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Author: Ann Marie Roberts

Same Length Irons: Is this new technology changing golf?

10/26/2016 Consistent ball striking, the bane of every golfer’s existence. With too many thoughts and too many adjustments in their swing, consistency is not easy to come by. It’s the white unicorn every golfer seeks. How do you fix such a complicated process? Well… how about we go back—way back—and step back to look at a concept that originated almost 50 years ago. One that originally, failed. The concept of same length irons originated in 1970. It was Tommy Armour who tried it with his E.Q.L. set. The retail market didn’t buy into it, and since then it has basically been...

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Tiger Woods Returns to the PGA Tour: Safeway Open, Here He Comes

10/09/2016 While it appears the golf season is winding down for some, for others it is just getting started. Not only is this the official start to the 2016-2017 FedExCup schedule, but also for longtime missing great, Tiger Woods. Woods officially committed to play in the Safeway Open. This opens up the door for a lot of excitement to return to the PGA Tour. And for Woods, most likely some nerves, as he has been absent from the game for so long. Golf fans everywhere are excited. Tiger's officially coming back. — PGA TOUR (@PGATOUR) October 7, 2016...

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Beginner Golf Tips: 3 EASY Tips to Improve Your Setup

09/20/2016 3 Setup Keys to Improve Your Golf Game To start the golf swing you need a solid setup; beginner golf tips right? Well, if you are not in the correct setup position you have started to create a habit that will eventually be difficult to break. You know that once you create a bad habit, you have to spend time making the correct move to break the bad habit. And be honest—do you have the time to spend correcting a bad habit? Or do you want to just setup correctly at the beginning and play the game? Golf...

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09/07/2016 The Tour is wrapping up its season and the top-25 are set to join the PGA Tour for the 2017 season. It has been a long road for these players and the last 4 events of the year will help put these 25 players into their final rankings by taking their regular season money and combining it with the finals money for their position. The Finals will begin on September 8-11th at Canterbury Golf Club in Cleveland, Ohio. Then it’s off to Boise, Idaho which is home to a long-running Tour event that will claim a...

Read More A Way to Add Distance Via the Sweet Spot

08/25/2016 So you’ve heard about…the Impact Slot Trainer. Michael Breed,  the famed golf instructor on the Golf Channel, is advocating another product that is poised to help you improve your game through hitting the ball simply better. Distance and accuracy. These two little words can be the difference between a good round and a great round. How many times have you heard the words…sweet spot? Sorry to break it to you, but it’s a myth, since it’s the size of the head of a pin on any type of club. Technology has definitely improved clubs over the years....

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The Transition Drill with the Driver: A Drill with Todd Kolb

08/17/2016 The nemesis club for some. The big dog. It’s known as the driver. How many times have you gone to a demo day and tried out a new driver? Borrowed your buddy’s? Cursed it one minute and love it the next? For most golfers it seems to be a love hate relationship with the big number 1! Put your money away for now because buying a new driver may not be the answer for you, because PGA Teaching Professional Todd Kolb has a drill designed specifically for your driver. It’s called the Transition Drill. To get the full...

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PNP Siteline Chipper: A Club That Could Save You Strokes

08/11/2016 A perfect drive down the middle of the fairway, followed by a great second shot just short of the green. Does it get any better, you ask yourself? Well, it would seem that way, that is until you realize you were just in front of the green in two shots, and then you ask yourself, “how did I end up finishing that hole with a score of 6?” Does this happen to you more than you would like to admit… where the short game is ruining your golf game? Well, lucky for you there is a solution that...

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PGA Championship TV Times from Baltustrol: Where To Watch

07/21/2016 The final major is here and the PGA Championship will no doubt be just as exciting as the rest of the majors this season. The 2016 PGA Championship is being held at the Baltusrol Golf Club located in Springfield, New Jersey. The land where the club stands was initially used as a weekend escape from the city life of New York. When golf started to become popular in America they had the perfect place to build a club and in 1895 the course was founded by Louis Keller. Keller had never even played the game, but had the...

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Background on Royal Troon, Host of the 2016 Open Championship

07/07/2016 The British Open, known globally as The Open Championship, is just around the corner, but only in time as the location is being held over the pond at the Royal Troon Golf Club in Troon, South Ayrshire in Scotland. Royal Troon Golf Club is no amateur when it comes to hosting the Open, as they have hosted 8 times prior to the 145th playing. If you are an American player your odds are looking in your favor as well, as the last 6 Opens have been won by Americans when played at Royal Troon. With the last Open...

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US Open TV Times: Where to Watch Oakmont Action

06/11/2016 It’s that time of year, Father’s Day is approaching, and that can only mean the US Open is drawing near. The 2016 US Open is heading to Oakmont Country Club for another go around the historic course. This will be the 9th time Oakmont Country Club will host the Open, the last one being in 2007. Oakmont Country Club was founded in 1903 in Oakmont, Pennsylvania. It is the first course to be recognized as a National Historic Landmark. It is also one of the toughest venues for the Open. So if you want to watch, where can you...

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