Get Speed Stik: Improve Your Golf Game

By Bradley W. Smith
August 6, 2016

Speed Stik Training Aid

Speed Stik – Updated 04.22.2019

20 = 20.  Very simple to remember and, no, I’m not talking about your eyesight.  I’m referring to the Speed Stik training aid, which has the newest, latest and greatest “get distance quick” angle.  This new product is simple and effective, and just 20 swings a day can equal an extra 20 yards to your drives. It’s a new product from the team at Square-to-Square golf who look to help golfers continue to improve.


We all want extra distance off the tee, but it’s not necessary to trade in your old driver or switch what ball you’re playing.  You can hit longer drives using the Speed Stik.

If you want to add some distance, you can always learn about how ball position can affect your shots, or just watch the video below:

So What Does Speed Stik Promise to Do?

With just minimal practice a day using the Speed Stik and you can add 6-10 mph to your swing speed which is going to translate to 15-20 extra yards not just off the tee but throughout your bag.  In addition to being longer, you’re also going to establish a beautiful, textbook downswing which is going to improve your contact, accuracy and overall consistency.  How does that sound?  I thought so.

But how does it add speed and distance?

“I added 30 yards working 15 minutes. Now I know that sounds crazy, but it happened to me right here today.”

David Carpenter, age 61, handicap 9

So How Does the Speed Stik Work? 

Remarkably well and simple. 

There is nothing to assemble, nothing to contort your body into and nothing to make you look stupid.  The Speed Stik uses a force adjustable magnet and something called the Bullet Slider.  The Bullet Slider slides down the shaft as you make your downswing. 

When you fully release your hands and wrists, it hits the stopper at the bottom of the shaft and produces a flush feeling and a cracking sound.  That cracking sound is the key.  Release too early and you’ll hear the noise before you would make impact, release too late and you’ll hear the after you would’ve made contact.

That’s it.  Instant feedback to help you get longer and straighter on the course.

When you get your timing down, with the help of the Speed Stik, you’ll hear the noise right at impact.  In addition, the quicker you swing, the louder the crack.  The magnet can be manipulated to provide greater resistance during your swing, in turn allowing you to really build up greater speed.

The Speed Stik is about the same size as any standard driver so you can swing away in your home, the driveway, the front yard, on the range…wherever.  Twenty swings a day for 20 extra yards.

You can go to Speed Stik’s website to read more about it. And check out the many testimonials from golfers of all handicaps telling how the the training device transformed their game.  The Speed Stik comes in left and right-handed models. It also comes with a 60-day money back guarantee if for whatever reason you’re not satisfied.

Time to get crackin’ on a longer and straighter swing with the Speed Stik.


  1. Hi,

    This device seems awesome! Where can I find it in Europe?
    Because shipping fees are higher than the device’s price itself…
    Thank you in advance for your reply.
    Sincerely yours,

  2. Ivan,

    We don’t have the product here at USGolfTV. I am not sure on the European availability, either.

    Thank you for commenting!

    — Troy

  3. Do you have instruction video how to correctly use the Speed Stik?
    I purchased one for me and one for my friend online.

  4. Richard,

    We don’t have any instructional videos with this here at USGolfTV, however I have provided a link to the Speed Stik YouTube page:

    There aren’t any instructions yet, but there seem to be some testimonials and perhaps they will add some proper instruction videos in the future.

    – Troy

  5. I see that there’s right and left handed – what about men’s and women’s?

  6. We aren’t the experts on this product, as this is only a review, but we don’t believe there is gender specific.


    — Troy

  7. The end of my Speed Stix came off–had someone been a few feet away it could have hurt them or killed them. I’m 72 years old and my swing speed is mid 80s. Be careful if you have one of these, especially if you are swinging it in your home.

