What is the Super Sonic X10?


You’ve likely heard “lag” described as the secret skill of the pros. You probably know that lag is an effective way to pack extra energy into the golf ball and gain yards on your drive. And if you’ve tried to do it yourself, you are also well aware that the precision timing lag requires does not come easy.

We looked into the Super Sonic X10, a training aid designed specifically to help you master lag and increase swing speed. This aid essentially swings like a driver and gives you instant feedback on your timing. The idea is that this immediate feedback will help you make immediate corrections.

We’ve collected some information for you about how it works and what you stand to get out of it. But first, let’s clarify why this tool exists to begin with.

What Problem is the Super Sonic X10 Solving?

In the most basic terms, the Super Sonic X10 is designed to help you increase your swing speed. It does this primarily by helping you master lag. In case you’re not entirely clear on what “lag” is, here’s a quick primer.

Lag is a technique used by all the pros but only occasionally mastered by amateurs. It refers to the angle between your lead arm and club shaft on the downswing. The theory is that the tighter that angle is, the faster your swing speed will be. You will find a variety of opinions on how to create lag. One common belief is that you should create that tight angle by tucking the trail arm in close to the body, rather than outstretching it on a wide casting motion.

This angle is significant because it influences the motion—and therefore the momentum—of the clubhead. Most amateur golfers hinge their wrists completely at the top of the swing. It is an instinctive attempt to set the wrists at the correct angle for impact. Then, they cast out wide on the downswing too early, releasing all the energy before the clubhead reaches the ball–in  essence, releasing all the lag.

Pro golfers, on the other hand, know to create either a partial hinge or no hinge at the top of the swing. Then, they can create the hinge (i.e. release the clubhead) closer to the moment of impact. This delayed release generates greater clubhead speed at the exact moment they need it.

In other words, lag replaces a wide casting motion with a more whip-like motion.

Lag is not an easy skill to master. It’s all about timing, and mastering that timing proves to be a challenge for many amateur golfers. This is the problem the Super Sonic X10 seeks to solve.


The Design of the Super Sonic X10

The Super Sonic X10 is a training aid that essentially takes the form of a driver, minus the clubhead. It is not intended to be used to strike the ball. Its only functions are to help you master lag and test your swing speed. And because your feedback comes directly from the Super Sonic X10 rather than ball flight, you can practice with this device anywhere, in any season.

The design is very simple. There are two main features.


First, there is the built-in SwingSpeedometer. This is exactly what it sounds like. The speedometer is built into the base of the Super Sonic X10 where the clubhead would be. The speedometer gives you immediate feedback after each swing, reporting your swing speed in miles-per-hour. This feature exists as a way to motivate and challenge yourself. It also allows you to test whether your practice time with the Super Sonic X10 is actually achieving the results you want.

To help you master lag, this training aid also features a SpeedSlider. If you caught our article on the B1 Blue Strike, you’ve seen this feature before. Like the Blue Strike’s Impact Slider, the SpeedSlider helps you time your release through an auditory cue.

The cone-shaped slider sits just below the grip. The moment you release the clubhead, the slider also releases and travels down toward the stopper at the base of the club. When it strikes the stopper, the slider makes a clicking sound. You want that click to happen when you are in impact position. If you hear it earlier, you know you released too early.

What makes the SpeedSlider different from the Impact Slider on the B1 Blue Strike is the added dial. The Super Sonic X10 features a dial at the base of the grip. This dial has ten settings. A higher setting means you need more speed to move the slider. So even once you’ve mastered lag and are getting great speeds at a setting of three, you can still challenge yourself by bumping it up to a four.

How the Super Sonic X10 Promises to Change Your Game

At this point, it’s clear that the Super Sonic X10 is all about gaining swing speed. With regular use, this training aid is designed to help your body learn what optimum speed and lag feel like in your swing. Once you ingrain those habits, you theoretically see the results out on the golf course. Basically, you can figure that for every 1 mile-per-hour increase in your swing speed, you’ll see a gain of about 2.5 driving yards.

The team behind the Super Sonic X10 also claims that training with this product will make you more comfortable increasing your speed. At some point, someone may have warned you against going for speed. Or you may hold back out of instinct. A faster speed can make for a sloppier swing. And we all know that nothing kills the thrill of making a long drive like watching the ball fly 200 yards in the wrong direction.

The Super Sonic X10 claims to improve accuracy at the same time that you’re increasing speed. The release, dictated by the design of the SpeedSlider, is timed to square the clubface for impact.

Ultimately, the Super Sonic X10 promises you will be able to swing faster with confidence.

The Cost of the Super Sonic X10

The current price of the Super Sonic X10 is $119. The purchase includes video lessons featuring Peter Kostis. They send these lessons via email after your purchase and include instructions for the product as well as practice routines.

The Super Sonic X10 comes with a 60-Day money back guarantee… and some very specific promises.

If you practice twenty swings each day with your Super Sonic X10, the company guarantees you will pick up at least 8 mph in your swing speed in two months. (That would be an increase of about 20 driving yards.) If you do not achieve that, you are guaranteed a full refund, no questions asked.

In Short…

The Super Sonic X10 is a training aid designed to help you master lag and increase swing speed.

It has the look of a driver, minus the clubhead.

The Super Sonic X10 features a SwingSpeedometer to give you instant feedback on your swing.

To help you increase speed with a delayed release, it includes a SpeedSlider. The slider is located at the base of the grip and begins sliding toward the bottom of the club at release. You should hear the slider click at the bottom of the club at impact position. If it comes earlier, you know you’ve released too soon.

The Super Sonic X10 costs $119 with a 60-Day money back guarantee.

Would You Try It?

Let us know what you think. Does the Super Sonic X10 interest you? Do you have your own method for practicing lag and increasing swing speed? Have you already tested the Super Sonic X10 yourself?

We’re eager to hear your thoughts, learn about your experiences, and field your questions. Comment below and join the conversation!

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