XE1 Wedge: The Most Talked About Wedge in Golf

By Troy Klongerbo
January 13, 2016

XE1 Wedge Review – Can This Golf Wedge Lower Your Scores?


Among the industry giants, the XE1 wedge shares no comparison. It’s not a Vokey wedge, designed by the great Bob Vokey. It doesn’t have the storied history of Cleveland wedges, nor does it offer the technology of a Ping wedge. In fact, the XE1 wedge doesn’t sniff the same league as these wedges.

Don’t fall into the trap of believing it’s on the level of those timeless clubs–it’s not.

But due to the recent obnoxious influx of TV commercials on the Golf Channel featuring Arron Oberholser, the XE1 wedge has started to generate a lot of talk and consideration among golfers desperate for competency around the greens.

So what’s all the fuss with the XE1 wedge?

xe1 wedge
It calls itself “The Ultimate Sand Wedge”

Before we dive into the controversy surrounding the club and what the advocates and pundits say about the club, let’s get into some information on the wedge.

putting series

The Club, the XE1 Wedge

Now built to 65 degrees (along with 59 degrees), the wedge is more so a Lob wedge on steroids, than it is a standard sand wedge. Where the club gets away with an exorbitant amount of loft exists in the bounce of the wedge.

With their technology they call the “auto-glide sole” (see below), they’ve created a club akin to the Alien wedge of the 2000s and the Ray Cook “Shot Saver.”

With a massive sole and a ton of bounce, the design of this club doesn’t allow it to dig into the turf, allowing golfers to be more aggressive through the hitting zone. With an aggressive strike, golfers give themselves less chance of hitting a skull.

They’ve also added weighting to the heel and to the toe of the club. They don’t just call this “heel-to-toe weighting” but they’ve called it “extreme heel-to-toe weighting.” Whoa, extreme dude… It shows the lengths in which they’ve gone to create a club that appeals to the high, high-handicappers.

By spreading the center of gravity throughout the face, they’ve expanded the sweet spot significantly. This gives the golfers more forgiveness in mishits, advancing the ball from the pits and the butt cracks of the golf course where we so often find ourselves.

Screenshot 2016-01-13 16.01.48

The club is also designed for a square address and alignment, different than what most short game experts would ever teach. This is in regards to the Doug Tewell swing theory called the “Square-to-Square” method. It’s not a technique for those looking to hit the spectacular shots, but more one for golfers looking for a vice, or an easy fix.

Judging strictly from appearance it looks like a cast iron head, which unlike a forge heads, will result in a lack of feel and softness.

The Issue I Have With the XE1 Wedge

Now I am a free-market thinker, and I have no issue with companies looking to bring a product to market eager to compete. If a company wants to shell out hundreds of thousands of dollars in Golf Channel advertisements, that’s totally fine. Honestly, it is.

Where I start to take some issue with this club is in the spirit of the advertising. I don’t want to go as far as to say it’s false marketing, but there is a certain level of preying on consumers that I feel here. This wedge doesn’t claim to be the best wedge or be the best option for all golfers. It caters to high-handicappers, desperate for change.

My friend and colleague Dillon Friday wrote a piece on the club called “I Hate This Idea…” where he talks specifically about the “no practice” marketing ploy used in the TV ads.

In other words, ignore some basic fundamentals of the game. You no longer need to use them or learn them.

In my eyes, this is a get rich quick scheme for struggling golfers. The xE1 is more like a cheat code for a player instead of a solution. Unlike other products we’ve highlighted in the past, this wedge does not help improve a golfer’s skills. The website even brags about not needing practice: “The First Time You Pick Up This Club… No Practice.”

People with an abysmal short game and no hope are going to dole out the money to get one of these XE1 wedges, where maybe what they need is to spend some of the money on a series of lessons and a few afternoons working on their chipping.

No club can cure all, that’s important to remember.

What People Are Saying

Screenshot 2016-01-13 16.36.20

“Far and away ahead of the other wedges I’ve ever used,” said one golfer giving the XE1 wedge a chance.