  8. Wow, that is terrifying Daryle. Thank you for the warning to those who may be purchasing this product!

  9. Yesterday i ordered two speed stiks by mistake when i only meant to order one. Im new to this computer thing and didnt know what i was doing for sure.
    Thank you, Richard

  10. Richard, I would recommend contacting their team as soon as possible. They can be found on Facebook, as well.

  11. There are 2 different speed stiks being advertised,one with a tubular red or blue color that has a speed gauge in one end which I have used and another with an orange bullet slider,etc. Does the latter have a speed gauge,that you can monitor your actual swing speed like the other models?

  12. Does your speed stick have a gauge to measure swing speed?

  13. Ralph,

    I don’t believe the latter has this feature. The tool is used to generate speed better through a release pattern. This would be a question better served by the SpeedStik team.

    For more tips with hitting the ball further, we’d love for you to learn more on our YouTube page. Here’s a great video for you to start:

    — Troy

  14. I bought the speed stik a month or so ago and have used it almost daily until the head of it cracked and the magnet won’t go up or down any longer.
    Is there any warranty to this club because my swing speed isn’t that great?

  15. Sandy, good question. I haven’t heard of a warranty, but I would suggest reaching out to the company on Facebook and seeing how they can help. Here’s a link:

    Good luck!

  16. Good afternoon,

    I’m very happy with the Speed Stik that I received this past Christmas. Unfortunately, a big chunk of the bottom portion that slides down the shaft has broken off. It still works, but I’m concerned that the remaining portion will come off at some point. Do you sell replacement parts?

    Thank you,

  17. My Speed Stick broke…..after less than 100 swings. Shall I ship it back or do you just want to send me a new one?? It shipped from South Dakota so that is the only address I have to send it back to.

  18. Where can I order this at a reasonable price found it like $99 comes to nearly $200 with shipping a little steep

  19. My son is struggling with the early release and flipping the club hitting high hooks. I just got him the Impact snap, which focuses on the wrist being in the correct positions. Would this be a good complement to the Impact snap to for the full swing affect. His coach recommended the momentus swing whoosh device but I though maybe this would be better for both of us to use..

  20. I got your speed stick with no instructions or video as advertised. Can you please send?

  21. Joel,

    We do not sell the equipment. I would reach out to their team for replacement inquiries.

  22. Holly,

    We do not sell the products, I would reach out to the team at their website or on Facebook.

  23. Here is their Facebook account:

  24. Interesting, Denis. I would reach out to their team to inquire:

  25. Ivan,

    If he is struggling with an early release, I do believe he’ll benefit from this product. It should help him make sure he’s holding onto that angle. If you’d like, there’s a video here by Todd Kolb where he talks about a poor transition and how it affects distance. Maybe it will help? Video:

    I do want to say, we don’t offer the product the “Speed Stik” so be sure to get it off of their website.

  26. Jim, I would contact their team on their website.

  27. Probably great tool for a true beginner… I swing less than 100mph, and swung it about 75-100 over the first couple weeks since I got it for my birthday, and the sliding end busted and went flying all over the place… hope they return it without any issues. Will let everyone know

  28. Charles, let everyone know what you’re able to uncover.

  29. Speed stick has improved my distance by 10 to 15 yards after just 2 weeks, happy about the progress so far.
    My question I have noticed in the ad it mentions 15 minutes a day
    Takes me less than 5 minutes to swing 20 times. Sounds like I am doing this incorrectly?

  30. Geoff, I wouldn’t say you’re doing anything incorrectly, however, I know people are sometimes encouraged to swing speed equipment to train all muscles to move faster. Try swing some left-handed, and some right-handed. This speeds up all of your body’s muscles when working to increase club head speed.

  31. Will do, thank you for your prompt response.
    Very encouraged by my short term results, have been diligently swinging every day for 14 days. Purchased the speed stik also to measure my speed, and have been consistently a bit over 90 from a starting number of 80. Played my 1st round in Florida this weekend shot 77, hit a lot of solid shots that I was not hitting in November at home

  32. Geoff, that’s awesome news and feedback!

    Keep swinging, and while you’re at it, here’s a great drill to help you pick up speed.

