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Author: Bradley W. Smith

Tour Distance: A Program Geared to Help You Hit Your Driver Longer

05/03/2017 Golfers are by nature a boastful bunch.  Although the game prides itself on adhering to proper golf decorum, self-governance of the rules, and absolute silence while someone is hitting, most of us can’t (or won’t) shut up. Every golfer loves to talk about the time they teed it up at [Insert fancy private course here], or the time Tiger smiled and pointed at them while he walked to the first tee.  And of course the downhill, double-breaking, 50-footer for birdie they made on the 18th to win all the Nassaus. However, nothing will make a golfer puff out...

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5 Reasons You DON’T Get Better at Golf [VIDEO]

4/24/2017 What is holding you back from being the best golfer you can be? How can you get better at golf? Your putting, your short game, your irons?  Maybe it’s time.  It is for me.  I’ve been playing the game since I was little, and I scored a lot better when I played 3 times a week instead of 3 times a month.  I think that’s probably true with most anything in life.  Repetition makes you better.  But are practicing properly?  After all, repetition doesn’t work if you’re practicing bad habits. Whatever the reason, Ask Golf Guru Mark Crossfield has...

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Antigua’s New Clothing Lines 2017: Men & Women Feature Outerwear

4/20/2017 Every male golfer on the planet would love to add a green jacket to their wardrobe, but it’s a difficult look to pull off successfully.  Pair it with a red shirt and you look like a Christmas card photo.  Orange? Brown? Purple?  Not much seems to work with it.  The green jacket…symbolic and prestigious, yes.  Fashionable, no.  Don’t even get me started on those red, plaid jackets from Colonial and Harbour Town. Thankfully Antigua, one of the nation’s leading designers of lifestyle and golf apparel has recently launched their Spring 2017 collection for both men and women.  They...

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A Proper Putting Stroke Should be 60/40 (VIDEO)

04/11/2017 If I were to ask you to name some of the greatest putters of all time, who would be on your list?  Nicklaus and Tiger, for sure.  Ben Crenshaw probably.  Bobby Jones?  Why not?  I never saw him play, but you can’t win 13 majors without knowing how to get the ball in the hole. Personally, I always felt Brandt Snedeker was a very underrated player on the greens.  He maintained a beautiful, languid stroke that helped him to a top-10 finish in two of the past five Masters tournaments.  Whoever you consider a great putter, you should...

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The Swing Catalyst App: Improve Your Game From Your Phone

04/08/2017 Watching The Masters all week has made me very envious.  Envious my backyard doesn’t look like the manicured greens and fairways of Augusta National.  I’m certainly envious of the fortunate few who are members there, relaxing in their green jackets as they enjoy pimento cheese sandwiches and peach cobbler from the clubhouse veranda.  Most of all though, I’m envious of the swings. Spieth. Day. McIlroy. Fowler.  The list goes on.  Beautiful, graceful swings launching the ball 320 yards off the tee and then making it stop on a dime with ease.  I’m roughly the same athletic build as some...

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3 Keys to Your Golf Setup to Hit a Draw: “3…is a Magic Number” [VIDEO]

03/24/2017 Readers of a certain age might remember the old Schoolhouse Rock song, “3 Is a Magic Number.”  Well, in golf three is definitely a magic number.  A scorecard full of 3s is magical. And where would the game be today without the Big 3 of Arnie, Jack & Gary? Three is also a good number to keep in mind when thinking about your golf swing.  More specifically, developing a proper and dependable swing to help you score more 3s during your round. To that end, PGA teaching pro Todd Kolb has identified three set up keys to help...

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SureOut Wedge by Callaway Golf: The Next “Do-It-All” Wedge

03/16/2017 Remember the introduction of the XE1 wedge? This club was going to eliminate fat chips and pitches and was guaranteed to get you out of the bunker in one try.  At least, according to all the ads on Golf Channel.  The first thing you noticed about the XE1 was the size of the face and the 65-degree loft.  You could practically flip a pancake with it.  But the idea behind the XE1 wasn’t to serve breakfast—it was to help golfers save strokes around the green. Well, on that note, Callaway is looking to one up themselves.  Meet the Sure...

Read More by PGA Tour: Tee Times at 3000+ Golf Courses on an App

03/14/2017 You’ve managed to clear your schedule of all work commitments for the day. The weather is shaping up to be postcard perfect. And you’ve got three friends ready to tee it up.  There’s jJust one problem.  It’s 9:00 at night and the course is closed so you can’t call up and make a tee time. Not a problem anymore thanks to is the latest way for you to play more golf. Visit Created as the official tee time site of the PGA Tour, the website allows you to search thousands of courses in all 50 states....

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USGA and R&A Massive Rule Changes: And A Few We Would Have Liked

03/06/2017 The times they are a changin’. Last week golf’s two major governing bodies, the USGA and The Royal & Ancient, announced a sweeping series of proposed changes to the rule book, the biggest update in over 30 years. The proposed changes, while probably still 20 years too late, are at the very least a step in the right direction. The USGA and R&A mission is to simplify and make the game easier to understand and play. Something we can certainly all support. None of the proposed changes would take place until January 1, 2019, so don’t freak out...

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Me and My Golf: Ward and Proudman Teach the Game Online

02/28/2017 Let’s face it, we could all use some help in life.  Help in picking out clothes, deciding what to eat, how to manage our money and on and on.  Life is hard and it only gets harder the older you get. You know what else is hard?  Golf.  Sometimes it’s very hard.  There is no other way to explain how you can birdie a hole one day, and take a triple the very next day. What happened?  This is where a good caddy comes into play. However, unless you’re a PGA Tour pro or you regularly tee it up...

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