This wedge has received a fair amount of both ridicule and praise. People in the commercial, obviously, praise the product and how it was able to help transform their game. Others make fun of it. For an array of interesting commentary on the club, visit our blog “I Hate This Idea: The XE1 Wedge | As Seen on the Golf Channel” and read the comments thread.

People have very interesting thoughts on this club.

One person who praises the wedge:


Another, who criticizes their overused marketing efforts:

We had one man named David, who sent us an in-depth review of his time spent with the club. For fellow beginning golfers, you may find this helpful.

…how do I like the XE1. Ok, I am 75, only been playing for 4 years, get round a 29 par 9 hole course with 7 par 3’s and 2 par 4’s in very best 38, but usually closer to 50!  I have only had the club out 3 times now, and only practicing on the short game practice area. Out of the bunker I am getting about 7/10 out and about 3/10 good landing  3 meters from flag. But that is a lot better than I was doing before with the SW!! The main difference is that as I do not need to open the face and compensate with my stance the shots are straighter.  Also it’s 100% better when the ball is close to the lip..it hops out. Same when the ball is partly buried in the sand. Then using it 5-20 meters from the edge of the green I was getting about 7/10 on the green and also about 3/10 within a put of the flag also better than I was doing with the SW. But it’s early days and I need to practice a lot more to make the best of it. I think what is important to note is that I feel very comfortable with the XE1 and can see/feel the potential and am very sure that in a month or so it will shave shots off my card.
But here is an even more important observation. In fact two! While I was practicing on the first day a Thai coach arrived in the bunker alongside me with his client. There he was showing this guy how to open the SW, change his stance and try his best. Well I could not very well interfere and ask the client to try the XE1, but I did hand it to the coach and asked him to try it, adding that he should not open the face. He hit 3 shots in quick succession from the middle of the bunker to a flag about 10 meters away and all three ended within 2 meters of the flag. Nice lift, nice landing, short roll. That was impressive and convinced me the club is great, and I must just practice.  The other story is this. I mentioned to you before that the club pro, my coach, a Brit,  said the XE1 was a gimmick. He based that only on my earlier description of it. Now in his hands and with near perfect shots first time he said “Mmmm, this is right for you!”  He compared it to the Alien!!
OK, in my opinion this will work well for me once I learn to judge the distance.
I will give you feedback again in a few months time.
Bottom line….happy customer!!

Overall, when a club gets this much attention, there is going to be a somewhat polarizing view on what the club is able to do. We’ve seen both sides of the argument.

The Verdict

I hope in my verdict on this wedge, that I am more fair than the Manitowac County was to Steven Avery in #MakingAMurderer, the hit Netflix documentary. Sorry, I was just hooked on it for a few days, so it’s fresh on the mind.

But unlike #MakingAMurderer (where I believe Steven Avery is innocent), I go back and forth on this club. I go from seeing the merit, to being extremely frustrated in the marketing behind it.

Is one singular club ever going to revolutionize someone’s game? The answer is no. So to market it in such a way is misleading.

But the science makes sense. A large sweet spot due to the (extreme) weighting and the massive amount of bounce will help golfers do exactly what the wedge says it will–for the most part. Bunkers and rough will be easier to advance from, and it’s all science.

There’s truth there.

Temperatures have hovered around 0 degrees for the better part of a week now in South Dakota, where we at USGolfTV find our home base. But when the sun starts to warm the earth and the grasses start to peek through the snow, we hope to get our hands on an XE1 wedge and try it out. From there, we’ll be able to give you a more in-depth idea as to what this wedge is looking to accomplish.

Until then, stay warm folks.

If you would like more information on the club, check out Golfers Authority, who has another great article on the XE1.

UPDATE: 08/19/2016

by Dillon Friday

Someone recently tweeted Tiger Woods should join xE1 now that Nike went belly up in the golf industry. The joke was two-fold. One, if the last three seasons are any indication, Tiger needs help with his short game. And two, he’s sort of geriatric at this point, isn’t he?

