user guides, tent card, posters and cart plate that is customizable.
The toolkit can be downloaded at www.usga.org/play9.
Consider these statistics about nine-hole facilities– they encompass over 30% of all public course across the U.S. and 90% of all public courses offer a rate for nine holes. The coming July 29 event provides a great opportunity to play a round of 9 yourself as well as encourage others to participate.
Amongst the myriad of benefits of a round of nine holes, a few include:
  • Less time is needed to play 9
  • Less intimidating for newcomers to play nine
  • Beginning to learn the sport’s rules and etiquette
  • Easier on your billfold ($$$)
  • and, scores on a nine-hole course are eligible for purposes regarding handicaps
The program last year helped to educate many golfers that scores for nine-holes are eligible to be used to figure handicaps. The USGA Golf Handicap and Information Network in 2014 recorded an increase of 13% from the prior year in postings of nine-hole rounds in the two months following the launch of the program.
In addition, a consumer study by the USGA concluded by a research group showed that 60% of all golfers see rounds of nine-holes as a great way to get the newcomers to get their feet wet in the sport.
Play9 day, coming in a little over a month…