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Hank Haney Clinic Review

If you’ve been watching the Golf Channel at all over the past 5 months, I can virtually guarantee that you’ve seen stuff for a product called The Haney Blueprint.

We’ve spent some time writing about the product here and here and here. Hank Haney, Tiger Woods’ former instructor, says it over and over again.

“You can add over 70 accurate yards to your tee shot,” says Haney.

His teaching philosophy has the pedigree to where if you follow and adopt his methods, some of you may truly gain those yards.

I’ve been a subscriber to the Haney Power Clinic email list since the Golf Channel commercials started airing and I have been receiving emails from haney@haneyuniversity.com, all part of his email promotions strategy. But something caught our eye the other day. We noticed a new commercial.

Hank Haney is now talking about the HaneyPowerClinic.com. 

haney power clinic

We took a screenshot, sorry about the flash over Haney’s face…

So what is the deal? Is Haney promising yet again, more distance?

The answer is no.

Well, the Hank Haney power tips method promises that, but this is nothing different than he is already teaching in the HaneyBlueprint. If you enter the URL www.haneypowerclinic.com into your browser, it will take you to the same page as www.haneyblueprint.com does. They are both a medium for Mr. Haney to acquire your most valuable possession to him: your email address.

If you’re interested in receiving periodic emails from him containing on the Hank Haney power video (I am on this list, it is not overwhelming, I promise), I encourage you to add your name to the list. His content, although I haven’t dove deep into it, offers substance and concrete ways to fix a golfers game from the ground up.

Now what this product IS NOT, is a power training tool with secrets to hitting long bombs. It also is not guaranteed to add 70 yards to every golfer.

Haney is marketing his product to the vast amount of golfers who struggle with a slice. Golfers with slices have the ability to gain massive amounts of distance simply by straightening (and turning over) thier ball flight.

So check out haneypowerclinic.com if you’d like, it’s the same thing he’s been doing. Which is fine, whatever works for him!

Our main concern is that you, the golfer is seeing improvements in your power golf game.

Happy golfing.

**DISCLAIMER: We at USGolfTV are not affiliated with the Haney Blueprint or any of their products.  This article is intended solely as a review. Thank you. **

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