TaylorMade M1 & M2 Drivers: Family for All Needs

By Ann Marie Roberts
May 18, 2016


Taylor Made M1 & M2 Drivers…Evolutionary or Revolutionary?

Taylor Made has taken concept never before used and made it into their own revolutionary driver. Introducing the new family of drivers the M1 and the M2.  The M=a multi material construction. For the first time in golf history, they have joined two different materials, a titanium face with a 7-layer carbon composite crown.

This combination is giving golfers, whether you’re a great player or a weekend warrior, the ultimate weapon.  The crown design is ultra-thin and ultra-light, with a weight-loaded sole that lowers the center of gravity for a more efficient power transfer. Their sleek look gives the drivers a clean, fast, impressive look.  The feel, the forgiveness and the solid sound give it an appeal to a wide array of golfers.

At the 2016 PGA Merchandise, we took a look at the M1 driver:

The M1 driver has the T-Track System that offers distance, forgiveness and feel for every golfer.  The front track adjusts for multiple draw, neutral and fade settings. The back track adjusts for multiple high, medium and low launch and spin settings. This unique design gives you the ability to personalize your M1 driver to your exact specifications.

The M2 driver is like the lil’ brother to the M1.  It has a little smaller head but offers a massive sweet spot.  With this driver, golfers do not have to choose between forgiveness and speed.  It has a low center of gravity projection combined with a new speed pocket which generates a high launch/low spin trajectory.

Taylor Made is not done yet… the gifts with these two drivers just keep on coming. The loft sleeve can also be adjusted +/- 2 degrees, offering golfers up to 12 different adjustment positions in loft, lie and face angle.

The M1 & M2 drivers are definitely living up to their hype. Be prepared though, because after you hit one of these drivers you will have to make room for it in your golf bag. 

Just ask Colorado State Match Play Champion, Nick Noz, who put the M1 Driver in his bag after only 3 swings. 

“I knew immediately this driver was for me and I haven’t looked back since.  I am not the youngest guy out there competing and I’ve noticed with the M1, I am gaining distance with a very forgiving head.  My misses are even better since I began playing the driver.  I am looking very forward to competing with the M1 this summer.”

Here’s a video of Mark Crossfield discussing the M2 driver:

It appears with this technology and the forgiveness of these two drivers, well you just can’t miss.

Crossfield on the M1 & M2 family, here:

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