Golf in Sync Training Aid Review

February 15, 2018

Mastering Body Rotation with Golf in Sync Training Aid


How do your wrists feel after 18 holes of golf?

If you’re like a lot of weekend golfers, you may find that a round of golf puts significant strain on your wrists. Oftentimes, wrist pain comes from overuse. And overuse isn’t just hard on your body; it’s also hard on your scorecard.

By now, you probably know the importance of synchronized body rotation in a golf swing. You’re probably well aware that solid contact begins with smooth and coordinated movement throughout the torso. However, it’s not enough to understand a concept if you can’t turn that concept into a physical habit.

From mindless tasks like unlocking your front door to recreational activities like bass fishing, your body has learned time and again that your wrists and hands are capable of creating a desired outcome. It’s no wonder if you instinctually keep trying to control your golf swing with your wrists.

This is where Golf in Sync comes in. Golf in Sync is a swing training aid designed to help you break the habit of overusing your wrists (See: Chipping Mistakes Amateurs Make Regularly) and replace that tendency with a smooth, synchronized body motion. Golf in Sync uses immediate physical feedback to help you find the feel of a proper golf swing. This tool is designed to make poor form feel wrong to you in the moment so you can immediately correct it.

So, how does it work?

We’ll introduce you to Golf in Sync and help you determine if this device could be the key to correcting your swing.

What is Golf in Sync?

Golf in Sync is a swing training aid designed to cultivate a habit of powerful body rotation in your golf swing. It is best used to master rotation for your short game swings, including putting, chipping, pitching, and bunker shots. Golf in Sync can also help you find the correct backswing plane for your full golf swing.

Golf in Sync includes three separate elements.

First, it features a lightweight, fiberglass rod that fastens to the shaft of your golf club and to your lead arm. This rod is responsible for the “immediate physical feedback” we mentioned earlier. If you swing incorrectly, you will feel the rod digging into your body or resisting your motion.

Your Golf in Sync comes with instructions to help you properly attach the rod to your club shaft. To give you a rough idea of how the setup looks and feels: the rod should be positioned on top of the club shaft. The point of attachment is about halfway between the bottom of the grip and the clubhead.

The rod then connects to your lead arm through the second item in your Golf in Sync pack: an adjustable armband. This armband features a loop on one side and should be positioned as high on your lead arm as possible, with the loop on the inner side of your arm. The rod attached to your club slips through that loop on the armband.

The third element of the Golf in Sync design is a Velcro strip attached to the rod. This strip is used to secure the rod to your club just below the grip. You only use the Velcro when practicing putting and chipping, as those shots call for a tighter range of motion.

Practicing Your Short Game with Golf in Sync

Golf in Sync is most commonly used to master the swings of your short game, including putting, chipping, pitching, and bunker shots.

The short game is often where weekend golfers struggle with that deeply ingrained instinct to focus movement in their hands. The Golf in Sync training aid puts your focus back into your body, so you’re not longer trying to scoop that ball up onto the green with your wrists. The rod reminds you to rock your shoulders when you putt, rather than sweeping your hands.

As a result, you will find that you’re finally maintaining consistent loft throughout the swing.

We’ve discussed the issue of loft at length here at USGolfTV. If you’ve caught any of our videos or articles on the subject, you know your club is already designed to create the launch angle you need. When you use your wrists and hands to try to scoop the ball, it becomes problematic.  You negate the loft that is already built into your club. By helping you focus more on body rotation, Golf in Sync encourages a motion that maintains that loft.

This training aid also forces consistency. As you practice with it, you find you are swinging on a consistent radius and making consistent contact. The more you practice, the more familiar your body becomes with this new motion. The goal is for your body to then remember this rotation naturally, without the feedback of the Golf in Sync rod. Then, when you’re out on the golf course with your buddies, you can create powerful swings like it’s an old habit.

Swing Plane

As previously mentioned, the Golf in Sync swing training aid is not really intended for practicing full swings and long drives. The rigid nature of the rod attachment is crucial to guiding you through correct body rotation and synchronization. However, this rigidity also limits your range of motion as you come out of a swing.  This prevents you from creating the full follow through you want when practicing long drives.

That said, Golf in Sync can be tremendously useful if you need help finding the correct swing plane on your backswing.

For one thing, let’s say you struggle with the common mistake of pulling the club inside on the takeaway. If you do this while using Golf in Sync, you will immediately feel the rod press into your lead arm. The rigidity of the training aid also makes it impossible to collapse your arms at the top of your swing. This is another common error.

Perhaps most interestingly, the positioning of the rod at the top of your swing gives you the perfect visual of your swing plane. When you are at the very top of a full backswing, you will be able to see the tip of the rod pointing downward beyond your armband. The rod should point directly at your ball. If it points outward beyond the ball, you know your swing plane is too flat. If the rod points in towards your body, the swing plane is too steep.

Practicing a full swing with Golf in Sync may disrupt your habit of finishing those long shots with a powerful follow-through. However, if you just focus on drilling the backswing, you may find yourself developing a stronger and more controlled drive.

In Short…

Golf in Sync can connect you with the feeling of powerful body rotation, creating muscle memory that will help you repeat that motion again and again out on the golf course. This swing training aid is designed first and foremost for mastering short game swings. However, Golf in Sync can be a meaningful tool for evaluating and correcting your swing plane on a full backswing.

Even within the short game, each type of shot is a little different from all the others. Putting, chipping, pitching, and bunker shots require slightly different motions. Golf in Sync comes with instructions for how to position and use the attachment as you practice each shot.  

Golf in Sync is available on their product website for $79.00. However, a Google search will likely lead you to a trusted dealer with a lower price.

The only question that remains is: Would it be worth trying? Is this something your golf game needs?

What Do You Think?

Have you ever tried Golf in Sync or a similar product? What did you think? Do you have an alternative approach to mastering synchronized body rotation in your golf swing?

Let us know your own thoughts and experiences in the comments below!

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