Callaway Driver Review: The Callaway XR Driver

By David Anicetti
January 29, 2015

While the Big Bertha Woods have gained the headlines of recent due to their return, when it come to talking about clubs made by Callaway, the Callaway X Hot that was followed by X2 Hot, have offered great performance and proven to be a huge success for golf’s most famous brand.

Callaway XR Driver Review

Performance in combination with price points have made the X2 Hot and X Hot drivers excellent options for many a golfer.

To usher in the New Year, Callaway has followed the two drivers up with the new Callaway XR driver.

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While the X2 Hot driver has performed well it was not much of a leap forward in comparison to its original model.

Small adjustments meant the driver was very good, but those golfers who purchased the original surely saw there were not any major performance improvements to the second-generation driver.

However, when you bring up the Callaway XR driver you are talking about a different beast altogether. There are technological advancements that set this driver apart from its two predecessors.

callaway xr driver reviews
Callaway XR Driver

It is clear from the start upon testing the XR driver that it is long. When comparing it to the Callaway x2 hot driver it showed extra distance on shots made on the middle of the face and shots that missed the center.

In this xr driver review I found the optimum performance came from additional loft when comparing it to the x2 hot driver. The callaway xr driver adjustments do not have the depth of adjustability as the Big Bertha models but having the ability to change lie, loft and shaft affects performance.

Those of you looking for a balanced combination of distance and forgiveness will be more likely to find it with one of the Big Bertha Alpha models. However, there is plenty to make an impression with the XR Driver, particularly if added yardage is sought on drives.

The prominent technological feature of the XR driver lies in the R-Moto technology. The technology is explained succinctly in this YouTube video uploaded by Callaway golf.

The worst test shots hit with my XR Driver were further offline in comparison to a Big Bertha Alpha driver, but that comparison uses one of the most forgiving of models to come out in 2015. The levels of forgiveness remain decent given the driver’s impressive distance.

The driver’s look at address is excellent. The Speed Step Crown made to increase the swing speeds by improving aerodynamics is not equally as helpful with alignment as is the G30 turbulator design. However, it is not anywhere near intrusive behind the ball.
On impact, the sound impresses, as it is solid but not intrusive.

Coming after the impressive X Hot and X2 Hot was tough for the new XR Driver, but it still has a great deal to offer making it important to add it to the test list.

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