X59 Smart Draw Driver


If you’ve been trying to fix your slice, odds are you’ve discovered a few drivers promising to do exactly that. One of the newest on the market is the X59 Smart Draw Driver.  Golf draw drivers are nothing new, but they do have some specs that aim to promote a draw over a nasty slice (or at least calm down the slice, as explained by Mark Crossfield).


What makes this particular driver unique is that it is has been designed specifically for amateur golfers. Most club manufacturers use cutting edge technology to create drivers that enhance a golfer’s skill. The X59, however, is actually designed to correct and forgive the errors of the weekend golfer.

Now, you likely already know that there’s something to be said for having a club to match your abilities. After all, custom club fittings are a common part of golf. But exactly how much can the X59 Smart Draw Driver correct your slice? How many yards will it add to your distance? And is this a real solution to the weaknesses in your game, or is this just a quick fix?

I hope to answer all these questions for you right now. Let’s start by getting an idea of what the X59 is all about.

Background and Philosophy

The X59 Smart Draw Driver was created by a design and engineering team with experience developing high-tech drivers. Typically, these state-of-the-art clubs are designed to support the skills of top golfers. It usually takes a high-performance athlete to make the most of a “high-performance” club.

The idea behind the X59, however, was to create a driver that would correct the swing of an amateur golfer. No lessons. No conscious swing adjustment. Just a high-tech driver with a forgiving design.

To put it simply, the X59 is not meant for someone who wants to master technique and become a more skilled golfer. Rather, it’s meant to be a club for the “everyman.” It’s for golfers who really just want a fun day on the golf course, making easy long drives.

Now, if you’ve been golfing for any length of time, the idea of an “easy long drive” may sound a little far-fetched. Let’s talk about the technology of the X59 Smart Draw Driver, and why its engineers claim it can add 30 yards to your drive.


The X59 is designed to help you consistently hit the sweet spot, even if your swing is a little off. The sweet spot is, of course, the center of the clubface. Here’s how this driver is designed to help you find it:

One of the first things you might notice about the X59 is that it’s a couple inches shorter than a typical driver. This may surprise you, as traditional wisdom suggests a longer driver is better. However, the designers of the X59 argue that a 44-inch length is better for amateur golfers. This shorter length gives the golfer more control over shot direction and makes it easier to hit the sweet spot.

This driver is also made with a large clubface, leaving a greater margin for error. Of course, the question that follows is, “Won’t a larger cluface slow down my swing?” Typically, yes. This is why the clubhead also features an aerodynamic, sloped crown to ensure you don’t lose speed.

The X59 Smart Draw Driver is made with “smart turn” weighting. This means the clubhead has been designed with more weight in the heel. That placement of weight makes it more intuitive for the user to release the club correctly and square the face.


That’s not the only feature created to guide you through a better swing technique. Draw-guide clubhead graphics decorate the crown of the clubhead. These are angled lines that serve as a visual cue to swing your club along an inside-to-out path for a nice draw.

The X59 even has a higher loft than the average driver. With two choices of either 12.5 or 14.5 degrees, this club can help a struggling golfer achieve a higher launch angle and longer distance. The designers of the X59 argue that most golfers are playing with too low a loft on their drivers. Once again, the idea is that the average, amateur golfer should not be expected to excel with a club designed for a tour professional.

Finally, this everyman’s driver is lightweight. It features a “draw-flex” graphite shaft with a 460cc titanium clubhead. This sturdy-but-light design intends to increase your swing speed and help you achieve a high launch angle and low spin.

Now, let’s discuss how much bang you can expect to get for your buck.

Picture of the X59 Smart Draw Driver from x59golf.com

Is the X59 Worth It?

The X59 is factory-priced at $349. You will not find this driver in sporting goods stores. You have to visit X59golf.com to order. The club comes with a 60-day money back guarantee.

Of course, the biggest question here is: Does it work? Does the X59 Smart Draw Driver do everything it says it’s going to do?

The X59 website features several testimonials from golfers who have tested the driver for themselves. Two common observations arise time and time again. The first is that the X59 adds 20-50 yards to each golfer’s drive. The second is that this driver has enabled each golfer to shoot more consistently. Because this club is engineered to intuitively swing the correct way, it does enable you to draw the ball with greater predictability.  

At least that is the claim.  

In Short…

The X59 Smart Draw Driver is a club that is designed specifically to help amateur golfers enjoy longer drives out on the golf course. The driver has been developed by experienced designers who know how to enhance a player’s abilities through state-of-the-art club design. Every feature of the X59 is engineered to guide the user into proper form and golf technique.

However, the X59 cannot make you a more skillful golfer. Only regular, focused practice can do that. What this driver can do, however, is help you make longer drives, regardless of your skill level.

Now if you want some help fixing your slice without changing your golf swing, we can help.

And if you are looking to shop around or just want more information on other drivers, check out Sports Gears Lab.

What Do You Think?

Does the X59 Smart Draw Driver appeal to you? Have you tried it out already? What do you think of a club designed to improve a drive without necessarily improving the golfer?

Let us know your thoughts, ideas, and questions in the comments. We always love hearing from you!