Moon Wood 8: Replace Woods/Hybrids/Irons in One Club?

January 17, 2018

What is the Moon Wood 8?



Advancements in golf technology have led to the development of some exciting new products. We are constantly discovering new tools and clubs that challenge us to sharpen our skills, measure our abilities, and better ourselves as players.

Or, some cases, innovation can serve one, straight-forward purpose: to help golfers have more fun on the course.

The Moon Wood 8 is a club designed specifically for the weekend golfer. This is a product meant to make the most of an imperfect swing. It promises high, long drives, even in the hands of a high-handicap player. The primary goal is increased confidence on the course and a better scorecard for those who can’t throw themselves into daily practice.

Does this sound like your kind of club? We took a look at the Moon Wood 8 so we could give you all the details. Let’s get into it.

What Does the Moon Wood 8 Do?

The MW8 comes with a lot of specific promises for your golf game. Higher launch. Longer carry distance. Increased accuracy. More consistency. Softer landings.

The big picture, however, is that the Moon Wood 8 is designed to be a potential replacement for your fairway woods, irons, and hybrids. It is a club created first and foremost for high-handicap golfers. The goal was to combine the most amateur-friendly aspects of woods, irons, and hybrids. The result, they say, is a club that forgives the common errors of the weekend golfer and helps you achieve long, high shots with increased accuracy.

The Moon Wood 8 is designed for versatility. It can be used to shoot off the tee or in the rough just as well as on the fairway.

So, what exactly makes the MW8 a worthy go-to for all your long-game and approach shots? Let’s take a look at the design.

The Moon Wood 8 Design

The design team for the MW8 is headed by Josh Boggs, a Golf Digest “Hot List” medal winner. You might also recognize him as the designer of the Square Strike Wedge, another club we recently profiled.

As previously mentioned, Boggs and the MW8 team engineered this club to be the best of all worlds. They borrows from the traditional design of irons, hybrids, and fairway woods to combine the most amateur-friendly features. Here is what you get on the Moon Wood 8:

The Features of a Mid-Iron

One of the first things you notice on the MW8 is its shorter shaft length. At 38 inches, it’s within the standard range of a 5 or 6 iron and, like those mid-irons, it’s easier to control. Of course, you may have the concern that a shorter club length negates the claim that the MW8 will help you strike the ball farther. The designers would argue that because it’s easier to control a shorter club, you are likelier to square the clubface. What you may lose in swing arc and clubhead speed, you make up for in solid, accurate impact.

The Moon Wood 8 also features a 25-degree loft—another design typical of a mid-iron. This higher loft helps you get that high launch angle, lower spin, and longer drive.

The Features of a Hybrid

You can see the hybrid influence in the shallow clubface of the MW8. The club also features an ultra-low COG (Center of Gravity)—another quality borrowed from typical hybrid design.

The COG of the Moon Wood 8 sits below the vertical center of the clubface. This positioning promotes a quicker launch and higher ball flight. It also allows a little forgiveness on thin shots, ensuring that you still get some height.

The Features of a Fairway Wood

Much like a fairway wood, the Moon Wood 8 features a wide sole. The designers call this the “SuperGlyde Sole,” and it measures 3.25 inches from front to back. The MW8 designers built the sole with a curve, enabling it to glide easily through any turf. Even if you hit the ball fat, you still have a decent shot at making clean contact with the ball.

By now, you probably understand what we mean when we say the MW8 is designed with high-handicap golfers in mind. The clear goal of this club is to help amateur golfers make the most of imperfect shots… or reach brand new distances with strong shots.

Of course, there’s still the most important question to address.

Picture from Moon Wood 8 Facebook page

Does the Moon Wood 8 Work?

The makers of the MW8 conducted a field test with a group of 16 amateur golfers. Each golfer made a series of shots, first using the longest club they use for approach shots, then using the MW8. TrackMan expert Rob Rashell gathered data on each shot to compare one club against the other.

The reported results included some notable increases in carry yards. Most of the reported yardage gains fell between 15.8 yards (from a golfer with a 5 handicap) to 38.7 yards (7.4 handicap). At the lower end was a golfer who hit the ball 5.3 yards farther with the MW8.

They also collected data for height gains with the Moon Wood, ranging from a 21% to 42% increase. The landing angles mentioned were all around 20% steeper with the MW8.

Of course, it is important to note that the statistics shared represent around 12 of the 16 golfers tested.

So, the question remains, what does the Moon Wood cost, and is it worth it?

The Cost of the Moon Wood 8

The MW8 is currently priced at $179. It comes with a 60-day money back guarantee. Please note that “money back” means a full refund, minus the cost of shipping and handling.

The club features a stainless-steel clubface and a graphite shaft available in four flex options.

A purchase of the MW8 also includes an instructional video series. This series comes with tips for practicing with the Moon Wood 8. It also highlights uses for the MW8 that don’t immediately come to mind, such as greenside chips and bunker shots.

