How To Improve Rhythm And Tempo In The Golf Swing

By Brett Bennett
September 25, 2012

Rhythm and tempo within the golf swing can dictate many things.  It seems as though as you start to get nervous or become uneasy with a situation, your tempo may start to increase.  This can lead to your upper and lower body becoming disconnected.  Here is the two club practice drill that will give your body a feel for the correct rhythm and tempo throughout the golf swing.

When you are on the practice range working on your game, I want you to focus on your tempo.  Go ahead and choose two clubs from your bag.  I want you to grab one club with each hand.  They should start about six inches apart at address.  From here, take both clubs back and swing through the shot at the same rate of speed.  Both clubs should end at the same time.  If both clubs are not swinging at the same speed, your body will not function properly and bad shots will result.

Now, tee a ball up on the practice range.  I want you to feel the same speed that it took for both clubs to swing but now only having one in your hands.  What you will find is that your tempo will improve along with your balance within your golf swing.  If you would like, swing both clubs in between practice shots to allow your body the same feeling that you want to replicate with just one.  Go back and forth among one and two clubs to continue to feel the rhythm.

Take this drill to your next practice session to improve your game.  You may just find yourself hitting straighter and longer shots.

Brett Bennett

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