Golf Tips: How To Hit Fairway Woods vs Hybrids

By Brett Bennett
October 5, 2012

Fairway Woods and Hybrids

If you have hybrid clubs and are more of a recreational golfer, you may not know when you should use them, or just stick with standard woods.  Therefore, Teaching professional Jason Sudenga shows in what situations to use a hybrid.  On top of that, he shows when you should just pull out the woods.

Using a 3-Wood

–        First off, the ball lies in a more favorable position (not down in a divot or dip)

–        Ball position should be shaded forward, toward the front foot

–        Focus on sweeping the ball off the fairway with good extension and follow-through

Using a Hybrid

–        The ball will be sitting down a little more, less favorable in a divot or hole

–        Ball position should be more centered, compensating for the ball resting lower

–        Focus on hitting down a little more on the ball to get it out of the dip

These tips should help you not only decide which club to use, but also how to use them.  Learn more about 5 Fantastic Tips for Beginner Golfers here.


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