Forgive me if I’m misreading the xE1 Wedge’s advertising, but the club seems to be designed for players who may not have the wrist strength, or mobility, that they once had. This is a good thing for seniors as it helps them stay in golf.

What I’ve been critical before with the xE1 Wedge, is that a main selling point was either a movement away from practice hours or the elimination of them in total. I still think that’s both a poor message to send and against the spirit of golf. It’s a game of skill. Let’s not take any away.

I will concede that the xE1 has tremendous staying power in the industry. We see the infomercials on the Golf Channel constantly. This has been on-going for more than a year now. While twitter has become a platform for xE1 jokes, i.e. the Tiger dig from above, there seems to be at least some merit to the club.

The problem is, we’ve been promised similar results before (Pause to allow for your own personal highlight reel of hucksters talking wedges, drivers, putters, etc. etc.). Video can be edited. Actors turned experts can deliver testimonials.

Well luckily for you we have an expert of our own. Troy Klongerbo is not only the Editor-in-Chief of US Golf TV, he’s also a former collegiate golfer and a noted club connoisseur so-to-speak.

In the video below, Troy talks about the design of the xE1 wedge and what makes it different from more traditional clubs. More importantly, he hits a few shots that settle inches from the hole (no editing, we promise). The xE1. But what is its practicality or best use?

Hit play and take notes. Also please be kind in the comments section.

Mark Crossfield Explains Forged and Cast


  1. I attempted to order ONE of your wedges and somehow you want to sell
    me two clubs . I DO NOT WANT TWO WEDGES. I only want the 65 degree
    wedge you have sent. I will only pay for one wedge. I did not request
    anything else. If you have any questions e-mail me at rcwillkomm@
    windtream.net or phone 330 467 9597.

  2. Ron,

    The folks selling the wedge at XE1wedge.com would be able to help you here. This is a review of the wedge.

    — Troy

  3. Troy,

    Has “the sun started to warm the earth and the grasses started to peek through the snow” so that you can “get your hands on an XE1 wedge and try it out?” I’ve been checking your site daily. Really looking forward to your review.

  4. Not quite, Lou. Hoping the snow thaws completely and we are on the course by April!

    Thanks for the comment,

    — Troy

  5. I live in Melbourne Australia where it does not snow. I have just taken delivery of a XE1 Wedge and I have used in practice and it seems very good. I will have to practice a bit more to judge the distances where I wish to pitch the ball, but all in all I am so far satisfied with the product. Just for the record I have a 14 handicap rating.

  6. Les,

    Glad to hear you’ve found something that can help you gain more comfortability around the greens.

    — Troy

  7. I have purchased the xE1 wedge, and people have asked me if it conforms to the USGA rules. I saw someone’s blog post that said the grooves don’t conform – but I can’t find the xE1 on the USGA’s list of non-conforming wedges…
    Can you offer any help?

  8. This is a great question, Mike. I have heard the same, and even within this thread people have indicated that the club has been approved by the USGA.

    But right now, when I did the same research, I was unable to find the club on the list.

    Perhaps we must be patient and wait to hear more.

    — Troy

  9. I understand your reasoning in regards to having mixed feeling about this club. As for improving someone’s short game who is basically an amateur, I don’t see a problem with it. Low handicappers and pros obviously wouldn’t need it. I’ve read where some say it’s cheating to use a club such as this. I don’t agree so much with that statement. It’s cheating using any club or ball used today compared to anything I used 30 years ago. At 60 years old I’m hitting the ball as far as I did when I was 25 years old, and its not because of my skill level. They all advertise the heck out of the clubs and balls saying how far you’ll hit using their equipment and how they will improve your game. I don’t see much of a difference in the advertising.

  10. Mark,

    Thank you for the comment. I agree with much of it, for sure. The game has changed drastically, even from what I’ve observed as a 25-year old. They ALL advertise heavily, that you have correct. Some of the issues I have lie in the “save a stroke every hole” type comments.

