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Antigua Women Spring Collection: 2018 Preview

Antigua Women 2018: Fashion Forward Mixed with Retro Feel 10/23/2017 2018 is just around the corner, and Antigua Women is at it again.  They are giving fashion mavens in and out of the golf industry a clothing line that pleases the eye and satisfies apparel enthusiasts both on and off the course. Antigua Spring Women’s Collection You have big plans for your golf game. You’re finally going to master the slice. You’re going to take a stroke off your short game. You’re going to get those scores down and that confidence up. Of course, it’s easier to play like...

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5 Jack Nicklaus Lessons That Will Help Your Golf Game

03/10/2017 Jack William Nicklaus, also known as The Golden Bear, is an American professional golfer with 18 major championships wins, and many other PGA awards under his name. Throughout his career of 25 years, Nicklaus focused on different areas of his game, always sharpening to perform at his best. Sports Illustrated also named Jack Nicklaus as the greatest male athlete of the 20th Century. By the age of 26, he became the world’s youngest golfer to win the Masters Tournament for the second year in a row and The Open Championship. In these videos, he talks about the best...

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Top-5 Mike Malaska Golf Instructional Videos on YouTube

02/15/2017 Mike Malaska is a player and an instructor of golf since 1991. He has worked alongside many of the greatest golfers and is known around the world for his work in the golf community. He began his career as a golf instructor at Nicklaus/Flick Golf Schools, and since then has trained many popular PGA and LPGA tour players. Since 2002, Mike Malaska has worked as a consultant to TaylorMade-Adidas Golf Worldwide. He has many awards under his name, like National PGA Teacher of the Year in 2011 and has been featured in popular publications like Golf Magazine, PGA...

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5 Videos Explaining Ben Hogan Secrets That Changed His Career

02/06/2017 William Ben Hogan, an American professional golfer, was born in 1912 and is one of the greatest golfers in the history of the game. Hogan made his name with his profound impact on golf swing theory and his incredible ball striking skills. He has over 69 professional wins and more than 50 awards under his name. In 1949, he suffered a head-on collision and career-threatening accident with a bus, and survived with multiple pelvic fractures, ankle fracture, chipped rib, and many injuries. Soon, by the end of the year, Hogan overcame every odd and regained his strength by...

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How to Master Any Bunker Shot

01/22/2017 While bunker shots can be challenging, they aren’t impossible. PGA Professional Danny Sinksen takes you through executing and practicing the greenside bunker shot at Elmwood Golf Course in Sioux Falls, SD, in a few easy steps with a great tee drill. To start with, Danny recommends that you put a tee on the ground and angle it so it faces your target. While most people have the tendency to dive into a bunker shot, the tee prevents you from doing so. Instead, focus on splashing the tee out with a full swing. Practice this a few times before...

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Golf Driving: 5 Tips to Increase Driver Distance

01/19/2017 Driving distance in golf is as important as a pitcher throwing strikeouts in baseball – the more the better! In every golfer’s bag, the driver holds the most prominent position among them all. It is generally the club used to begin most holes and is responsible for giving you the distance and accuracy needed to be successful. To increase driving distance, you need much more than just an expensive club – you need technique, fitness, and practice. The most common question that every golfer has about driving is, “How can I increase my clubhead speed and hit the...

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3 Easy Tips for Proper Golf Setup

01/18/2017 When it comes to proper setup, golf instructors look for three key components in their students. The setup is the most important element of the swing, and all too often amateurs and even professionals struggle because of poor address positions. If you set up correctly, there’s a much better chance of you hitting a decent shot. In this short video, PGA professional golfer Todd Kolb explains the elements of the correct golf setup. Watch the video here: Left Hip Left For right-handed golfers, Todd recommends placing the left hip directly above the left foot: In the video, he...

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How to Start Fixing that Over the Top Swing

01/17/2017 It is a complaint heard many times on tee boxes and driving ranges—”I’m swinging over the top.” As much as golfers make an effort to check this fault, very few are successful. In this edition of On the Lesson Tee, PGA Professional Todd Kolb elaborates on the ‘Over the Top’ swing – what it means and how you can stop doing it. Todd begins the lesson by noting that having an over the top swing is one of the more common mistakes observed by golf instructors among golfers of all levels. Understanding what the phrase means is a...

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Understanding the Impact of a Higher Launch Angle, with Flightscope Golf

01/11/2017 The two most major factors that will get your golf ball farther are the launch angle and ball speed. The initial launch of the golf ball and maximum height that a ball travels can greatly affect its carry distance! Getting the optimal balance between launch angle and spin rate will eventually determine the distance between the starting and end point of the ball’s launch. In this segment of Teaching with Technology, PGA Professional Todd Kolb uses Flight Scope Golf Technology to demonstrate the impact of higher launch angle on maximum height and distance traveled by the ball. Many...

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PODCAST on Golf Equipment Reviews (Ep. #93) featuring Troy Klongerbo

01/06/2016 Last week, our Editor-In-Chief Troy Klongerbo made an appearance on the Golf Unfiltered podcast with Adam Fonseca. With some of the waves made in the equipment industry made over the past year, there becomes more interest around the new products hitting the market. But how should you know what’s good and what isn’t? In this episode, Adam Fonseca and Troy Klongerbo talk about nature of golf equipment testing and how tests are conducted. LISTEN TO THE PODCAST HERE In this podcast, they discuss: The Process for Reviewing Equipment How equipment is acquired for review What to know when...

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