Piretti Putters Review: Premium Milled Putters

By David Anicetti
May 6, 2015

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Piretti produces some of the highest quality putters in all of the world.

A man from Utah, Mike Johnson, started Piretti Putters from scratch– something similar to his current golf handicap. He was a rock climber long before he was introduced to golf by his brother at 22. After just a few years, his rock climbing was replaced by golf as a primary passion in life.

During that time, he became interested in golf equipment, particularly the putter and the makeup of the putting stroke. Over time, his passion for his new sport gave him the idea to create his company Piretti Fine Putters.

In 2008, Piretti Fine Putters was founded with an aim to provide premium-milled putters for every level of golfer. The company put its focus on superior craftsmanship, using the best materials on the market.

The designs by Piretti are classic yet maintain a modern edge.

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No corners are cut during the process of manufacturing, which is why all of Piretti’s putters are milled from solid millets of each material. The golf equipment maker does not make any cast putters where elements are compromised. The company believes their putters have much tighter tolerance through milling them in their CNC machine. A huge selling point for the company is that each of its putters are made as well as crafted in the United States.

The custom milled putters feature a head weight that is heavier in order to help smooth the putting stroke out and improve overall accuracy. They feature putters which weigh anywhere from 355 grams to 400 grams.

Many of today’s amateur golfers play with putters that have too much loft. That causes their ball to skip at the moment of impact. If there is too much loft the golfer will suffer from issues with distance control and the golfer will have more difficulty getting his or her ball rolling towards the cup.

Piretti putters are therefore milled with loft of 2.5 degrees giving the golfer better control related to speed and helps the golfer’s control with distance.

A number of models are available and new designs are being made continuously.

Two of the popular putters for the company have had late improvements implemented. The Cottonwood II now has a thicker sole giving it better sound and more effective weighting. The buffing finish helps to reduce some glare on the head. The Bosa is buff finished rather than bead blasted which helps reduce the overall glare.

A brand new model is the Ferrara. The putter has an improved cavity from an original design, which optimizes feel and sound. The blade style has zero offset and a moderate toe-hang (important for golfers to know if they don’t have straight back straight through strokes).


If you’re looking to add your Piretti putter to your golf bag, learn more here!

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