Jason Seeman is the National Sales Manager for the one of the top companies in golf – Bushnell. With a wide variety of rangefinder devices designed to efficiently measure yardages, Bushnell is one of – what people call – the big players in the industry.

At Bushnell, Jason manages the entire Bushnell Golf branch – handling each and every one of their major accounts along with a long list of other responsibilities. His accounts? They include all of the monsters – Dick’s Sporting Goods, Golf Galaxy, Austads….almost all of the major golf retailers. Jason oversees 28 sales representatives throughout the nation and works from the Bushnell headquarters in Kansas City, Missouri. All of this for a guy from Sioux Falls, SD.

Growing up in Sioux Falls in the late ’80s, Jason played a majority of his junior golf in at Westward Ho Country Club in Sioux Falls.

“I grew up at Westward Ho and played a ton of golf in the junior golf program,” Jason reminisced.

In high school, Jason was a member of the Lincoln Patriots golf team. Jason knew the Pats won multiple state championships during his tenure – which ended in 1991 – he simply couldn’t recall how many. His only guarantee was that, “…I know we won it my senior year,” he said among laughs.

Jason’s collegiate pursuits led him to the University of Kansas. As a member of the “Rock Chalk” society, Jason walked onto the golf team as a freshman. By the time his college golf career was over, he was a 3-year Letter winner for the Jayhawks; 1994-1996. Jason had a calling in the game of golf.

Upon graduation, Jason tried his hand at playing professionally. An extremely difficult venture, he floated for two years around the Dakota’s Tour in South Dakota and a tour formerly known as the Longhorn Tour in Texas, but quickly realized this harsh reality – “I wasn’t a good enough putter.”

Shortly after his brief professional golf career, Jason got a phone call from his golf coach at Kansas about a company which produces hunting laser-finders. The company – Bushnell. They offered “cool, new products” designed for hunters to determine specific yardages of animals, bluffs, trees, etc. At this time, Bushnell was looking to enter the golf sector. When Jason joined the team in 1997, he helped generate the idea that the Bushnell rangefinder could be used in golf. Ever since then, Bushnell has been the leader in its industry.

During Jason’s 16 year career, he’s been involved in every step of growth in the golf branch at Bushnell. From managing major business accounts to contacting players on the PGA Tour, Jason does it all. He is constantly developing relationships with college golf programs and professional golfers nationwide to give the consumer the absolute best rangefinder possible. This vision remains his goal today.

Jason played a major role in the development of Jolt technology in their rangefinders, a feature which revolutionized the yardage finding industry. For those of you unaware, Jolt technology features a vibration very similar to a cell phone vibration, except this vibration is delivered when an accurate pin yardage is found.


The players on the PGA Tour gave Jason tremendous positive feedback – confirming Bushnell’s desire for all of the rangefinders they put into use to possess this Jolt technology. ¬†They also have PinSeeker technology, a feature which locks in the pin almost automatically. Bushnell is always on the innovative and revolutionary front in product development – and behind many of these ideas sits Jason Seeman.

Jason stated Bushnell’s growth from the day he started, but said a big move in the company’s path came in 2006 through the USGA’s approval of rangefinders in the Local Rules. This changed everything for Bushnell. At this point, the product was already put in use by caddies and NCAA golfers throughout the nation before events and during practice rounds and their popularity was already gaining traction.

“When the greatest players in the world use, accept and demand your product – its pretty cool,” said Seeman. “We have checks from Tiger Woods and Arnold Palmer we never cashed because we thought it was so cool.”

Every year of Jason’s involvement in Bushnell, the company has experienced sales growth. Every, single, year. If you ask me, that’s an impressive accomplishment. For a product whose original intention never fathomed the golf market, to now have an entire branch is an achievement worth noting. The golf industry has been forever impacted by the work done by Jason and his staff at Bushnell.


Jason lives, what many golfers would call, “the dream.” To work everyday around the game of golf, traveling and mingling with the world’s best players and coaches is something he admits at times he might not fully understand.

“Sometimes I think I take my job for granted. I am behind the ropes at Tour events, working directly with the biggest names in golf. I get to meet some awesome people,” says Jason.

Jason even recalls stories of spending quality time with Rickie Fowler – their biggest name under contract – during photo shoots in Florida. He echoes what many of Rickie’s peers on Tour say about him, that “Rickie is a guy with a great heart.” Jason was able to spend the entire day with Rickie at a photo shoot at the Medalist. He saw how Rickie responded to his friends and family firsthand. He had glowing praise for Rickie Fowler – and we agree (Sportscenter, Dick Fowler PI).

To engage in discourse with the world’s top talents is an experience not many people are afforded. Jason understands this reality.

For future goals, Jason hopes to see Bushnell experience the growth they’ve already incurred in only 16 years. They strive to continue their pattern of being the most innovative product on the market and hold their place as the best product available. Jason did present two future goals he would like to see Bushnell implement in the future. (Here’s an “Inside Scoop” into Bushnell – you’re a fly on the wall in a business meeting….):

  1. Jason wants to see rangefinders eventually be legal during PGA Tour events. Ernie Els was quoted saying if he were commissioner for a day, he would allow the usage of rangefinders. Jason believes it will speed-up the Pace of Play on Tour and add simplicity to an already complicated game.
  2. Jason would love to see Bushnell’s partnership with the “Folds of Honor” continue to grow. They’ve already partnered to donate $500,000 YTD and hope their relationship with them will only see added prosperity. Attached below is a video exploring the Bushnell/Folds of Honor partnership:

Overall, it is an exciting time for Jason Seeman at Bushnell Golf. I want to take a moment to personally thank Jason for his time spent with me and wish him only the best for the rest of 2013 and into 2014. As someone who uses Bushnell already, I can attest to the impact its had on the game of golf.

And all for a guy from Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Troy Klongerbo

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