BGT Tour Shaft: Compared to Other Putter Shafts?

January 14, 2020

BGT Tour Shaft Review

Over the past decade, the golf industry has continued to move the needle when it comes to equipment. The manufacturing of golf clubs has reached a point where any breakthrough or advances by their research and development team could result in being first to market with their competitive advantage for the consumer. 

Most of the focus on improvement from the consumer is revolved around the production and advances on head design, hosel setting and shafts for irons and drivers. 

But what about the putter? No not just the head design, how about the shaft? Does it matter what type of shaft is in my putter? Have you ever asked yourself this question, and if not, why? 

We are told by experts that stability in our shafts for irons and drivers is essential. The more stability, the more consistent we can deliver the clubface. The same is true for your flatstick!

Some pessimists argue the putting stroke is not moving in a fast enough cadence for torque or the flex point of the shaft to impact your putting stroke. Research has provided the modern day golfer with data that suggests it does matter what shaft is in your putter.


Breakthrough Golf Technology (BGT) has come out with a putter shaft that is designed to stabilize the flex and torsional rotation through the stroke unlike typical steel putter shafts. 

BGT stands by its research that the Stability Tour limits unwanted movement by 25% (without limiting feel) and reduces torque by almost 50%. Claiming that the more stable face will result in better start line control and improving distance control. 


Stability Tour is stiffer and looks similar to a normal shaft diameter. Comprised of eight different layers of high modulus carbon fiber with a stainless steel tip, this shaft is designed for limited movement. 

As you gaze down to the putter head like you have millions of times before,  it may take a minute to get adjusted to the new look of the Stability Tour. The ‘blackout’ appearance provides a clean look and really reduces line of site distraction.

Just like anything, if you are used to a certain look, it’s going to be “different” to your eye but not in a negative perspective. As I continued to roll putts, I felt comfortable with the look and really focused in on the balance and feel of the shaft. 


BGT explained the balance of the StabilityTour on their website as the following: “It will balance like a steel shaft which makes it easy to recreate a specific swing weight when re-shafting. Better golfers can replace their steel shaft without changing the balance of the putter, which allows the most discerning players to achieve precise specifications on their equipment.”

I personally believe that modern putter heads are too heavy for most golfers. Golfers have tricked themselves into believing a heavier putter head creates more stability. Unfortunately most golfers choose not to go through a thorough fitting process. Often we overlook basics fundamentals such as how the putter makes you aim.

Instead we just look at the style and how it looks to our eye. We also overlook the weight of the putter and how it affects distance control. The Stability Tour provided a better balance (counterweight) for my Spider putter. I felt more weight up in the middle of the putter and delivered a more consistent cadence through my stroke resulting in a tighter dispersion pattern on lag putts. 


Feel is vital for any golfer and so while testing out the Stability Tour, I was very mindful of how the ball rolled off the face on long putts. The Stability Tour has a 22 gram aluminium insert, providing a more rigid feel.

This putter initially tends to feel heavier and stiffer but quickly feels natural with better balance. If anything the consistency of my strikes, the balance of the stroke and my performance provided all the answers I needed.

Feel is unique to each golfer, it often is directly tied to the balance of the club and how consistent you are with your cadence of the stroke. I felt this specific shaft gave me more confidence just based off the stability while not losing the feel of the face. 


The avid golfer is constantly trying to find a competitive advantage but tends to overlook the low hanging fruit, the flat stick. I strongly recommend golfers start paying more attention to all aspects of putting (aiming, start line, distance control). Instead of buying a putter off the shelf at a big box store, go get fitted by an expert. BGT’s technology is proving that the shaft cannot be overlooked. 

At the end of the day it’s about making more putts. The Stability BGT Tour Shaft is the next competitive advantage in your short game. I came away pleasantly surprised with the balance and feel while the look is amazing. Most of all, I saw my performance improve and that is what matters the most.

  • SAM VOSLER, Professional Instructor

BGT Tour Shaft: Is Your Putter Shaft Holding You Back?

Often in the game of golf, new equipment is purchased with the hope of improving our games. Promises of hitting the ball farther, and finding more fairways are at the tops of the list from the major golf brand names. There seems to be very little focus on the most important parts of the game, like putting and chipping.

In fact, if you are making one of these common chipping mistakes, you should check out this Chipping Guide from Fairway Approach.

If you want to improve the fastest, odds are you need to make more putts! As a PGA certified instructor, I see the putting overlooked by many individuals as the most important part of the game. 

With all the technological advances with the long game in the last 30 years, I wanted to see what there currently is for the short game. We hear all the time about how a new shaft in our driver can have us hitting it straighter, and picking up some distance. I asked myself, “Can a different putter shaft have us rolling it straighter?”  

I think I may have found my answer with the new Stability Putter Shaft by Breakthrough Golf Technologies.

Carbon Fiber vs Steel

For as long as I can remember, putter shafts have been steel. However, this being the norm, it may not be the answer! The new Stability BGT Tour Shaft uses carbon fiber to provide a great looking, well balanced, soft feeling shaft.

The matte black finish cuts down distractions when standing over the ball, and allows the player to focus on the line of the putt. With the balance point nearly matching a steel shaft, the putter still feels great.

The use of carbon fiber also gives a very nice sound a soft feel off the putter face. The feel was noticeably better than my old steel shaft.

Does It Make a Difference?

My favorite part of the new Stability Tour Shaft has got to be how much more consistent my putter face seems to be through impact. My off center strikes seem to have much less dispersion. I noticed there is very little twisting of the face through impact as well. These are all critical items for players of any skill level to make more putts.

I use a putter that has a moderately heavy head, and I love the fact I can now make a confident stroke without worrying about what the putter face is doing. The stability I feel through not only the stroke, but the putter itself is unmatched. 


In closing, I feel that putting the correct equipment in a players hands is one of the most important things in the game of golf. We teach that a proper fitting set of irons, or a high dollar driver will make us a better player. Why can we not also have a proper fitting putter, which includes the shaft.

I absolutely love the way my putter feels with the new Stability BGT Tour Shaft, and truly feel it has made a difference in my game. I feel strongly that getting this shaft in the hands of all my players will make them better almost instantly!

  • Matt Stricker, PGA Certified Instructor


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