Speed Stik – Updated 07/03/2018

Speed Stik Training Aid

20 = 20.  Very simple to remember and, no, I’m not talking about your eyesight.  I’m referring to the Speed Stik training aid, which has the newest, latest and greatest “get distance quick” angle.  This new product is simple and effective, and just 20 swings a day can equal an extra 20 yards to your drives. It’s a new product from the team at Square-to-Square golf who look to help golfers continue to improve.

We all want extra distance off the tee, but it’s not necessary to trade in your old driver or switch what ball you’re playing.  You can hit longer drives using the Speed Stik.

If you want to add some distance, you can always learn about how ball position can affect your shots, or just watch the video below:

So What Does Speed Stik Promise to Do?

With just minimal practice a day using the Speed Stik and you can add 6-10 mph to your swing speed which is going to translate to 15-20 extra yards not just off the tee but throughout your bag.  In addition to being longer, you’re also going to establish a beautiful, textbook downswing which is going to improve your contact, accuracy and overall consistency.  How does that sound?  I thought so.


Speed Stik Logo

“I added 30 yards working 15 minutes. I know that sounds crazy, but it happened to me right here today.”

David Carpenter, age 61, handicap 9

So How Does the Speed Stik Work? 

Remarkably well and simple. 

There is nothing to assemble, nothing to contort your body into and nothing to make you look stupid.  The Speed Stik uses a force adjustable magnet and something called the Bullet Slider.  The Bullet Slider slides down the shaft as you make your downswing. 

When you fully release your hands and wrists, it hits the stopper at the bottom of the shaft and produces a flush feeling and a cracking sound.  That cracking sound is the key.  Release too early and you’ll hear the noise before you would make impact, release too late and you’ll hear the after you would’ve made contact.

Speed Stik training aid at address

That’s it.  Instant feedback to help you get longer and straighter on the course.

When you get your timing down, with the help of the Speed Stik, you’ll hear the noise right at impact.  In addition, the quicker you swing, the louder the crack.  The magnet can be manipulated to provide greater resistance during your swing, in turn allowing you to really build up greater speed.

The Speed Stik is about the same size as any standard driver so you can swing away in your home, the driveway, the front yard, on the range…wherever.  Twenty swings a day for 20 extra yards.

You can go to Speed Stik’s website to read more about it and check out the many testimonials from golfers of all handicaps telling how the the training device transformed their game.  The Speed Stik comes in left and right-handed models and also with a 60-day money back guarantee if for whatever reason you’re not satisfied.

Time to get crackin’ on a longer and straighter swing with the Speed Stik.