    At the end of the day though, if it helps golfers have a better time, I am all for the club itself. It appears to be USGA conforming and have it’s fair share of benefits and disadvantages.

    Thanks for commenting,

    — Troy

  11. I have been playing golf for 40 years (bogey player) and have yet to purchase clubs where I haven’t had to get used to them…plain and simple, you have to learn what the club will do…so I take it with a salt block the idea you’ll hit them perfect right out of the starting gate…

    Just like going to the driving range and hitting a bucket of balls…you may do great, but in the game of golf, every shot is different…and I do mean every one…shaving a stroke here or there is all I would expect…but that is what keeps us playing…competing with ourselves for lower scores…

    BTW, if every club we purchased lived up to the hype, our scores should be zero…

  12. Rog,

    I agree with this comment in many ways!

    Thank you for sharing,

    — Troy

  13. USGA conforming:
    contact their phone number if you want to confirm. I purchased a 65 degree wedge. they (XE1) checked their list and it was not conforming. all wedges that shipped prior to a certain date are not conforming. USGA required a modification to the club (grooves) XE1 is shipping me a new 65 degree wedge that is conforming. I will send back original.

    59 degree is still being evaluated by USGA and XE1 is awaiting word. but I suspect it will require a modification as well.

    btw: I am totally sold on them. they are very easy to hit and spin is exceptional. time will tell if new version spin is that good.

    chris king

  14. Great feedback, thanks for commenting Chris!

    — Troy

  15. Being a high handicapper and lousy around the green, I have been intrigued by the “hoopla” around this club and doing research before making a purchase decision. Obviously, I don’t believe all the hype and it’s nice to see a little unbiased conversation! Now if could only get our politicians to do the same 🙂


  16. Haha, a very interesting comment George!

    Good luck in your research

    — Troy

  17. I’ve used my XE1 65 for two rounds now and even in this short space of time I am feeling a lot more confident when I find myself in a bunker. I have found out through first hand experience that the club face should definitely not be opened up as this produces way too much bounce. Play this club with a square club face, taking a normal stance and swing and it will produce quality bunker shots.

  18. I hope all the people who complain about this wedge removing skill from the game are all using persimmon woods.

  19. I routinely play/practice at a local municipal course that is wide open and forgiving. On that course I regularly shoot around ~100, which tells you I’m not a great golfer. I ordered and received the XE1 65 wedge and played it for the first time on Good Friday. I shot a 92, and while still a lousy score, it was my best score on that course and I left happy. I’m positive the shots I gained Friday were from near the green using this wedge. With every hole I used this wedge my confidence grew – it felt so good to see the ball pop up in the air and drop back down and stop on or near enough to the green to putt from. You can still miss hit it; you have to stay down and square on the ball, but then the ball just launches straight up in the air, even with a hard swing – amazing. I recommend this club to any high handicapper who like me, unpredictably loses multiple shots in close trying to get to putting range. After just one round it’s in my bag to stay.

  20. E Frison,

    Thanks for the comment and helpful review of the club! It sounds like the extreme bounce (more information on bounce here) of the club helped you a great amount.

    Good luck moving forward!

    — Troy

  21. I have had the 65 * for about a month now, and my buddies are wondering how did I get so good at hitting that flop shot, I love this club!!

  22. Awesome to hear, Doug. Up and downs are something to make the buddies jealous!

    — Troy

  23. Version 2 is conforming. Check the USGA Information Data Base. The attached link shows it.


  24. Thanks for sharing, Don!

    — Troy

  25. I have bought the 65 and 59 wedges but have received no confirmation email back yet. I purchased Friday 8th (Australian time). I would like to hear from you please, wondering whether I put wrong email address in. Thanks

  26. Dean, we don’t sell the wedges. Good luck in your inquiries.

    — Troy

  27. What is the distance for the 59*?? Have the 65* and works great…

  28. just purchased ex1 65 degree wedge, was not pleased with shipping cost. wasn’t paying close attention on cost of shipping, after thinking about I would not buy wedge.

