Increase Swing Speed Instantly With 3 Tricks

By Todd Kolb
September 29, 2022

No More Excuses. Anybody Can Increase Swing Speed Instantly With These Easy, Body-Friendly Secrets.

Everybody wants to increase swing speed.

Sure, you may also want to sharpen your bunker skills or master lag putting, but let’s be honest:

Increasing swing speed is where the fun is. Knowing how to max out your power doesn’t just save you a few strokes. It makes you feel like a rockstar.

Now, here’s the exciting news.

I’m about to share three super simple tips guaranteed to increase your swing speed instantly. These are three gems you don’t hear about that much outside of USGolfTV. Odds are, you haven’t tried them, yet.

And they’re about to bring your game to a whole new level.

Stick around to learn how you can bring maximum speed to your golf swing using:

  • A setup tip,
  • A classic drill,
  • And an effortless mental strategy for the golf course.

Let’s get into it.

Setup Tip to Increase Swing Speed

I say it all the time. A stellar golf shot starts with a stellar setup. Here’s how you can make sure you’re primed to get jaw-dropping distance off the tee.

What to Do

When you get set up with your driver, make sure the ball is forward in your stance.

How far forward?

When I work with my students, I encourage them to use their own bodies as a reference point. You want the ball to line up with:

  • The logo on your shirt (if you’re right-handed)
  • The inside of your lead arm
  • Your lead eye

Choose any one of these reference points, and you’re in a good spot. (Quick tip: if you have a LiveView camera, use it to get a clearer angle of your body and ball position. You might discover that things aren’t lined up the way they appear to be from your natural vantage point.)

Now, a lot of amateur golfers position the ball too far back in their driver setup. They get it closer to the center. And that error takes a lot of power out of their driver shots.

Here’s why.

Why It Works

As you likely know by now, you always want to hit up on your driver. This upward angle of attack reduces spin while increasing launch. That’s your formula for better distance.

And in order to hit up on the ball, you need to position the golf ball far forward in your stance. This ensures that your clubhead passes the low point of your swing and is on its way back up by the time it makes contact with the ball.

It’s the best way to make the most of your swing speed.

Bonus Tip

When you set up for a driver shot, close your stance slightly. This makes it a little easier to draw the golf ball.

That has nothing to do with increasing swing speed, but it’s definitely not going to hurt you to know about it.

A Simple Drill to Increase Swing Speed

Now let’s talk about a drill you can do to increase swing speed the next time you’re on the driving range.

This is an oldie but a goodie. If you’ve been following us here at USGolfTV, you’ve probably seen this one before.

It’s called the Right, Left Drill.

What to Do

The steps of the Right, Left Drill are simple:

  1. Step back from the golf ball.
  2. Take your golf setup without a ball. Make sure most of your weight is on the lead foot.
  3. Take three continuous practice swings. With each swing:
    1. Say the word “right” out loud or in your head as you swing back and shift your weight into the right foot.
    2. Say the word “left” out loud or in your head as you swing forward and shift your weight into the left foot.
  4. After you’ve completed three swings, step forward and hit the golf ball.

Now, it probably goes without saying, but if you’re left-handed, you’ll want to reverse that. For you, this is the Left, Right Drill.

It’s also important that your three practice swings are continuous. After you swing forward, you immediately swing all the way back again. You should hear yourself say or think “Right, left, right, left, right, left,” in a steady rhythm.

No pauses, no resetting.

Here’s why that matters.

Why It Works

If you’re familiar with the Vertical Line System, you already know why this drill is so effective. 

You know that the number one secret for increasing swing speed is using lateral motion—that side-to-side weight shift. 

This is especially key for experienced golfers who want more clubhead speed. As our bodies get older, we can’t rely on extreme rotation the way we used to. Nowadays, the mere thought of “coil” makes us want to reach for the ibuprofen, right? 

Well, you can get that same power by building lateral momentum.

Plus, that right-left-right-left beat that you’re playing out in your own head taps you into the rhythm and tempo of your golf swing. These are also essential tools if you want to increase swing speed.

Bonus Tip

If you’re a senior golfer, lift the heel of your unweighted foot. In other words, as you say “right” and transfer weight into the right foot, lift the heel of your left foot. 

This allows you to get a little more rotation and turn in your swing motion.

I know I just said that rotation is no longer your best strategy for increasing swing speed. But it’s impossible to swing a golf club without a little natural turn. So help yourself out with this little tip to open up the body and make that rotation easier.

A Mental Trick for the Golf Course

That’s all well and good, but what if you don’t have time to practice and you don’t want to make your golf partners wait while you do three practice swings before every shot?

Here’s one super-quick tip you can bring along to increase swing speed in your next round of golf.

What to Do

Get your knees to touch at the finish.

Why It Works

I told you it was simple!

When you make a deliberate effort to get your knees touching in finish position:

  • You naturally find balance in your swing
  • You ensure that all your weight transfers into your lead foot through impact

Both those things are guaranteed to increase swing speed. 

And the best thing about this tip is that you don’t have to practice anything or control anything. 

It’s purely a mental effort on your part. You tell yourself you need to get those knees touching and your body does the rest. Incidentally, everything your body does to accomplish this goal just happens to be everything it needs to do to create a more powerful golf swing.

You might think this advice is crazy, but try it. It works.


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Did You Know It Could Be This Easy?

I’m a big believer that golf is tricky enough without us making things harder than they have to be. If there’s an easier way for you to meet your goals, I want to make sure you know about them.

What do you think about these tips? Have you tried them before? If not, will you try them now?

Drop us a line in the comments and let us know if this helped you or if you have any questions. We love hearing from you!

For more tips on how to find more power, greater ease, and less pain in your golf swing, be sure to check out the Vertical Line Swing System and my new book, The Bad Lie.

I promise you won’t regret it. No one has yet.


  1. I just purchased the Teton driver and while I am going to keep it, I’m not that much better with it than I am with my normal driver. (I’m 70 years young) and my son-in-law is trying to beat me. The only thing I noticed with the Teton is I’m straighter off the tee and not playing as much Army golf. I’m hitting the Teton about 200 for the first try while if I’m loose, I can hit my driver around 200-225 or further. (on a really good day when I’m loose and warmed up).

    I was watching the above video and noticed you said for more distance, tee it more towards the front leg, which I normally do anyway, but with the Teton video, you said to tee it up like you would a regular 5,6, or 7 iron.

    I’m not particularly a hybrid fan…I hit my 3 wood and 5 wood very well and my irons are usually pretty good. The reason I switched to the Teton was because of staying in the fairway…

    So, to get more distance and swing speed with the Teton, do I tee it up more towards the front leg or more like an iron?

    Also, I’m thinking of the Hummingbird but haven’t quite decided yet. I have a 60 degree wedge but lately it’s been failing me. LOL

  2. Thanks for the comment Fred, good questions. Since it is a shorter club and a smaller head than a traditional driver, we recommend teeing the ball slightly lower and slightly back compared to a driver. A good reference would be positioning the ball just off where the logo would be on a polo, between the lead arm and buttons on your shirt, versus off the inside of the lead foot for driver. For tee height, just make sure about half the ball is above the face of the club at address. And if you purchase the Hummingbird, be sure to go to and use the code wedge20 at checkout to receive a 20% discount on your purchase. Thanks again for commenting!

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