If you’re a golfer, you love helping your local community and think you’re pretty tough, the friendly people at Junior Achievement of South Dakota have a challenge for you….

….try to endure 100 holes of golf in one day.

Do you think you can handle it?

On Monday June 1, 2015, the 17th Annual Longest Day of Golf will be taking place at the Brandon Golf Course they want you to take part!

Participating comes in a number of different fashions. Either you can either contribute, golf or volunteer. By contributing, you’ll be ‘sponsoring’ a golfer to go for the challenge of 100 holes of golf. With donations of $100, $250, $500, $1,000 or even $2,500, you can help “foot the bill,” for a golfer to “foot the hills.”

Golfers won’t actually be “footing the hills” though. By choosing to golf, you’re agreeing to an early Monday morning at Brandon Golf Course in Brandon, SD for 5.5 rounds of golf in only 11 hours. There’s your 100 holes of golf, does anyone want to try for 200? Each golfer is given what the Junior Achievement calls, “The Royal Treatment.” This includes your very own golf cart (which you do NOT have to share), meals, snacks and even some complimentary back massages–because, well, you know 100 holes is a lot, even when you’re riding in a golf cart. Golfers will golf in threesomes and have the entire golf course to themselves along with the other ‘100 holers.’

For those looking for a way to volunteer, the Junior Achievement committee would be thrilled to have you participate with them. Call them at (605) 336-7318 and they will walk you through the ways you can help out the event.

For 11 years, T.J. Hora has participated in the Longest Day of Golf. He thinks the event is a great one, not only for Junior Achievement but also, the people who decide to take part.

“JA’s Longest Day of Golf Allows the opportunity to enjoy a fun-filled day of golf and truly make a positive impact in our student’s lives.” said Hora of the that’s been around since the late 1990s.

Junior Achievement of South Dakota is looking to impact over 50,000 South Dakota students through their various programs.

For more information, contact the JA office:


(605) 336-7318

Oh yeah, and consider getting your ice baths and hot showers ready…It’s going to be a fun day!