  29. First time out with the XE1 Wedge and the club broke off at the head. Looks like it may have been a defective shaft. Who do I contact for a replacement? Clearly within the 60 day guarantee period.

  30. Mark,

    Could you explain? Do you mean how far will this club go? It’s going to vary for each golfer.

    Thanks for the comment, good luck with the wedge!

    — Troy

  31. Renate,

    You will want to contact the team who produces and ships the wedge. If it was within the 60-days that they advertise, you should be covered.

    — Troy

  32. Can I buy this club in the UK

  33. Not sure, Roger. Would assume so!

  34. I bought ONLY the 59* xE1 wedge in LH, as I had no interest in 65*. I took out my 54* SW and 59* lob wedges, and replaced both with this, allowing me to add a utility chipper club. I have played three times, plus the range, and I am well satisfied. I have gotten out of the bunkers every time (3 or 4), and I use it for anything 60 yards out and closer. I have never felt comfortable in the sand before, but I am now. Put me down as a happy camper!

  35. Good stuff, JoJo. Glad to see you’ve found a way to make it out of the sand and onto the putting surface.

  36. not sure if I am doing something wrong with the club. when I hit the ball whether its hard or soft, most of the time the ball goes maybe 1ft to 10ft but it seem like the wedge tends to just go under the ball with little movement towards the hole. Most of the time it straight up and down.

  37. We’ve heard suggestions that playing the shot with a square face is the way to see success.

    See if that helps.

    Good luck!

    — Troy

  38. I’m thinking about purchasing the club to replace my 17 year old 65 degree Alien wedge. The Alien is my favorite club, always gets out of the sand and I’m pretty good chipping with it. The concept looks the same. Alien does not have “grooves” per say, but “holes’. After 17 years, the “holes” have gotten shallow. Took into golf shop and said nothing they can do, hence time for a new club.

    Is Xe 1 from same company that did the Alien ?

  39. David,

    I don’t believe they come from the same company, but the concept is very similar. Sounds like it would be a good fit for you.

    — Troy

  40. I’m 69 and have a handicap in the 20’s. I bought the 59deg and 65deg wedges a few weeks ago and have now spent a few hours practicing and playing five rounds. The clubs take some getting used to because they feel about 50% heavier than my previous wedges. I am more comfortable with the 59deg getting out of a bunker unless I have a high lip in front of me. I was able to chip in for par from heavy rough from about 60′ with the 59deg (the hole got in the way) but am still not comfortable with the 65deg. But, I think its coming!

  41. Good luck, John! Thank you for commenting!

    — Troy

  42. I just received my delivery of the XE1 Wedge 65 degrees. I went to a chipping green at a golf course near my home to try it out. I’m about a 20 handicap golfer and I discover that you do need to practice if you are going to use the XE1 Wedge. I worked with the XE1 Wedge for two hours. It took me at least an hour of practice to get the feel of how to use the XE1 Wedge. I did all kinds of lies in grass, tight lies, bare ground, and sand bunker. There is no way you can use the XE1 Wedge without at least some practice. In my opinion that man on their commercial that hit three balls without ever practicing with the XE1 Wedge was three LUCKY golf shots.

  43. I want to return this XE1 wedge. i tried it foe several weeks It does not work for me.
    Please advise me how to return it to you so I can get my money back.

    steve cohen 561 601 2930

  44. I have been using my XE1 Wedge for several months now and in this space of time I am in no doubt that it has improved my bunker play considerably. What I have found that the best way to play it is doing the following. 1.Set up the club face square, under no circumstances should you open up the club face. 2.Have the club head no more than one inch or two behind the ball. 3.At the top of the backswing make sure that the butt of the club is pointing towards the ground (this will help in providing more loft). 4.Hit through the ball (don’t stab at it) in an easy paced swing. 5. Finish the swing on your front foot.

  45. Steve,

    You will have to contact the people at Golf Tailor, the creators of the wedge.

