The trailer for Jason Connery’s film Tommy’s Honour, showcases a film full of classic drama around the game of golf.

In the two-minute montage of clips, we see how a young man, Tommy Morris (Jack Lowden), has ambitions of being a golfer when everyone around him dismisses that as the pipe dreams of someone who will inevitably be a caddy. Instead, he rises to the occasion and proves to be a golfer worth watching. Along the way, he meets the love of his life, Meg Drinnen (Ophelia Lovibond) and deals with conflict with his father, legendary golfer, Tom Morris Sr. (Peter Mullan).


This might seem like it’s a perfect underdog story, but if Tommy’s Honour follows the script of its real-life inspiration, it might leave viewers with a few tears in their eyes.

Spoilers ahead!

Tommy Morris had a very short life. He died at age 24, many decades before his father. He and his father, Tom Morris Sr., had something of a rivalry in the golf world. In the British Open Championship of 1869, he and his father finished first and second, respectively. Morris won four championships total before he died. At the 1868 Open Championship, which he also won, Morris scored what was recorded as the very first hole-in-one during a major golfing championship.

As a young golfer in Scotland during the relatively early days of the game, Morris was something of a celebrity. Not only was his playing style and skilled revered, his attitude was, as well. He has been praised by authors like Robert Clark for qualities such as “undaunted determination.”

Despite his physical skill that gave him his athletic prowess, Morris died at a young age following a personal tragedy. His wife, Meg Drinnen, died during childbirth along with their son, while Morris was competing in an exhibition match with his father. Informed of the news via telegram, Morris died of a pulmonary hemorrhage several months later.

Following his son’s death, Morris Sr. kept golfing, competing in his final British Open Championship at 75, in 1896. He died in 1908, at 87.

Though the world of golf is full of many prominent figures—from Tiger Woods, to Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus—icons such as Tommy Morris and his father are not as widely known. With a film such as Tommy’s Honour audiences will be able to learn about an important chapter in the history of sport they might otherwise not have known about.

We’ll keep our eyes peeled for when it arrives.