5 Hank Haney Products: For Your Golf Improvement

By Troy Klongerbo
June 4, 2015


Hank Haney’s face has become a popular one on the Golf Channel. If you either watched the NCAA golf action, the LPGA, the PGA Tour or the Champions Tour, one thing remains constant– Hank Haney’s face.

Hank Haney is the famous golf instructor, who as you all know, taught Tiger Woods among others. He’s become popular because of his product line under “The Haney Blueprint.”

He encourages people to visit an array of sites including www.freehaneyvideo.com and www.haneypowerclinic.com and www.thehaneyblueprint.com. Within all of these, he wants you to enter your email address and watch his sales letter, a letter where a narrator tells you everything you need to know about Hank Haney and his golf instruction.

After watching for a few minutes, you will be able to see the Hank Haney products listings.

Let’s take a look at the Haney products!

Driving Series

1. The Haney Blueprint: The Foundation

Price: $97

Product: Haney’s basic product, complete with DVDs and video instruction.

In The Haney Blueprint:

  • Necessary grip tweaks
  • Eliminating erratic shots by mastering the “self-diagnosing swing.”
  • 3 tips for brain and muscle memory
  • Players who slice can never become great players.

If you struggle with a slice, consider the #TourDraw!

Tour Draw

  • The ‘Distance = Potential’ equation
  • Hank’s advice after 50,000+ lessons
  • Hank’s best of the best swing tips for low, mid, and high handicappers.
  • Personal swing plane, unique to you based on your body’s natural biomechanics.
  • Building a solid foundation in your grip and setup
  • The key to almost instantly adding a minimum of 4 miles per hour to your swing speed… and get “free’ extra yardage each swing.

2. Hank Haney’s Mini Clinic, Digital Version

Price: $47

Product: This is concise, comprehensive FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) area for amateur golfers to have their most basic and commonly asked questions answered by Hank.

Have you ever heard any of these questions while golfing?

Why I am hitting too far in front of the ball? Why is my ball flying so low? Why did I just hit on the heel of my club? Was my club face open or closed at impact? How do I add loft to my shots? Is my grip correct? How do I know if my clubs are the right fit?

The mini-clinic is designed to address these.

3. Hank’s Swing Plane Caddie

Price: $27

The Swing Plane Caddie Product: This caddie card will go with you wherever you go. It is like having Hank stand next to you during every shot. Self-diagnose your bad shots—your slices, pulls, hooks, top shots, thin shots and fat shots—and fix them with this swing corrector.

4. Haney University Monthly

Price: $29

Haney University is a member’s-only online golf school. Each month Hank uploads brand new trainings geared toward specific aspects of your game: driving, chipping, putting, bunkers, swing plane, clubs, course strategy and more. Plus, submit your own specific questions to Hank. He chooses and answers the most commonly asked questions in periodic video webcasts available to Haney University students only.

Try Haney University free for 14 days. If you’re happy, do nothing and only then will we bill you the VIP rate of just $29/month. While the membership fees themselves are non-refundable, you can cancel any time and you will not be billed again.

5. Hank’s Advanced Distance Training

Price: $97

Product: At the haneypower clinic, Hank has tips for increasing driver and irons an extra 30+ yards, “almost overnight.” His lessons in “Hank’s Advanced Distance Training” is designed for golfers of all skill levels.

Bonus: 6. One Year No Questions Asked Guarantee

Hank Haney and Golf Tailor are going to let you try this system for an entire year before you need to decide if it’s for you.

If at any time during the next 12 months, you’re unhappy or disappointed with either the course or the results you’re getting from the Hank Haney Clinic, simply let our team know at by e-mailing support@haneyuniversity.com or calling 1-888-241-2460 and you’ll get a full and prompt refund. No hassles, no questions, and no arguments.

Bottom Line: If you’re not happy, we’re not happy. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

Driving Series

There’s your full listing of Hank Haney products. His style of teaching and mold is something which translates from golfer to golfer. He offers a lot of products, but the good thing is, for the consumer, that they can return the product any time.

Just make sure, if you’re not satisfied, don’t stand idly by. RETURN THE PRODUCT.

If you’re a Haney lover, start entering your credit card info at haney power clinic com today 🙂


  1. TThank you!!!!!!

  2. I ordered the speed whoosh. It has no instructions in the box. Where do I go to get the free video instruction ? Thank you

  3. This past summer I bought the speed swoosh and the overweight driver but since then I have changed my email and therefore have not received any new instructional tips. My old email was bartstewart@shaw.ca and my new email is bartstewart395@gmail. Com. If you could re subscribe me it would be appreciated. Thank you

  4. I am going to keep emailing you, posting on facebook, calling my lawyers, contacting Mastercard whatever, to get my money you stole from me.
    On June 23 2015 I ordered your 24 minute swing makeover video. I broke a bone in my hand a few days later. I received the link for the video, in my spam folder. I did not watch it.
    Today I was looking at a very rare but bare credit card statement. Rare because normally I have over 50 transactions on my statement. I’ve been away and just got back to a CC statement that shows a 29USD charge on my card. So I investigated and noticed you have been charging me this for a very long time. So I contacted Tailor Golf your fraud partner. They say i received an email for a 15 day free trial. So, because I did not cancel the free 15 day trial which was probably sitting in my spam folder, and which I did not know or care about, you have been charging me for a service I did not have access to. I’m not sure how long this has been going on. I don’t even know what service you are supposed to be offering me, I don’t even know how to access this service. Yet I have been charged 29 USD for about 18 months. This is fraud. All your emails end up in my spam account. I saved the first email on the off chance I would look at it later. Now that I look at it i don’t even think I can watch it now. I think it says I have 48 hours to watch it. I want my fucking money back!!!!!!!!
    This is the only email I have ever read from your fraudulent company
    Notice: I’ll be back tomorrow with another “Big Miss.” Today I want to share a very special, 24+ minute long swing makeover where I work on an amateur golfer’s swing. It will remain online and open access for at least 48 hours, so watch quickly.
    Trouble with the slice?
    Here’s what one viewer had to say about the lesson I have to share with you today:
    “…absolutely the very BEST, and most fundamentally sound explanation of why one slices the golf ball and exactly how to fix it! I so wish I had seen this video years ago! Thanks, Hank!” – RFS
    In the video, I work with a weekend golfer named Bill who’s played golf for years, but never had a lesson in his life.
    Bill’s biggest issue is a pesky slice, and if you struggle with slicing the ball too, you can learn a lot from what I teach Bill in this “swing makeover.”
    After you watch it, be sure to check out my full-length swing training (the one I was filming when I helped Bill) at this link here.
    –> The Haney Blueprint
    Watch the video here –> Hank Haney Cures A Slice And Adds 70 Yards In One Lesson
    Hank Haneyy.

  5. This article you commented on is only a review posted on the product, we have no affiliation with the company, Golf Tailor, or the Hank Haney products.

    So sorry to hear of your misfortune. Good luck to you in rectifying this mess and hopefully your hand heals so you can get back to working on your golf game.

    — Troy Klongerbo
    Editor-in-Chief, USGolfTV

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