One of the coolest things about the game of golf is how easily it can integrate seemingly unrelated causes.

What does golf have in common with war and the affairs of our troops and veterans? On the surface, honestly, not very much. Perhaps veterans play golf, but the similarities end there. Where golf is able to serve them though, makes golf unique.

See, for example, the GIVE Foundation.

“The Falls” is looking to partner with the organization for the coming golf seasons. What a cool partnership!

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GIVE stands for Golf for Injured Veterans Everywhere. GIVE is a non-profit organization geared toward getting veterans involved in our great game– a noble cause.

The program is enlisted in four-parts or phases (per the GIVE website):

  • Phase I: Introduction of Golf (rules, equipment, dress, scoring, etiquette, etc.)
  • Phase II: Indoor instruction at Riverside Casino and Golf Resort
  • Phase III: Practice outdoors at Blue Top Ridge
  • Phase IV: Golf at Blue Top Ridge, possible competition

The mission behind the project is to encourage participation in golf to enhance injured veterans’ mental, social, physical, and emotional well-being. Overall, the mission is to help improve their quality of life.

For anyone who plays golf with regularity, they know this much– golf is a quality of life enhancer.

By heading to the GIVE Foundation website, a great video outlines their mission and goals.

Honor our veterans…

The team at the Grand Falls Casino is setting up the program through for the 2015 season through the VA Sioux Falls.

For more information, stay tuned to USGolfTV or contact either GIVE or the Grand Falls Casino by contacting Director of Marketing Yvette Origel at yvette.origel@grandfallsresort.com.