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Tour Draw

Still dealing with that nasty slice? If you’ve been struggling for months, years or even DECADES to fix your slice…why wouldn’t you give this a look? Instead of wasting hundreds of dollars looking for new clubs to fix your shot, save yourself some money (and several headaches).

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The Prairie Secret

Nobody is born with a “golf gene.” The Prairie Secret, the first golf improvement program which provides a step-by-step plan for you to follow over a 30 day period. Applying “The Prairie Secret” consistently over 30 days… now that brings real power to the improvement process. And that’s why I know you can make a dramatic and positive shift in your scores… every aspect of your game… and the amount of enjoyment you get from golf.

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One Less Stroke

It’s as simple as these three words: ONE. LESS. STROKE. How many times have you looked at your scorecard at the end of a round and thought, “Man, if I could have just cut that 6 down to a 5" or "If I just hadn’t 3 putted on that hole" or "If I just hit a better drive on that one par 4 I wouldn’t have that triple bogey"? This is the system that helps you seize control of your game and start hitting better shots with more control and consistency, while also playing smarter, every time you tee it up.

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Swing Caddie

Knowing your exact distance on all your clubs can be easily worth 4, 5, 6, or even more strokes a round. No new swing ideas, no little trick you are trying this week, not a brand new putter you think will push you over the edge. Just having a little more knowledge of your own game could drastically change your scores. Swing Caddie also tells your swing speed, ball speed, smash factor, and accuracy, all at a price much lower than you'd expect.

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