Speed System Golf Review

February 1, 2019

Speed System Golf: A Solution for Longer Drives

What if your driver, golf ball, and tee were all designed to work together to help you achieve optimum speed and longer drives

And what if these three components were engineered based on your specific swing speed? 

These are the questions put forth by Speed System Golf, a new golf system created specifically with the amateur golfer in mind. Whereas most leading brands engineer their drivers for PGA Tour players and low handicap golfers, Speed System Golf is designed to make the most of the average golfer’s swing. 

But how exactly does this system work? And can it really fulfill the advertised promise to add an average of 21 yards to your drive? 

If you’ve got questions, we’ve got answers. Here is your comprehensive guide to Speed System Golf. 

If you want to purchase, head over to www.getspeedsystem.com.

The Philosophy Behind Speed System

As golfers, we have a natural inclination to imitate our heroes. From golf swing motion to preferred brands, we keep tabs on how our favorite players approach the game of golf. This is especially true when it comes to choice of driver.

Well, the minds behind Speed System Golf would tell you, “you shouldn’t care what driver a tour player uses.”

Why? Because if it works for a tour player, it’s not designed for a weekend warrior.

Most popular drivers were engineered specifically for pro golfers. They were made to optimize a well-above-average golf swing speed and tour-level precision. Speed System Golf, on the other hand, is an approach based on the swing speeds that account for 90% of golfers. The goal of this three-component system is to help the majority of golfers:

  • