Vertical Line Swing Stacker Review: Effective Use

October 12, 2022

Will the New Vertical Line Swing Stacker Give You More Power, Better Contact, and True Consistency? Or is It Just Another Connection Device?

The team at VLSGolf has just unleashed their latest product: a multi-purpose training aid called the Vertical Line Swing Stacker.

And this thing comes with a lot of promises.

The Stacker was designed to help you:

If you’ve got a pile of one-trick-pony training aids collecting dust in the back of your garage,you know that’s a lot of hats for one aid to wear. If it works, this training aid could save golfers a lot of money and a ton of hassle.

Of course, the question is: does it work? Could the Stacker really become the one training aid to transform your entire game? The one tool that actually sees more than an hour or two of practice time?

Let’s take a look at everything the Stacker does, how it does it, and—most importantly—what it could mean for your golf game.

What is the Vertical Line Swing Stacker?

First, a quick snapshot.

The design of the Vertical Line Swing Stacker is astoundingly simple. You’ve got two armbands, each equipped with a lightweight polyurethane square—one red, one blue. In the center of each square is a patch of Velcro.

To use the Stacker, you slip the blue stacker onto your trail forearm and the red stacker on your lead forearm. The Velcro allows you to connect the stackers to one another when necessary while making it easy to pull them apart when you’ve completed a drill.

This is what VLSGolf calls their “Crush-and-Go” design.

If you’re thinking, “This sounds like a connection device,” you’re not wrong. So what makes the swing stacker unique compared to other connection devices?

Ease of use is a big one. The Stackers attach and detach from one another with zero hassle. You don’t have to take them off or adjust them. And putting them on doesn’t mean you’ve got to  operate with your arms shackled together.

You’ll also find that the Stacker is more comfortable than your typical connection device. The armbands are adjustable to ensure a secure and comfortable fit.

And while this tool can fulfill the same function as your typical connection device, its uses extend far beyond training your body to “stay connected.”


That’s where the red and blue colors come in. As you’ll soon see, the Stacker provides bold visual cues to warn you that you’re making an error. (Or to celebrate your perfect technique!) This allows you to make corrections in the moment—a key strategy for fast improvement. 

For all you skimmers, here’s a quick rundown of the qualities that set this training aid apart.

Top Benefits of the Vertical Line Swing Stacker at a Glance

Why the Swing Stacker is Different

  • Easy to use
  • Attaches and detaches without any fuss
  • Provides instant feedback on your form
  • Can be used to practice multiple aspects of your game
  • Comfortable and adjustable
  • Works with every club and swing length

What the Swing Stacker Promises to Do for Your Golf Game

  • Eliminates the slice
  • Promotes a draw
  • Increases distance
  • Improves contact
  • Improves putting
  • Trains consistency and control
  • Accelerates improvement overall

Now, let’s take a closer look at how you use the Stacker to get these results.

How to Use the Vertical Line Swing Stacker

Developing a connected swing is the most obvious use of the Vertical Line Swing Stacker.

If you’re not familiar with the concept, a connected swing is one in which your lead arm moves in unison with your upper body and chest. It doesn’t run off on its own, doesn’t outpace the shoulders at any point in your swing.

When you stay connected from address to finish, you ramp up efficiency and power, increasing speed and distance. You also simplify your swing motion into something that is easier to repeat and control. That means better consistency and accuracy.

So how do you use the Swing Stacker to train your body to stay connected? 

You position the armbands near the top of each forearm. The blue goes on the trail arm and the red goes on your lead arm. (The reasons for this will become clear in a moment.) Then you connect red and blue by pressing them together and allowing the Velcro to do its thing.

Maintain that attachment throughout your swing (the Velcro will help demand that you do). You should discover more control, get better contact, and see more yards.

Now, if that were all the Vertical Swing Stacker did, it wouldn’t be that different from other connection devices. (Except for the whole comfort and ease-of-use thing.)

What sets this training aid apart is the Bi-Color Feedback—those red and blue squares that allow you to train a wider range of game-changing skills. 

Here’s how it works.

Master the Takeaway

The most common mistake golfers make in the takeaway is rotating the clubface too far to the inside. 

If you’re constantly slicing the ball or struggling with consistency, there’s a good chance you’re making this mistake. The Bi-Color Feedback of the Stacker helps you recognize this mistake the moment it happens so you can correct it immediately. 

Basically, you want to keep blue on top. (Again, blue goes on your trail forearm.)

If you catch the red rotating over the blue, you’re rotating the clubface, too.

