If you haven’t been to the Golf ETC Sioux Falls store on 41st street in Sioux Falls, SD– but you take golf seriously– you might not be doing your golf game justice.

Paul Doherty has been heading up the shop in Sioux Falls for a little over a year now, and his expertise in shaft fittings have earned him many happy South Dakota golfers. This past week, it earned him something else– the Fujikura Dealer of the Month.

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Paul’s bread-and-butter in shaft fittings lie in his ability to match customers with shafts that possess the necessary characteristics to optimize their ball flight. He understands the nuances of shafts, as well as understanding how to effectively integrate¬†all of the data compiled by his machines in his back room hitting bay in the 41st street Golf ETC shop.

Spin rates, launch angle, swing speed and ball flight are all factors taken in by Paul as he slides his glasses over his eyes to make recommendations for his customers. He’s been in the industry since 1996, so he has an inclusive¬†understanding of how to get the most out of people’s golf games. If you were to come in for a fitting, he may even give you a few complimentary swing tips.


This month, Paul was awarded “Dealer of the Month” by Fujikura– one of the prominent shaft manufacturers in the world. His relationship with Fujikura is a strong one, as a majority of the shafts Paul finds for his customers come from their product line. He is extremely comfortable working with their equipment, made evident in his ability to move their product from off the shelves, into the heads of his customers golf clubs.

As I said in the first paragraph, if you haven’t made it into Golf ETC on 41st street in Sioux Falls, do so. Paul just might help you improve your golf game.

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