Consistent Putting Stroke Starts With Putting Arc

By Troy Klongerbo
November 8, 2012

The putting arc is a great drill to work on the natural arc of a good putting stroke. Now remember, there are two ways to putt – either straight back/straight through or to stroke the putter head on a bit of an arc.

Using a putting arc is a great way to find a natural arc in a good putting stroke. PGA Professional Todd Kolb points out how the putting arc is properly used as well as deciphering some of the benefits of practicing with a putting arc.

The putting arc is mathematically measured to have a specific bend to it, allowing the arc to take place. To start the drill, place the heel (the inside) of the putter on the arc. Make strokes keeping the heel flush to the arc, not allowing it to gain separation. Now, it is good to hit putts to a hole, preferably one that is only a few feet away. This isn’t a results driven putting exercise, so making putts isn’t critical.

It is a great drill to feel the natural putting arc of a fundamentally sound arcing stroke.  Click here for another great putting drill called the Lookaway Drill.

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