The Perfect Golf Swing: It’s Easier Than You Think

By Todd Kolb
October 31, 2019

Want a Perfect Golf Swing? These 3 Tricks Will Finally Get You Out of Your Head and Into the Motion.

Who doesn’t want a perfect golf swing? A solid, consistent golf swing is a thing of beauty . . . not to mention it can really shave strokes off your score and make a round of golf way more fun.

If you’ve been chasing that elusive perfect golf swing, you’ve probably collected loads of advice, tips, and insight from every possible source. You’ve read magazine articles about how your favorite golfer does it.  Perhaps you’ve watched instructional videos on YouTube. You’ve even swapped secondhand advice with your buddies. And if you’re like most amateur golfers, you’ve come to one disheartening conclusion:

The perfect golf swing is complicated and cannot be accomplished without years of focused training


Here’s the good news. Mastering the perfect golf swing doesn’t have to be that hard after all.

The perfect swing is comprised of three cleanly executed phases:

  1. Setup
  2. Top of the backswing
  3. Finish

Now, if you do a deep dive on any of these three phases, you will likely find some complex tips for honing your technique. While these tips may not be wrong, they are likely to get you overthinking your swing. Instead, I’m going to share an incredibly easy trick to help you master each element of a perfect golf swing. Then, I’ll share a bonus tip for tempo, so you can make the most of your new technique.

Let’s dive in.

The Perfect Setup

Your setup can make or break your swing. If you start off on the wrong foot (literally or figuratively), you have no hope of making that dream swing.

Now, if you’d like a little background on these details, you can learn more about ball position here and get some additional tips for setting your iron shots here. But as I said, I’m focusing on keeping things as simple as possible in this article. So, I’m going to jump right into an incredibly easy setup technique that helps my students make an excellent golf swing almost every time.

Here’s what you do:

  1. Stand in front of the ball with your feet together and the ball in line with the crack between your feet.
  2. Then, step the lead foot forward toward the target and the trail foot away from the target. These steps should be the same size.

That’s it. Just those two steps. So, what exactly are we accomplishing here?

For one thing, this trick for setting up your shot naturally squares your body position. It also gets the ball in the center of your stance—right where it needs to be for your perfect golf swing.

Now that you’ve mastered setup, let’s take a look at arguably the trickiest aspect of the perfect golf swing.

The Top of the Perfect Backswing

If you’ve been trying to improve your swing in any way, your brain is probably already overheating from too many backswing and transition tips.

From getting the clubhead into the ideal position to managing momentum, few golf topics are as complex as this one. As a result, the deeper you dive into the effort to perfect your backswing, the more likely you are to become paralyzed by too much information.

That said, if you want to check yourself for some of the most common backswing mistakes, you’ll find some easy fixes explained in plain English right here.

In the meantime, I’m going to share a basic drill that will help you find that ideal position at the top of your backswing naturally. It’s like this:

  1. Take your setup (no ball) with your 7-iron.
  2. Hold the club out in front of you (toward the target) so the clubhead is about 3 or 4 feet away from your body. In other words, your club is positioned at about the midpoint between where the golf ball would be and where you would finish.
  3. From this position, swing the club back and through like you’re taking a regular golf shot.
  4. Take that same swing several times to get the feel of it in your body.
  5. Once you have a feel for it, use that same swing motion—starting out in front of the body—to hit the golf ball.

So, what are we accomplishing here? Well, this drill takes all the thinking out of the backswing and helps you use momentum to get into the perfect top position naturally. It may seem too simple, but I promise it works. Give it a try.

The Perfect Finish Position

Why does finish position matter? After all, the ball is gone at that point, anyway.

Well, the way you move is influenced by where you plan to end up. And a balanced swing ends in a balanced position.

If you’re trying to master the perfect golf swing, you want to think about finishing with your knees touching. Your hips and body should be facing the target.

Believe it or not, it’s that simple. Swing through with that finish position in mind, and I guarantee you’ll see results.

Bonus Tip: Improve Your Tempo

Now that you’re consistently making a perfect golf swing (right?), get the most out of your hard work by nailing tempo, too.

Tempo is absolutely essential for solid contact and better distance. Fortunately, it’s also fairly easy to learn. The tip I’m about to share has been used by a lot of tour professionals and great amateurs. I personally love running this drill with my driver—it’s just more fun—but it’s a good idea to practice your iron shots this way, too.

Here’s how easy it is:

  1. Take your regular setup.
  2. Elevate the club about .5-1” off the ground.
  3. Take your golf swing.

That’s it! You see, when the club hovers, it releases tension. And tension is the biggest tempo killer. With this drill, you get a nice, loose swing with an even rhythm and solid contact.

Run this drill regularly and combine your mastery of tempo with your new, perfect golf swing. I promise you’ll have your best-ever time on the golf course as a result.

Did These Tips Help You Find Your Perfect Golf Swing?

Sometimes we get in our own way when we try to improve our golf game. Because there’s so much information out there, the wealth of tips and tricks can just turn into a tangle of distraction in your head. In these cases, I find it helps to get out of your head and focus on finding new habits and rhythms in your body.

Try the drills I shared here and let us know what you think. Did these concepts help you? See anything you disagree with? Have some advice of your own to share? Jump into the comments and let us know!

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