How To Putt With the Claw Grip: A Video Lesson

By Tyler Prins
October 9, 2012


The clawwww…….

In this tip, PGA Pro Todd Kolb talks about how to use a ‘claw grip’ while putting.  One of the main reasons people use the ‘claw grip’ is to help take the small muscles out of the putting stroke. Flipping the right wrist is a problem faced by many golfers– leading to extreme inconsistencies.

Screen Shot 2014-08-06 at 6.37.15 PM

Todd instructs us to first put your left hand on the putter the same way you would normally.  Now lock the left wrist in place so you can prevent the putter face from moving open or closed. After the left wrist is locked, you want to take your right hand and grab the putter grip as if you were grabbing a pencil.  Grab it with your thumb and your index finger.  Now lock that right hand in place as well.

When creating a putting motion with this grip you will want to create a sort of sweeping motion.  You want to be thinking that your right hand is pushing the putter down the intended target line. This is the most common claw grip, although there are other variations as well.

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