Sanford POWER Golf Academy: An Introduction

August 21, 2018

Introducing Sanford POWER Golf Academy, Powered by Todd Kolb Golf Academy

USGolfTV’s own Todd Kolb and Todd Kolb Golf Academy are partnering with Sanford POWER to provide comprehensive sports performance training to golfers.

Todd Kolb and Andy North discussing bunker shots

Sanford POWER boasts renowned sports academies focused on disciplines including basketball, baseball, football, and volleyball. Now, Sanford is preparing to introduce the brand new Sanford POWER Golf Academy to Sioux Falls. The new Sanford POWER Golf Academy will be powered by the Todd Kolb Golf Academy, with Kolb himself serving as Director of Golf.

PGA Professional Todd Kolb is teaming up with Sanford POWER to launch the Sanford POWER Golf Academy

USGolfTV viewers may know Todd Kolb best through his video instruction on the USGolfTV YouTube channel. He is a PGA Certified Instructor whose students have included LPGA professionals Kim Kaufman, Angela Stanford, and Maddie Shiels. He’s the Minnesota PGA Teacher of the Year (2008), and PGA Dakota Chapter Teacher of the Year (2010 and 2015). He is also Golf Digest’s Top Teacher in South Dakota (2018). He founded the Todd Kolb Golf Academy in 1997.

“To get Todd involved is a huge step for our program,” says two-time U.S. Open champion Andy North. “Todd’s got a lot of experience, he’s well-known in the area. He’s a guy that believes in what we’re doing, and it’s just adding another great member to a great team.”

2-time U.S. Open champion Andy North at the Sanford Sports Science Institute

What is the Sanford POWER Golf Academy

Kolb and his staff certainly do believe in the work of Sanford POWER and the academy’s goal. “Improve athletic performance by stressing the principles of proper functional movement through customized programming based on an individual’s specific needs.” The new POWER Golf Academy will give athletes access to the seasoned staff of the Todd Kolb Golf Academy.  Not only that, but golfers will have strength and conditioning coaches, movement experts, and a sports dietician.

“To get Todd involved is a huge step for our program.” – 2x U.S. Open winner Andy North, Sanford International Host


“We are now going to have access to so many more resources that will truly help our students improve and be the best they can be,” says Tyler Prins, General Manager of TKGA. Prins explains that incorporating fitness into golf has always been a priority at the Todd Kolb Golf Academy. “Golf is so much more than a golf swing, and this partnership shows that.”

Even as the vision for golf instruction expands to include more specialist and resources, TKGA students can count on the same focused objectives that Kolb and his team are known for. “Our goal will always be to make the game more enjoyable while helping you maximize your potential on the course,” says Kolb.

Todd Kolb speaks at the announcement of the Sanford POWER Golf Academy

This is an exciting time for the Todd Kolb Golf Academy.  It’s also an opportunity to provide truly comprehensive instruction to students. And viewers of USGolfTV need not worry.  You can still expect regularly updated content on the USGolfTV website, and the USGolfTV YouTube Channel.

So, continue tuning in for golf tips, secrets, and insight from USGolfTV’s Todd Kolb . . . Director of Golf for the Sanford POWER Golf Academy.


  1. Dear Todd,
    I enjoy your video instruction. Regarding ball position, it seems that
    proper position for irons may vary if the offset of the iron is taken
    into account. For example many game improvement or super game
    improvement iron have substantial offset such that at address, hand
    position is well ahead of the ball compared to lesser offset irons.
    This, it seems that ball position should be in the middle for less
    offset and slightly behind center for greater offset such that hand
    position at address and impact remains the same regardless of the offset. Your thoughts?
    Edward Burton

  2. Edward, this is a well thought out post. You make a good point in regards to the different offset of irons. I like to provide a solid guideline regarding our golf tips, ball position being the same, with the flexibility for each golfer to adjust to their specific swing style. The key here is to make sure that in the end, the hands are ever so slightly in front of the ball. Hope that helps, great question!

  3. Your chipping video has helped me so much. The problem I am having even after watching your video is that I still occasionally hit my chip to the right. It is like the club face opens up but I don’t think that is the case. What do you think the problem is?

  4. Gary,
    Thanks for posting the question. I would first look at clubface position as the ball starts based on the face. Sounds like the face could be slightly open. Give it a shot and be sure to let us know how it goes. Hope that helps!

  5. Fantastic. As soon as I say video I knew what was wrong. Your explanation was so easy to understand
    and made changes so simple it was amazing. Am no longer shaking over
    a chip. Have watched all your videos and you have made golf fun again. Keep up good work! Still have
    problems but that another story..

  6. Thanks Glenn!

  7. Hi. I have been playing golf for 33 years but I can’t get consistent with the game. I have been watching a lot of your videos and trying to follow them. Some times I am good other times not so good.

  8. My Divots always seem to go to the left instead of straight. Any suggestions?

  9. Gary,

    Thanks for asking. Two suggestions:
    Watch this
    Read this

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