Get More Width at the Top of Your Backswing

Do you have a bad habit of allowing your trail arm to break down at the top of your backswing? This happens when your trail arm bends dramatically, decreasing the width of your backswing and ultimately killing your shot. 

You can use the Stacker to battle this bad habit simply by sliding the blue stacker to just below the elbow and rotating it so it interferes with your elbow’s range of motion. You’ll know the stacker is in the correct place if you can’t get more than a 90-degree bend in your trail elbow.

All you do from here is practice your golf swing. The blue stacker will prevent your trail elbow from breaking down. 

As for the red stacker? If it’s already on, you can ignore it. It’s lightweight and compact, so you don’t have to bother taking it off and remembering to pick it up later. You can leave it on your body without worrying about distraction or interference.

Handy, right?

Stop Going Over the Top With Your Driver

You know this is a huge one. Nearly every golfer has struggled to break the habit of going over the top. It’s no wonder VLSGolf wanted to create a training aid that would help the average golfer overcome this slice-causing hurdle.

For this skill, you’re going to connect the red and blue Stackers near the top of your forearm. Once again, you’re going to keep an eye on the Bi-Color Feedback, this time on the downswing.

The goal here is to make sure blue stays underneath red as you swing down. If you see blue on top, you know you’ve got a problem to fix.

It’s that simple.

Conquer Your Wedges

Great wedge play is all about rhythm, tempo, and staying connected.

That’s where the Stacker comes in. This one is simple.

You put the Stackers on (or leave them on), connect them, and keep them together throughout your swing. That’s it. 

It’s an easy strategy that makes a world of difference.

Discover More Control in Your Putting

Similar to your wedge shots, your only goal when using the Stacker to practice putting is to keep red and blue together throughout your stroke. However, there is one difference.

For putting practice, you need to slide the stacker down to the middle of your forearm. 

As you practice your putts using the Vertical Line Swing Stacker, you find that this more connected putting stroke promotes the pendulum motion you’re going for on the green. The putter naturally wants to swing straight back and straight through.

Bonus: a connected putting motion resists face rotation, keeping you in control of your aim. We all know aim is a make-or-break skill on the putting green.

Whose Idea Was This?

It should come as no surprise that the Vertical Line Swing Stacker comes from the VLSGolf team—the same team that recently released the Vertical Line Board.

The similarities between these two training aids extend well beyond their names. Both training aids are designed for versatility, simplicity, and ease. And as anyone familiar with the Vertical Line philosophy knows, these are the driving concepts behind everything VLSGolf does.

The team is helmed by USGolfTV’s Todd Kolb, a four-time Golf Digest Best-in-State Instructor. Kolb recently developed the Vertical Line System, an approach to golf designed specifically for amateur golfers with an emphasis cultivating a simple, repeatable, body-friendly swing motion.

Kolb and his team designed the Vertical Line Swing Stacker because they saw an opportunity to go even deeper with an already effective concept. Connection devices do help golfers see greater results while putting in less practice time. 

But the VLSGolf team wondered: what if you could accomplish that while also making the tool versatile, unrestrictive, and comfortable? What if golfers could use this training aid without having to constantly adjust between drills?

Thus, the Vertical Line Swing Stacker was born.

Where Do I Get One?

At the time of this writing, the Vertical Line Swing Stacker is set to release in only a few weeks (at the end of October 2022). It’s currently available at a reduced, pre-order sales price. You can snag yours here.

It’s also worth noting that the Stacker comes with a 30-day, money-back guarantee. So there’s little risk in trying it out to see if this device could make all the difference in your game.


And as far as we’re concerned, the average golfer has little to lose and a lot to gain by giving the Vertical Line Swing Stacker a whirl. This device trains skills that are bound to have a real impact on your scorecard.

And the versatility of this product already makes it a better bargain than the one-trick training aids littering your tool bench. 

Your Turn: What’s Your Opinion?

You know where we stand, but what about you? Do you think the Vertical Line Swing Stacker could help you improve in crucial areas of your game? Or have you been eyeballing a different training aid?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments! And if you want to learn more about the Vertical Line System and products, stop by Seriously, if you’re sick of not getting anywhere with the same old golf tips, you’re gonna wanna get to know the VLS secrets.


  1. I recently bought the VLS stacker. I was disappointed that there were no instructions. After spending that money I expected to have instructions included. I did a search and found some explanations on how to use it effectively. My concern at this point is will this product be useful to a large man. I am going to give it a honest try but I am not impressed with it so far. I think it was made for smaller people.

  2. Lindal,

    Thank you for the note. Your points are valid and we are addressing the challenge with instructions. Two ideas, please check your email as we do send videos on how to use the stacker. You can also drop us a note at

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