  33. The company that sells this product does not confirm the order by email and does accept phone calls when you try to reach them but put you on hold and do not answer your call

  34. Interesting, Percy. Thank you for sharing this with the USGolfTV readers.

  35. Just ordered the speed stick only. Did not appreciate the 2 other products I was forced to look at before placing my order. I’m still not sure what I will receive because there was no confirmation at the end. This kind of marketing is bullshit! If am charged for or receive any other product than what I ordered, the whole thing will be returned .

  36. I purchased the speed stick just after Christmas. I have been using it most every day since then. This morning doing my normal twenty swings the end came off. Part of the end hit the wall near the TV. I now have a small dent in the wall with dimples in it. Not so sure the speed stick is safe. Would like to send it back. I can take a pitcher of my wall for verification if you need it. Please contact me at (248) 625-0866. Thank You.

  37. i have a speed stx there is chip in the slideri purchase jan 2017

  38. Dennis, this isn’t the first time we’ve heard this. I would reach out to their team to discuss this. Their number is 888-241-2460. Best of luck.

  39. want to know price…

  40. Keith, I believe all of the information regarding price is on their website. Thanks!

  41. Keith, I believe all of the information you’re looking for is on their website. Thanks!

  42. I’m left handed. Does the swing stick work for lefties?

  43. ive used speed stix for 2 months, i like it but plastic ball at end of stix broke, are you going to replace it?? leroy gysin 1146 avenida del sol bullhead city az 86439. thank you

  44. my speed stix broke, are you going to send me a replacement?? 1146 avenida del sol bullhead city az 86442

  45. Leroy, the team at Speed Stik would be more appropriate to contact. Here is information from the website: “Order By Phone – Call 888-241-2460 Monday through Friday between 9 AM and 5 PM CST.”

    Good luck!

  46. I purchased 2 speed sticks, and really like them. It keeps me behind the ball and more on plane
    However, both are broken and I need to have them fixed. The plastic part that slides down to make the click broke.

  47. This isn’t the first time we’ve heard this, Dan.

    Contact their team at 888-241-2460 Monday through Friday between 9 AM and 5 PM CST for help on this.

  48. The head of my speed stick has come off. Can I get a replacement?

  49. My speed stick head has come off. Can I get a replacement?

  50. Ken,

    This is a great question to ask their team at Good luck, bummer to hear about the club.

  51. The sliding orange piece shattered. Is it replaceable ? I have had the speed stir less than two months. Is there a warranty. Please help as I really like the product

  52. Phil, I would be remiss if this was the first comment I’ve seen regarding this tools durability. I have not heard anything about a warranty. I see it best to contact their team: 888-241-2460

    Good luck!

  53. Mine also cracked….total use is 15 minutes total, if that much

  54. where do you buy the speed stik and what is the cost and shiping looking for two one to az and one to mn can you give the price

  55. Bummer, Len! Hopefully you’re able to find a replacement.

  56. Bob, all of your information can be found at Good luck if you decide to purchase!

  57. Called them, they are sending a new one out today……..

  58. Len, great news. Thank you for the update.

  59. Another cracked ball ,called 888-241-2460 gave phone number and Email someone will be in touch.
    It has helped my swing but it sounds like they can’t make it strong enough there is a lot of force generated

  60. I purchased a Speed Stix a few months back and it was damaged just a short time after the purchase.

    How do I get it replaced.

    The top section flew off.



  61. what is the speed to pop the speed stik on the 5th level

  62. Lynn,

    That’s a good question and we’re not sure. Does anyone else in the community know this answer?

    — Troy

  63. I have one of these speed sticks..i bought it recently on e bay new for 65 pound..that included delivery..i also have a ebays swing analyser which i used by putting in the end of the speed stick..The speed recorded using the 5th rating indicated a speed of 85 miles an hour but i have to add there wasnt much difference in speed from using the ist rating on the speed stick!..i have to say, its a great devise and you can control your body rotation in respect of the speed you are using the speed stick.

  64. I like the swing trainer, but like other customers my club too has a broken slider. The metal to magnet part has broke in two. It seems to me that this is a malfunction of it’s intended use. What will you do to help fix this? I purchased this last season and feel it should hold up to my swing speed.

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