The clubface has probably the most impact on where your ball will end up after hitting it, and there are three primary positions in which it can be:  Open, Square and Closed.  In this video, PGA Professional Todd Kolb breaks down each position, as well as their effect on a shot.  Each position is in relation to the clubface and the shot’s target line, or where you want the ball to go.

–        Square:  This is usually the desired position, and the clubface will be square with the target line.

–        Open:  The clubface will point outward on the target line, away from the golfer.  This will cause the ball to travel to the right if you are right-handed, and left if you are left-handed (fade).

–        Closed:  The clubface will point inward on the target line, causing the ball to travel to the left if you are right-handed or to the right if you are left-handed (draw).

This only explains the clubface in relation to the shot’s target line.  To find out more about hitting a draw, click here.  To learn more about hitting a fade, click here.