Tathata Golf: The Multidisciplinary Approach

January 9, 2018

Tathata Golf: The Multidisciplinary Approach


You know the saying.

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.”

This philosophy may partly explain the appeal of Tathata Golf. If you’ve heard of Tathata Golf, you likely know that it is notably different from most forms of golf training. With a strong emphasis on Eastern philosophy, Tathata encourages you to approach your game from an entirely new angle.

But does it work? And is it the right approach for you?

Let’s break it down.

What is Tathata Golf?

Tathata Golf is a subscription-based golf training program that can be completed entirely online. The Tathata Golf method is influenced by the disciplines of martial arts and meditation, in addition to golf.

The program was founded by Bryan Hepler, an instructor who, most notably, trained under Marc O’Grady. However, it is his training in Shambala and Satori that led him to create this unique approach to golf instruction. Shambala and Satori are methods of meditation and mental discipline with roots in Tibetan Buddhism and Zen Buddhism.

From this background, Hepler created Tathata Golf, emphasizing what Hepler calls “MIND, BODY, & SWING training.”  This refers to:

  • Instruction in mental discipline (Mind)
  • Understanding of anatomy and effective movement (Body)
  • Analysis of how the greatest golfers play the game (Swing)

Tathata Golf is unique in that it is an online training program that also offers one-on-one in-person experiences. There are Tathata trainers – also known as “Certified Movement Specialists” (CMS) – all over the world. Subscribers can receive access to a local CMS, giving them the opportunity to take their training off-line.

What else do subscribers get?

What Does a Tathata Membership Include?

The Big Picture: Tathata subscribers have access to over 200 hours of instructional video content and one-on-one training.

Let’s break that down for a more detailed look at the Tathata experience.


Tathata membership comes with access to structured online courses. The most notable course is the 60-Day Training Program. This course is where all members start their Tathata training. It is composed of 60 lessons, one for each day, including a test to help learners evaluate their understanding of the day’s lesson. What makes this course unique is the heavy emphasis on mind training and movement practice. Hepler begins by teaching the smaller movements that make up your golf swing. From there, he then builds to the full swing in subsequent lessons.

Chapters in the 60-Day Training Program include:

  • The Energy of Greatness
  • Body Movements
  • Club Movements
  • Short Game
  • Putting
  • Take It to the Course

Other available courses include:

  • Uneven Lies
  • Trajectory
  • Mind Training On-the-Go

One-on-One Training

While completing the 60-Day Training Program, subscribers have the option to book a one-hour session with a Tathata staff member. This is done one of two ways. Members who are capable of visiting the Tathata Training Center in Scottsdale, Arizona can sign-up for an in-person session at the center. For those who can only train remotely, Tathata will set up an online video call. During your session, a Tathata staff member assesses your movements, offering feedback and instruction.

Subscribers can also participate in Online Swing Submittal. To do this, you record your full swing, short game, or putting motion on video. You submit your video for evaluation. Then you receive a video reply in which a staff member assesses your movement. The specialist will outline your strengths and specify how you could improve. They suggest a plan for your training and clarify which movements you should focus on during the 60-Day Training Program.

TV Shows

Members have access to Tathata TV shows. New episodes are uploaded to the website on a weekly basis, and the series include:

  • Weekly Q&A: The Tathata team fields questions from members.
  • Take It to the Course: Tathata staff hit the course to evaluate different golf situations and to demonstrate Tathata training in action.
  • Featured Interviews: Insight from TV analysts, golf instructors, and Tour professionals.

Library Access

In addition to TV shows and course material, subscribers have access to a plethora of instructional videos. The library features over 200 training routines. Users can “favorite” the ones that interest them for easier future access.

Access to Certified Movement Specialists

As previously mentioned, Tathata golf has a large team of Certified Movement Specialists spread out over fourteen countries.

What is particularly interesting about Tathata’s Movement Specialists is that they are not just golf instructors. In fact, some come from other disciplines, like yoga. Or they are personal trainers. They even thoroughly train in Tathata golf instruction—they just come from alternative athletic backgrounds.

This falls in line with Tathata’s philosophy that golf instruction can benefit from the influence of other disciplines. In fact, founder Bryan Hepler emphasizes that golfers play better when they treat golf as a more athletic sport. He feels that golf is too frequently taught with a focus on static positioning. According to Hepler, the movement of golf should be more spontaneous and reactionary.

Every Tathata CMS trains to help golfers achieve this more athletic approach to movement. Subscribers are offered the opportunity to book training time with a Tathata Movement Specialist. But take note: they do not appear to include sessions with a CMS in your subscription fee. As a member, you can choose from a selection of individual and group training packages.

What is the Investment?

Let’s get to the bottom line: What does a Tathata membership cost you?

Tathata advertises its subscription fee as $16/month. This is technically true, but you should note that you buy a full year’s subscription at once. So, you’re looking at an immediate investment of $199.99 (You can get a $10 Discount here too). You may cancel your membership “at any time,” but cancellation only means your subscription will not auto renew. You do not get a refund for unused months, and you still have access to all material until your subscription period ends.

However, Tathata does offer a 7-day free trial, giving you the opportunity to peruse the material and courses. This way you can determine if MIND, BODY, & SWING training is right for you before committing to a full subscription. Pro tip: Be sure to subscribe by clicking the yellow “7-Day Trial” button at the top of the Tathata home page. If you click the red “Become a Member” button found throughout the site, you will not be given the trial option.

Of course, when we discuss the value of a training program, we like to consider the potential return on investment. Tathata golf is likely not for everyone. Those who have tried it attest to the strong Eastern influence, and not everyone responds to the Zen approach. However, for golfers looking for an entirely new method and greater control over the mental aspect of their game, Tathata might be a game-changer.

It is also worth noting that in 2016, the American Junior Golf Association named Tathata its preferred golf training program.

Your Tathata Golf Cheat Sheet

This is a lot of information to process. Let’s quickly highlight the most noteworthy aspects of Tathata Golf.

Tathata Golf is a subscription-based online training program that also offers opportunities for in-person instruction.

The Tathata method develops from multiple disciplines, including golf, martial arts, and meditation. Likewise, it also emphasizes principles of athletic movement, mind training, and analysis of history’s greatest golfers.

Tathata members begin their training with a 60-Day Training Program. They also have access to other online courses and videos that will help them improve both mentally and physically.(

Membership is purchased through a yearly subscription of $199.99 (or $10 less if you prefer). Tathata Golf offers a 7-day free trial.

Thoughts? Opinions?

Will you be trying Tathata? Does the multidisciplinary approach to golf intrigue you? Or do you have your doubts?

Let us know what you think. And if you’re a Tathata Golf member, drop us a line in the comments section to let us know about your experience!

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