Hank Haney Golf School: What Is He Teaching?

By Troy Klongerbo
January 20, 2015


Hank Haney’s name has flooded the golf industry recently. It started with his instruction of the world’s best player in Tiger Woods. Since then, it’s moved through¬†his Golf Channel days counseling celebrities and now, onto the Haney Blueprint. And under the Hank Haney Golf School, he’s become one of the most sought after teaching professionals in the world.

But if you were to take a lesson from Hank Haney, what would you learn?

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Hank Haney’s teaching philosophy is based off of the theory that every golfer can experience improvement. No matter what, you can get better at golf. What an encouraging message. No wonder Tiger Woods, the best player in the world, was lured to his tutelage.

Even Tiger could witness an improvement and lower scores. That’s quite the promise to make. But Haney was able to deliver– at least if you look at the record books during their time together.

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Tiger’s finishes in majors while with Hank Haney– via Wikipedia

Sure, the golf swing is a critical place to analyze. The Hank Haney Golf School will help you hit the ball further with your driver and more consistently with your irons. They are able to achieve these results through video work and one-on-one sessions.

Ranked in 2013-2014 as the #11 instructor in the world via Golf Digest’s Top 50¬†instructors, the information received from Hank Haney will be elite information regarding the golf swing. He has the all-around knowledge to help benefit your golf game.

The focus in the Hank Haney Golf School is to build complete golfers. This means focuses on short game, mental game and course management are almost requirements with Haney. He wants to see you shoot lower scores after leaving his academies. What more can someone ask for?

Located in Texas are the four Hank Haney Golf facilities. Hank can be contacted here.

When you leave your lessons from the Hank Haney Golf School, you’ll find that your new swing coach, is yourself. They pride themselves on educating golfers to become their own best swing coach. Diagnose your problems on your own and improve based on your own merit and practice.

Inside the Haney Blueprint, Haney will offer some of the best content in the golf instruction industry. Here’s a great video of Haney talking different swing theories and what understanding these did for Tiger Woods:

For more information on Hank Haney’s newest product, the Haney Blueprint– click here.


  1. Sorely disappointed in the fact that the HaneyPowerClinic.com that you advertise on TV’s Golf Channel DOES NOT have a video to watch, as you represented it to have. I hate false advertising that irritates the CRAP out of me when I try to get into the advertised video- and find that ALL that’s there is a bunch of writing and a pitch to buy what is advertised to be FREE! CRAP, CRAP, CRAP! That’s how I see HANEYPOWERCLINIC.COM!

  2. Ricky,

    This is only a review of the product, we are not responsible for any of the Haney products.

    I am sorry to hear of your frustration.

    — Troy

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