This Real Feel Golf Mat Will Keep You Injury Free

By Troy Klongerbo
October 25, 2016

Real Feel Golf Mats Reduce Injury and Increase Performance

For some, late fall means that final round of golf followed by a long winter of football, holiday parties, and being a shut in. For others, the off-season means “time to improve.” For me, it’s a mix. I spend a lot of time with the clubs tucked away. But I also use the winter to re-focus and improve the areas I can. The times I’m fortunate enough to hit inside, I am careful though.

When I’m looking to practice this off-season, I’m more than likely going to be hitting off a mat. Not everyone likes hitting off mats. I’ve hit off a fair share of bad mats. When it’s too firm, impact is scary. When it’s too soft, impact is unrealistic and doesn’t provide any compression.

But if the mat isn’t quality, I’m risking injury.

The wrists, hands, and elbows are all going to absorb impact, that is if the mat doesn’t. Hey, I’m over here doing yoga to keep my body in “tip-top shape,” (or at least the best I can), so why would I risk it?

But when I’m hitting golf balls off of this golf mat, I know I’m hitting off the best.

Real Feel Golf Mats Review

Here, take a few minutes to watch this video by Todd Kolb reviewing the Country Club Elite real Feel Golf Mat:

The expression used by the team at Real Feel Golf Mat is, “Finally a golf mat that lets you swing down-and-through.”

This product is engineered to provide golfers realistic, durable feedback at impact.

Listen, maybe I’d take a risk of injury hitting from that tree root to save par. Maybe I’d take the chance of being embarrassed by removing my socks to hit that shot from the water. But not this. Not hitting balls during the winter. It’s time to practice safe golf shots…

At the Todd Kolb Golf Academy (seen in the video above), they use nothing but these wonderful mats. Their team of instructors work almost exclusively with developing juniors all the way up to touring professionals. These golfers are looking to play competitive golf, and their practice time is critically important. An injury due to a poor mat will not only effect their confidence, but it loses them time they’d spend improving.

But don’t take it just from us, how about this review on

“A little over a year ago I invested in one of your Golf Mats. The product has surpassed all my expectations and then some. Being a retired person affords me the opportunity of using the mat almost daily hitting several hundred balls at each session. The mat shows zero wear even though I have not rotated it. My sincere thanks and congratulations for giving the golfing public such a marvelous training aid. Continued success with your mats.”

So if you’re looking for a way to practice, improve, and stay injury-free, the Real Feel Golf Mat is the way to go.

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