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By Troy Klongerbo
December 9, 2014

Hank Haney’s list of accomplishments in golf is exhaustive. His knowledge of the golf swing and tips on how to help golfers embrace their own swings have leveraged him into position as one of the nation’s most sought after golf instructors.

Recently, the Golf Channel has begun running a series of advertisements for free Haney videos at freehaneyvideo.com. Familiar with the Haney Blueprint, as we’ve written about it on our site before, the site freehaneyvideo.com was new. I was intrigued and searched it.

Visit FreeHaneyVideo.com Here

Driving Series

The product is built around the idea that “Legendary Golf Instructor Hank Haney Reveals the Swing Mechanics Behind ‘The Best Stretch of Golf Ever Played.'”

This is all in reference to Tiger Woods’ stretch of golf under Hank’s tutelage from 2005-2009, where Woods won 48 events and 6 majors. How much of that can be attributed to Hank and how much can be attributed to a young, dominant version of the generation’s greatest golfer and greatest mind? That is the question.

Regardless, Haney helped Tiger develop a “one-way miss” and built Tiger’s strength with striking the irons.

What Do I Get Inside FreeHaneyVideo.com?

Inside freehaneyvideo.com are a multitude of offerings, all under the $100 pricing platform. He is an advocate for distance, and he calls distance the most important skill to acquire in golf in his Hank Haney Power Video and in the related golf swing video.

When someone types in www.freehaneyvideo.com, they are taken to a page where Hank Haney asks for an email address. This email address is needed to gain access to the video. And in all honesty, the freehaneyvideo is around for one reason–to receive your email address. That’s it. Not necessarily to make you better, although they (the people on Haney’s team) hope that’s the case.

When you enter your email, be patient. There is a video filled with vague stories and descriptions, however if you love golf, there are a few interesting statistics and quotes. But the products will be additionally sent to you via email, it doesn’t come right away. Be patient. They will send you a Hank Haney Free Video, links and offers (if you don’t receive them after a few days, check your SPAM and “Promotions” folders).

Remember: You can UNSUBSCRIBE at any time. He uses the software Constant Contact and at the bottom of the emails, a user can UNSUBSCRIBE at any time and you’ll stop receiving his emails.

What Does He Have to Say in the Hank Haney Videos?

But distance without controlling one’s miss is the plight of the long-baller. Hank understands this and wants to develop this focus through his program. In the Videos He has been an advocate of this approach for a while.

But he believes all of that can be obtained without any heinous swing changes. He thinks everyone’s natural swing can provide this type of response, it (the body) only needs to understand a few fundamentals.

Haney keeps his cards close to his chest in this regard.

“The Haney Project”

The only deterrent for me and Hank’s instruction lies in the Haney Project days. If Hank is able to fix “anyone,” why were Charles Barkley and Ray Romano’s games both rendered useless after their time under Haney? It’s a question I still have. Perhaps the lights of the Golf Channel were too much for even celebrities to handle?

Visit FreeHaneyVideo.com Here


Regardless, with Haney’s tools, he vows to help you turn your game around with a guaranteed money back offer. When entering an email address into the field, the video will walk the viewer through an introduction of Haney’s work and accomplishments. Leave the browser open long enough and an entire catalog of information will open underneath the video.

Haney’s promise? “Bottom Line: If you’re not happy, we’re not happy. Your satisfaction is our top priority.” They offer a 365-day money back guarantee.

Trust the man with 50,000 golf lessons and 36+ years of teaching advice.

**DISCLAIMER: We at USGolfTV are not affiliated with the Haney Blueprint or any of their products.  This article is intended solely as a review. Thank you. **



  1. Looking forward to improving my game.the only Handicap I have are my own own thoughts as I stare down at the ball before a swing.

  2. greatandsimple

  3. Hank Haney free lessons

  4. I’m ready to fix my slice,or “POWER FADE” as I like to call it!!

  5. watched 30min of commercial where is the free lesson?

  6. The Free Lesson is at FreeHaneyVideo.com.

  7. This is a bigger scam than those coming out of Nigeria. Hank Haney is a snake oil salesman. Shame on him. Lost all credibility in a but a few minutes.

  8. Please remove my email from your list. The free Haney video ad is a ripoff and false advertising, since all you hear is this guy talking about all of Haney’s accomplishments with no 30 minute video. I am very disappointed that Mr. Haney would allow this to be done. It is a disgrace and blemish on his name and reputation.

  9. William, the email list is not through our site at USGolfTV.com. At the bottom of the email, there should be an unsubscribe button.

  10. I was a Haney fan until this gimmick

  11. This isn’t the first complaint I’ve heard on Haney’s product, John.

    What did you find to be the problem?

  12. Troy when you go to freehaneyvideo.com it takes you here. That is the problem. There’s no free 32 min video that “gets rid of our slice, hook, improves distance and accuracy”. You end up here talkino to you.

  13. Why everything has to be about money? why we like to believe that somebody will be so nice to help us without asking for compensation. Every day of my life I gave, and never ask for a return. It`s the best feeling doing that. I don`t like listening for a half an hour at some guy talking and than ask for money, for something that suppose to be free. MISSLEADING.

  14. Jayfits, we offer links to Haney’s product within our blog in a few spots.

    This was simply an article to outline some of the Haney products.

  15. The FREE video was used only to drive interest to his other products, Nick.

  16. I purchased the Butch Harmon video a couple of years ago and it was money well spent. According to Golf Digest, Butch Harmon is the best golf instructor in the world and Hank Haney is somewhere around 13th. I am not trying to diminish Hank’s reputation in anyway, not that my opinion would ever matter to him, but I am just stating facts. I would recommend doing some research on how people review both DVDs and make a sound decision from there.

  17. Saw the commercial on TV and was very interested in the Free haney lesson.
    Now I am very disappointed in the whole deal – nothing but a phony drag on commentary about Hank Haney – no lesson that I could see. Dropped out of the video after about 5 minutes of wasting my time.

  18. this is a joke and a ripoff . I tried for 40 min,s to get to the free haney video and all i got was more bull

  19. Allen, I wish I could say this was the first complaint we have seen about Haney’s product.

  20. hello … I’ve been receiving the free Hank Haney instruction videos for a few years, but they stopped coming the past few weeks. Also tried to on on the “freehaneyvideo.com” link above, but that doesn’t work ??? Have the videos been discontinued?

  21. Thanks for the comment Cort. We are not affiliated with the Hank Haney instructional videos, so our guess would be that your assumptions are correct and they have been discountinued. If we find more info out, we will be sure to pass it along. We also have some great free instructional videos at https://www.greatgolftipsnow.com/ if you are interested.
    Thanks for reading!

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