Improving Takeaway and Weight Transfer in Golf

By Todd Kolb
August 13, 2012

Having a good takeaway and the proper weight shift is an important part to hitting consistent golf shots.  Teaching Professional Brett Bennett gives a few solid tips to make sure your golf swing is on the right path to better golf.

In the takeaway, feel like you are taking the club straight back away from the ball and not to the inside. When doing this, be sure that the palm of your bottom hand (right hand for right handed golfers) points towards the ground.  This will get the clubface in the correct position and allow for more solid shots. For additional information on the proper takeaway, be sure to see this video from PGA Pro Travis Nagel.

To hit the ball with our maximum potential, the proper weight shift is a must.  There are two great checkpoints in the finish position to look for in the correct weight shift.  The first is for the back foot to be fully rotated up with the toe on the ground and the heel in the air.  The second checkpoint is for the belt buckle to be facing the target.  If the back foot and the belt buckle are in these positions, you know that your weight shift is correct and you are hitting the ball with maximum speed.

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