Take a moment to think about women’s golf– and what comes to mind? As a “fashion-deficient” male, I can’t help but picture the sense of style existent in today’s game among ladies.

Turn any women’s golf event on TV. They’re always flashing personal flair and exhibiting a unique fashion-forward mindset. As a guy who knows nothing about coordinating spring pastels or toning (and I might even be making this terminology up…), I can appreciate a unique eye for style. Antigua has that unique eye.

Notice the logo on top LPGA golfer Stacy Lewis' sleeve....

Notice the logo on top LPGA golfer Stacy Lewis’ sleeve….

This past month, I was fortunate enough to sit down and talk with Danielle Dellios of Antigua, a Senior Designer for the Phoenix-based clothing company. She’s been with Antigua and their women’s line since the start.

“When I first started, we had no women’s line,” said Dellios, an Arizona-girl, born and raised. “And now look, our women’s line has taken off and is growing every year.”

Antigua’s Women Apparel

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Dellios is highly-experienced in women’s fashion, particularly that of Antigua. She’s helped Antigua develop the strategy that is making them one of the most successful apparel brands in the game of golf today– all while being with them since the start of her career.

Antigua has developed a niche in the apparel market and Danielle has understood how this niche matches the needs of their customers.

“Quality is our selling point,” said Dellios. “We have an interesting take on golf wear and our focus on great prices for multi-faceted wardrobe helps us identify with our customers.”

It makes sense. After all, Dellios is the expert– she’s designed the last two American Solheim Cup team uniforms.

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If you love fashion and want to be the ‘trendy one in your foursome’, take a look at some of Antigua’s clothing. Check out their Brazen” design with sheering down the pocket.Gem” is one of their best-sellers, featuring solid colors and a comfortable feel, designed with 8% spandex. It’s a feel Dellios says “women like”.

Dellios is most excited about their “Brio” line. It’s a pullover, but is meant to be worn by itself. Dellios praises the sheering they implemented into this line along with the strength in the feminine features. It also features that aforementioned spandex (5%) and is a great spring/fall item.

We’ve talked about some of their top designs,  but how do these products perform on the golf course? According to CEO Ron McPherson, ‘Performance’ from clothing means, “Moisture management (wicking), maintenance (washability), color fastness, fit and functionality (swing free motion).”

Antigua was one of the first apparel companies to introduce high-quality tech fabrics, including their line of synthetics. Their trademarked Desert Dry and Desert Dry Xtra-lite product lines gave them an edge in the early marketplace– an edge they’ve maintained over time. 

Remember, I’m not the expert here– Danielle is. And her expertise will help you to find the fashion you need on the golf course. She’s had a hand in everything Antigua has in their women’s line.

She won’t steer you astray.