The Haney Blueprint Review

February 1, 2015

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Hank Haney is one of the golf world’s most famous instructors. Haney has coached more than 200 PGA professionals, including a stint as Tiger Woods’ coach, when Tiger was at the peak of his career.

Haney has recently introduced an online golf training system that teaches the Parallel Swing Plan system and promises to deliver lower scores and consistency.

Driving Series

Let’s be honest lower scores is what makes golfing fun, but how does the Haney blueprint stack up against other online golf training programs, like the Square to Square program by Doug Tewell.

Golfers willing to give it a try simply need to submit their email address to the Hank Haney Blueprint site.

After confirmation you will receive 10 Haney free video lessons to review.

These videos will provide abbreviated versions into the full train system that you have an option to purchase later.

If you decide it’s for you the cost is $57 for access to a full system instruction program that is given online. You can choose to pay $67 for the full training course in a set of DVDs that will be shipped to you.

Here is a Haney free video to give you an idea of what you can expect: According to the Haney project website, if you are unhappy at any time during the first year of purchase you can contact the customer service department either by email or call and request a full refund, with no questions asked.

As always make sure you read the fine print.

Read Hank Haney Blueprint Customers are saying

“Recently I checked out the Haney blueprint system and after reviewing the videos for a few days had the most enjoyable round of golf I’ve had in my life”

“The Haney blueprint system might not be for everybody but it sure worked for me. I find myself constantly going back and watching the videos over and over. I’m hitting the ball more solid and more consistently than I ever have.”

About Hank Haney

Hank Haney is an American professional golf instructor best known for coaching Tiger Woods and two-time major championship winner Mark O’Meara. Those affiliations alone have given Haney notoriety and credibility worldwide as a golf instructor.

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  1. Blueprint… too simplistic, no meat. NO HELP!

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