    — Troy

  46. Interesting, thank you for sharing, Michael. Sounds as though you cannot allow the “bounce” of the club to get involved too much.

    Good luck in your continued work,

    — Troy

  47. I would have to agree, Jerry. No one improves overnight with no added effort.

    — Troy

  48. Troy
    Have not ordered one yet. Grew up in Michigan. My brother came down to Florida and he had an old Ben Hogan or Wilson wedge that looked like the XE1. You should be thawed out by now. Have you tried one yet?

  49. Ron,

    Made multiple requests to the company on the XE1 wedge yet have not had a returned answer.

    — Troy


  51. Wait a minute. You give this long review/comment about this club even though you haven’t even laid your hands on one yet? Putting the cart before the horse aren’t you?

  52. Was thinking the same thing Jack. Have you tried one yet Troy?

  53. I have not. I have placed a few requests into the XE1 wedge team and have not heard back.

    — Troy

  54. I just recently purchased this wedge to see if it could help me be more consistent out of the bunkers and closer to the hole. My first thought before buying the XE1 is that I would probably be sending it back given their 60 day guarantee if it didn’t show me something significant better than the Callways I use (52, 60). Well, one time out with the club I find it is not false advertisement in that it really pops the ball out easy and helps me to more consistently get out of the bunker AND CLOSER TO THE HOLE. This club is cooool One are in my game that can pester me are bunkers; this club has seriously made a difference. I see it. I feel it. It is not a fad. IT WORKS FOR ME. So, it is with any good golfer trying to get better, keep trying, keep testing, keep practicing and keep improving. Just because someone else does not need this “new tool” doesn’t mean others cannot benefit from it.. If you need to get better around the greens with your short game and out of those bunkers and closer to the hole — you are crazy not to try it because somebody told you not to do so. The game of golf is meant to be enjoyed and conquered. Enjoy and conquer to the best of your ability and tools!

  55. Troy, have you or anyone compared the Cleveland Smart Sole wedge and this XE1 wedge?
    I love to hear how each compared to the other.

  56. We just got word from the XE1 wedge staff and they have sent us a wedge for testing. I have not tested it with the Cleveland Smart Sole wedge, but can provide my thoughts on the club when I get it.

    — Troy


  58. Looking forward to your review.

  59. We have the club. Will be posting a review on it soon.

  60. In the words of Judge Smails from Caddyshack, “Well, we’re waiting….” Have you tried the xE1 yet? I’m about a 15 handicapper. I’ve been practicing my short game but just played a round yesterday, and my girlfriend that has been playing for all of a year almost beat on the back 9 because I could not hit my wedges. I came across this thread in researching the xE1 that I finally believe I need to at least try.

    Sorry for my lack of patience. I know you’ve only had it for a few days and, hopefully, spent some time with family and watched some fireworks, but I want to order it NOW! Thank you.

  61. John,

    Our team will be getting together to shoot video on the wedge here in the next few weeks. Thanks for the comment, and I must say, I love the Caddyshack line.

    — Troy

  62. They talk about ” truth in advertising” and I have seen this wedge used. It seems to perform really well. If you look back over the last 20 to 30 years, every driver promise 40 yards longer and 10 to 15 percent straighter. If that’s the case I would only need a driver and putter since I will be driving the ball 400 yes. But I would really use this wedge since I have seen what it can do in the right hands

  63. XE1 or Cleveland Smart Sole…. Can you compare??

  64. I would love to try this club out since I’m horrible around the greens and can never get out of a bunker. Is there a way to test this club out or have a risk free version of it? I would love to try it out for free and wrote an awesome review on any website I can. What do you think? I would even put an advertisement on my own site and my etsy shop

  65. Dennis,

    We are not the owners of the wedge nor do we have any partnership with them. It would be best to reach out to their team. Thanks for reaching out!

