Welcome to another edition of the USGolfTV.com podcast: Troy and Dill Talk Golf. Now I know putting the title of our podcast in italics seems to place lofty expectations on what we’re about to bring, so as I (Troy) write this, I would like to apologize to Dillon for putting the burden of a “strong podcast” on him. I hope despite it, we meet the expectations of an italicized title.

But like I said, this podcast–hosted by myself, Troy Klongerbo and my cohort Dillon Friday–might be one of our most fun podcasts of the year to record. It’s all because of a little place in small town Georgia–just off Washington Road–called Augusta National Golf Club.

The Masters is here and with it, our 2015 Masters podcast.

Meet our hosts:

troy and dillon

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Part I

With this podcast, we hope to dive into the Masters a little using our own observations, some diligent research and regurgitation of some of the best Masters-talk we’ve seen or heard. Recorded on Friday, April 3rd, we touched on a few different areas. Some Shell Houston Open, some Lydia Ko, we talked about life when we were 17-years old.

We also gave a quick shout-out to the fellas at No Laying Up. First:

Do the ladies deserve an event at Augusta National (starts at 7:00 mark)?

Link to the Mike Whan extension here.

The women shared a U.S. Open venue with the men last year in 2014 at Pinehurst in North Carolina, playing the week after the men and Martin Kaymer’s domination. So on the brink of the most popular event in the world of golf, why don’t the women have a shot at Augusta?

We don’t talk about it right away, but after a few minutes, it becomes the focal point of our discussion.

What do you think?

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Part II

With the second segment, we dove deep into the Masters. We talked players, predictions and get this–it took us some 16:38 to mention ‘El Tigre!’ Incredible, right?

First, I told you we would have a link for the Best Commercials in Golf, an article written by Dillon Friday so CLICK HERE to watch some of our favorite golf commercials. There are a couple of gems…

But on to the second segment:

Our Complete Masters Preview: Plus 1 Contender, 1 Sleeper and Our Winners…Click PLAY!

Thanks for listening everyone. We genuinely appreciate anyone who listens and interacts. Now you may be able to speak at lengths about your disagreements with what we’ve said, but please, direct all complaints to Dillon. 😉

Seriously though, if you want to talk more golf and interact with us, tweet us! We would love to talk further about the Masters, the best week in golf!

Happy Masters week!

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