How To Play the Golf Game “Flags”

By Troy Klongerbo
October 18, 2012

The game “flags” is a simple one to play. All a player needs is a handicap number and the ‘par’ of the golf course being played for the game. Handicaps can be equated at most golf courses in a computer system in the clubhouse. The game starts by taking the number of each golfer’s handicap and adding it to the par for the golf course. In the video, PGA professional Todd Kolb uses the number 18 for his handicap and the par for the course is 72. Added together, he is given the number 90. All players participating are to calculate their personal ‘number’ and the game has begun. Each player is then given a flag.

With Todd’s number being 90, he has 90 strokes to hit. He plays his round until his 90th stroke has been hit and then he puts a flag in the ground. Whichever player makes it farthest on the golf course before their flag is in the ground – or their total allotted amount of strokes is reached – is deemed the winner of “Flags”.

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  1. In the Flags game, you know who the winner is because he didn’t have to plant his flag..made it to the end without reaching their handicap + par. If you want to give 2nd place, how does that work..e.g. three players have planted their flags close to the final hole. We had this situation–two people planted flags very close to hole and another not as close, but it was deemed a 3-way tie for 2nd.

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