B1 Blue Strike Review: Learn About This Product

January 3, 2018

B1 Blue Strike Review: What is the B1 Blue Strike?


You know the frustration.

You keep hooking the ball. You’re striking inconsistently. Every shot is either fat or thin. You’d be more than happy to fix these problems. However, correcting these errors means fixing a motion that happens so fast you can’t feel yourself doing it.

Maybe your timing is off. Maybe you are hinging your wrists or closing your clubface. But for a lot of amateur golfers, those precision details seem impossible to measure in the one second it takes to swing.  (If you want to get back to the basics, check out our Beginner Golf Tips here).  

This is why the golf industry is constantly developing new technology to help golfers receive instant feedback on their swings. If you’ve been following us at USGolfTV, you know we frequently recommend training aids to do exactly that. From launch monitors to laser lines, we want to make sure you know about all the options out there.

This is why we learned all we could for this B1 Blue Strike Review.

What is the B1 Blue Strike?

This B1 Blue Strike Review shows that it’s a golf club designed to be used as a training aid. It most closely resembles an iron but can be used to help you with any club in your bag. (More on that later.)

This training aid is intended to help you gain precision and consistency when it comes to the all-important moment of impact. More specifically, the B1 aims to help you improve your impact by eliminating the most common impact error: flipping.

Flipping, or “scooping,” happens when you flip your hands at the bottom of your swing, causing the clubhead to scoop up on the ball. Many amateur golfers make this mistake purely out of instinct. They know they want to get the ball moving up and out, so their body wants to scoop it up off the turf.

Unfortunately, this is one area in which our instincts are wrong. Flipping compromises that perfect, squared clubface you establish in your setup. Once you flip your wrists, you no longer have control over that moment of impact.

What Does the B1 Blue Strike Correct?

To combat scooping, the B1 Blue Strike promotes:

  • A lead wrist position that is square to the target
  • A hands-ahead position as you swing through the impact zone
  • A delayed release to generate more speed and a longer carry distance

How does the B1 Blue Strike accomplish this?

This trainer is designed around a simple principle: “If you can’t feel it, you can’t fix it.”

The Blue Strike includes a few features that help the user actually feel or hear when they’ve made a mistake. It is a training aid that provides instant feedback to help you adjust in the moment. Moreover, the more you practice with the B1, the more your body will understand what good impact feels like. In theory, you build new muscle memory that will serve you out on the golf course with any club in your bag.

The Blue Strike Design

Let’s take a look at the three main features designed to give you instant feedback.

When researching for our B1 Blue Strike review, the most noticeable feature on the B1 is the Impact Bow. This thin, flexible cable loops across the length of the grip and serves as a gentle reminder when you accidentally flip your wrists. The concept here is simple. The Impact Bow touches your lead wrist through the swing until your club reaches the waist-high point of the follow-through. That’s it. If you feel the bow move away from your lead wrist or touch your trail arm, you know you’re flipping. If you keep the bow on your lead wrist, you know your clubface is square.

The Anti-Flip Compression Sole gives you perhaps the most frustrating (but likely effective) feedback. The clubhead features an unforgiving, beveled leading edge. This design raises the clubface above the ground, making it more important than ever to strike the ball on a downward blow. If you scoop the club at impact, forcing the clubhead ahead of your hands, you will either blade the ball or bottom out.

Finally, the Impact Slider provides unique, auditory feedback. The slider is an o-ring positioned just below the grip. On the release, the ring slides down the shaft, making a “whack” sound when it reaches the clubhead. The goal is to hear the “whack” at impact. If you hear it earlier, you know you’re releasing too soon. This feature promotes the delayed release, or “lag,” that sets the pros apart from the amateurs.

Now that we’ve covered which problems the B1 seeks to solve and the solutions it provides, let’s discuss the bottom line.

What is the Value of the B1 Blue Strike?

Speaking in monetary terms, the Blue Strike is currently offered for $99. It comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Let’s talk about what you potentially get from that purchase.

Although the B1 Blue Strike has the look of an iron, it is intended to help with every club you use. This is because the B1 is designed for practicing release and impact. The principles of a powerful release are essentially the same, no matter which club you use. What varies is the position of the ball when you take your swing.

That said, there are online videos on the B1 Blue Strike website with tips on how to practice using the B1. These tutorials include instructions specifically for practicing your drives and your wedge play. The videos are available to anyone. It may be worth it to check them out if you have any doubts that this training aid could really help you in the areas of your game that need the most work.

The Blue Strike also offers versatility in the simple fact that you can practice with it just about anywhere. While it’s always more fun to practice with a ball, this club is designed to help you practice the swing itself. It’s less about watching the ball fly, and more about feeling the bow on your wrist or listening for the impact slider. It’s about teaching your body what it feels like when the clubface is square to the target and you’ve mastered the lag. This means you can run a few drills in your own living room, rain or shine, even without a ball.

Let’s recap.

The Short Version

The B1 Blue Strike is a training club that helps you fix your impact by focusing on the most common error: flipping.

The B1 does this by helping you actually feel what’s happening in your swing, for better or for worse. The Impact Bow helps you notice when you flip your wrists. The Anti-Flip Compression Sole bottoms out when you move through the impact zone clubhead-first. The Impact Slider gives you an auditory cue to sync with the bottom of your swing so you can develop a professional-grade lag.

This training aid is designed to help you play better with any club in your bag. It costs $99 with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Those are the facts. The only remaining question is: Do you think the B1 Blue Strike is for you?

What Do You Think?

We’ve told you what we know… now we’d love to hear what you know!

Could you use the kind of feedback the Blue Strike provides? Have you already tried it? Did it help you?

Let us know your thoughts, questions, and opinions in the comments section. We always love hearing from you!

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  1. The idea behind the Blue Strike sounds good however the quality of the device leaves a lot to be desired. Design is great for striking down on the ball but the quality of manufacturing is poor. The impact slider moves without swinging the club and the bow moves without an outside source. I have purchased the Tour Striker and Tour Educator and both are better values

  2. I bought one of the B1 Blue strike and I can’t get the impact slider to drop down. It’s like it’s too tight on its holder. Other than that I like the club.

  3. Thank you for commenting Bobby. Are there any specific drills/shots you like to practice with the club? We do not sell this product, but we always like hearing other golfers’ experiences (positive or negative) with products, and hopefully it can help someone else decide whether or not to purchase one as well!

  4. I was excited by the benefit this training aid might have offered. Went to the range, no good. I couldn’t feel the nylon band on my bare skin, the slider thing did not work. I returned it today and had to pay $13.31 in postage! RipOff.

  5. Thanks for sharing your experience with us Ronald. While we are not affiliated with the product, we always encourage our readers to share their reviews of products as well to help potential buyers make informed decisions. Thanks for reading and commenting!

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