How to Improve Golf Swing Tempo and Shoulder Turn

By Brett Bennett
September 5, 2012

In this video, Teaching Professional Brett Bennett teaches you how to maintain a proper swing tempo and complete a full shoulder turn.  One fault of the tempo of the swing is that a lot of players have a tendency to get tight with their arms and grip.   This will lead to quick swings that will result in getting out of tempo.  One drill that will help with this is called the Baseball Drill. Start with your back foot about one foot behind your other resulting in your knee bending while maintaining your balance.  Take three swings going back and forward with a slow tempo.  Once you have finished to the follow-through, swing back into the back swing.  Do not start a new swing from the address position.  This will help with slowing down and keeping all body parts together.

One issue that faces some golfers is they have a tendency to dip down when they attempt to hit a golf ball.  To help fix this, you are going to focus on your shoulders maintaining a turning motion, versus going up and down.  The drill that will help with this is to put the shaft of your club along your shoulders and crisscrossing your arms to place your hands on the shaft.  Take swings with your shoulders finishing towards the target and that will eliminate your shoulders from dipping.



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