Unveiling the Game-Changer: G-Track Putter Review

By Nick Anson
February 29, 2024

Revolutionary New G-Track Putter Offers First-of-its-Kind Adjustability

When it comes to putting, precision is paramount. Every golfer understands the critical role a putter plays in determining success on the greens. Enter the G-Track Putter – a revolutionary addition to the world of golf clubs that promises to transform your putting game in remarkable ways.

What is the G-Track Putter?

The G-Track Putter has caused ripples of excitement among golfers and critics alike. Boasting cutting-edge technology and design innovations, this putter claims to correct off-center strikes, enhance alignment, and deliver consistent strokes – all leading to improved accuracy and reduced strokes on the scorecard.

Intrigued by its promises, we took a closer look at the G-Track to see if it lives up to the hype.


Who Designed the G-Track Putter?

Not only is the G-track the first fully adjustable putter, it’s also the first putter ever developed by and award-winning club designer in Josh Boggs, and a Golf Digest Top Instructor and Major Champion Coach in Todd Kolb.

Boggs brought his extensive knowledge of putting challenges and potential solutions to the table, providing valuable insights throughout the design process. His input helped shape the features and technologies incorporated into the putter to address common issues faced by golfers.

Additionally, Boggs actively participated in testing prototypes of the G-Track Putter, offering feedback on its performance and usability.

Todd Kolb, a seasoned PGA Teaching Professional, contributed his wealth of experience in coaching and golf instruction to the project. His deep understanding of putting mechanics and the importance of alignment and consistency influenced the design of the G-Track Putter.

Kolb ensured that the putter’s features and adjustability options were tailored to meet the needs and preferences of golfers striving to improve their putting performance.

Overall, Boggs combined his extensive knowledge of club design with Kolb’s experience in golf instruction to the development of the G-Track Putter, helping to ensure that it meets the needs of golfers looking to enhance their putting game.

Innovative G-Track Putter Features

At first glance, the G-track appears to be a well built, longer, mallet-style putter with a bigger grip. But upon further inspection, you quickly see that the putter is truly in a class of its own.

Adjustability: Elevating Your Game to Your Preferences

What truly sets the G-Track apart is its remarkable adjustability. This putter isn’t just a one-size-fits-all solution; it’s a customizable tool that adapts to your unique putting style and preferences.

With its innovative adjustable settings, golfers have the power to fine-tune the G-Track Putter according to their stroke mechanics, green conditions, and personal preferences. Whether you tend to push or pull putts, prefer a specific balance, or alterations to optimize your putting stroke, the G-Track’s adjustability empowers you to tailor the putter to match your game precisely.

This level of customization ensures that golfers can find their perfect setup, enabling them to achieve optimal performance on the greens. The ability to adjust the G-Track according to individual preferences is a game-changer, providing versatility that caters to players of various skill levels and putting styles.

Benefits of a Long Putter: Stability and Consistency

Now, let’s explore the advantages of a long putter. A long putter, with its extended shaft length, offers enhanced stability during the putting stroke.

This stability promotes steadiness and reduces hand and wrist movement, resulting in smoother and more consistent strokes. For golfers seeking improved stability and control, the longer shaft of a putter can offer significant benefits.

Alignment and Reduced Tendency for Yips

Moreover, long putters can aid in better alignment and eye positioning over the ball, leading to improved accuracy. Additionally, the extended length often helps minimize the impact of the yips – involuntary twitches or tremors – by providing a more anchored and stable stroke, leading to increased confidence and control.

Performance Testing

Putting the G-Track through rigorous testing, we witnessed remarkable improvements. The consistency it brings to the putting stroke is unprecedented. Miss-hits that would traditionally send the ball off course were effectively corrected, resulting in more on-target putts.

During our trials, the G-Track Putter significantly improved accuracy from various distances. From 10-foot to 30-foot putts, golfers experienced a noticeable decrease in strokes compared to their usual putters. This consistency and improved performance across the board are a testament to the G-Track’s innovative design and engineering.

As one golfer exclaimed after using the G-Track: “I played 18 with the G-Track today. It honestly turned my 3 putts into 2 putts and my 2 putts into 1 putts. I had sort of felt the need to bring the putter inside a little on the backswing but didn’t know exactly how or why. I was able to stroke a number of putts right on my intended starting line, which resulted in improved consistency with my line and distance control. Top-notch putter, sir.”

Design and Feel

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the G-Track Putter boasts a solid-yet-soft feel, ensuring a comfortable and confidence-inspiring stroke. The design guarantees smooth and consistent roll, even on off-center strikes.

Its stroke-smoothing grip adds to the overall comfort and feel, making distance control remarkably easy.

Price, Warranty, Tournament Legal?

Right now you can purchase the G-track at vlsgolf.com for just $199. The putter also comes with a 60-day warranty to offer you peace of mind in purchasing the putter.

The G-track also conforms to the rules of golf and is tournament legal. The only disclaimer is that just like an adjustable driver, you cannot adjust the putter mid-round.


In conclusion, the G-Track Putter isn’t just a putter; it’s a game-changer. Its ability to correct miss-hits, enhance alignment, and deliver consistent, accurate strokes sets a new standard in putting technology.

For golfers seeking to elevate their putting game, the G-Track Putter stands as a beacon of innovation and performance. Its conformity to the Rules of Golf adds the assurance of legality to its exceptional features.

The G-Track Putter’s impressive performance, combined with its cutting-edge design and unparalleled adjustability, makes it a must-have for golfers of all levels looking to shave strokes off their scores and experience a new level of putting precision.

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