    — Troy

  66. Can I purchase wedge in uk ???

  67. Can I purchase the eXI wedge in the republic of Ireland.

  68. Sorry I ment the xEI wedge.

  69. Thomas, a great question that would be best answered by their team.

  70. I purchased the 65 and 59 degree Xe1 wedges recently. After a bit of practice I found that the 59 suited my game and found it really easy to use. I have been able to hit shots that always caused me grief without the fear that I once had.
    I will say that it should be noted that I had to do a bit of practice to get to know how far it could travel and so forth, but it has turned out to be a worthwhile addition to my set of pings.
    I don’t care about the hype. It has given me confidence around the green with all my wedges since I started using it!

  71. Ashley, that’s great. Gaining confidence in golf is an ever fickle pursuit. Keep striving!

    _ Troy

  72. I purchased the Xe1 and it has been a disaster for me. When I am green side trying a flop shot, if I don’t take a full hard swing the ball will pop up and travel about 2 yards. When I am in a trap, I keep hitting the ball thin and sculling it across the green. Obviously I don’t know how to hit this club that needs no practice.

  73. Vince, perhaps practice is needed? 😉

    In all sincerity though, it sounds like that back edge is giving you some trouble. Try watching some of the videos in this video to learn more about better bunker play: https://usgolftv.com/golf-instruction-2/escaping-bunker-shots-fairway-greenside/

    Hopefully they help! We believe in practice.

    — Troy

  74. How much is the xe1 59 degree wedge only

  75. Most people are able to purchase the club for $99. Read about it: https://golf.squaretosquaremethod.com/get/xe1/xe1-wedge-front-99/

  76. How do I order this club in left handed.

  77. Jerry,

    I believe there is an option on their website. You’ll have to check when you go to order it for them.


  78. So have you tested it out yet and posted a video of your use of the club? I would love to hear your feedback on it compared to a regular 60 wedge or any wedge for that matter. Thank you

  79. Dennis, we did review the club.

    Take a look! Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-l0S4XCHeus&t=15s

  80. I’m a mid single handicap golfer (60 yrs old) and found a pair of mint xe1 wedges at a local “play it again” shop for $50 for the pair. I’ve spent triple that amount on single wedges trying to find something to help me around the greens.

    My strengths on the course used to be my driving and irons, but I now can hardly wait to get that 65* xe1 in my hands. It always performs better than I deserve!

    The key, for me, is to be sure the face is square to the target, and the hands NEVER get behind the club head. It’s not a club where you can only use your arms. The through swing has to be a body turn, even on very short chips.

    I’ve shot my best scores since I started using the xe1 65, with several chip in eagles, and a bunch of birdies.

    It was the missing link in my golf game that I’ve spent years (and lessons, and $$$) trying to find!

    Good luck and have fun on the course!

    Mike T.

  81. Awesome, Mike! Thank you for the comment.

  82. i would like to order this wedge

  83. I purchased my XE1 wedge 2 years ago and people keep telling me it is a non-conforming club. What’s up with that?

  84. Am 75…started learning at 8 years old. I’m not too fond of golf “snobs” amateurs who think everyone should carry a 1 iron. I can chip fine with a PW, but I am not Phil and do not care to spend ten hours a day pounding balls. The EX 1 59 degree does what they say it will do.Bought another after the 1st one was stolen. Traps here vary a lot and my CC has not put the new sand in yet so it is irregular. Hit the EX 1 square one inch behind the ball and at worst get it out with a reasonable put. In 1975 Kenneth Wilson built me persimmon woods…today i use a 460 Taylor Made…that is technology as is the EX 1. Nuf said.

  85. I love my XE1 Wedge. I wouldn’t trade it. I don’t know the difference between the XE1 and the C3i. I would to know if there is a headcover available for the Xe1.

  86. This is a fantastic wedge if you can play with it, easy to use no, takes time and practice with it for you to love it. There is no way this 59 and 65 degree wedge is ever coming out of my bag. You have to commit to the shot you are taking but it will work once you get the hang of it. When you find out how far the golf ball goes with each wedge it is amazing how consistent they are. I have changed the steel shaft and swing weighted it but it will work as it is. The best lob wedge ever made for all golfers.

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