The Whole Picture

Here’s the quick snapshot of the Moon Wood 8.

The Moon Wood 8 is a club that is engineered with amateur, high-handicap golfers in mind, though anyone can use it.

Its design includes features from mid-irons, hybrids, and fairway woods. Most notably, it is a shorter club with a 25-degree loft, a wide sole, a shallow clubface, and a low center of gravity. All these features are designed to be forgiving, whether you hit the ball fat or thin.

The Moon Wood 8 claims to help you hit the ball higher and farther with softer landings and greater accuracy.

It is currently priced at $179 and comes with a 60-day money back guarantee.

What Do You Think?

Does the Moon Wood 8 interest you? Have you already tried it? What was your experience?

Let us know what’s on your mind! We always enjoy fielding your questions and hearing your insights. Join the discussion in the comments section and tell us what you think!

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  1. These are the same people that make the GX7 series driver and fairway woods, that were proclaimed to do the same thing as the MW8. They also make the IRT5 hybrid and C3I wedge, and don’t forget the square wedge.
    So what are we to believe?

  2. hello, I purchased the GX7 golf club and it works very well. I then purchased the 18 degree and 21 degree clubs. They also work well. What I don’t understand is as soon as I purchased these clubs, they come out with this Moon Wood golf club. Quite frustrating. Why not bring it out right away so you can may a choice instead of needing to buy all of these clubs separately. Kind of confusing.

  3. What’s the ball poition when setting up the moon wood from the tee and for chipping

  4. Here is our article on how to adjust ball position according to club/shot:

    Judging by the look of the club and its features, we would not recommend using the club for any high soft or finesse shots that would require a wedge. Thanks for the comment, hope this helps!

  5. Just another attempt by greedy people to help the rats with high handicaps like me I ain’t bitin

  6. I purchased and used the MW for several weeks and multiple rounds. My game certainly qualifies as high handicap and the club as advertised sounded as if it might help me. I was able to make good contact regardless of the lie. The ball flight was exceptionally high, so high that it’s time of flight made even light breezes move the ball more compared to my normal trajectory. I generally produced a very straight ball flight. However, the distance improvement cited in the advertisements never materialized. I tried various ball positions which affected the ball flight somewhat, but had virtually no impact upon my achieved distance. The poor distance may be a fundamental result of my swing, but the club could not earn its way into my bag. I returned the club for a refund which was efficiently handled by the seller.

  7. do you have higher loft…say 28 or 34 Degree glub?

  8. Thanks for the comment Gerald. We are not actually affiliated with the Moon Wood 8, so you will want to contact the company to see what loft options are available. It appears they only have a 25 degree option available though. Hope that helps!

  9. Sounds like more BS then ever. I too tried the GX7. The results were dismal.
    They must pay a ton in advertising to justify $179.00 for a club that’s probably worth $39.00.

  10. What is the difference in an irt-5 24 or 28 (current bogo offered) and moon wood 8. I own a c3I wedge and a GX7, and am considering buying a hybrid. Interested in more info.

  11. I have one – it is great. I hot this 150M on the dot, with a significantly higher trajectory, and dead straight. I hit it out of the rough, from long bunkers and around the greens as a dribble chipper. Get one – it is great.

  12. I tried the IRT hybrids and the moon woods. The moon woods are in the bag. I returned the IRTs. Moon woods are straight and give you some height. One of the easiest clubs to hit, in my opinion. Later, I tried the GX-7 and it didn’t agree with me. Moon woods, however, are definitely worth a try.

  13. This club works for me …I find I hit straighter with a more consistent strike and slightly more distance than my five hybrid.

  14. This club works for me …I find I hit straighter with a more consistent strike and slightly more distance than my five hybrid.

  15. Thanks for the comment Harold. Anything in particular you didn’t like about the iRT-5? We always encourage honest feedback on these products, since we are not affiliated with them and want to give our readers the best information we can. Thanks again!

  16. I have the 25. The ball goes higher, looks like it has a softer landing therefore, and if hit properly like any acceptable club, greater accuracy.
    But farther than what? Than mid-irons, but which mid-iron. It has been my understanding that different mid-irons can be hit different distances because just maybe their lofts are different otherwise there would be just one mid-iron all these years. The ads and promotions are pretty fuzzy, perhaps that’s the name of the game. And when the moon is hit, is it hit with a full swing, three quarter swing, or even half swing. Here again, it’s slippery. Personally, I have found a comfortable half to three quarter swing results in 145-155 yards. A comfortable swing to me is about 80% of full strength which, in itself, varies among us.
    I have ordered the 21.

  17. Thanks for the comment Davis. We appreciate the input to help other readers get an understanding of the club from differing perspectives. Did you feel you lost too much control with a full swing?

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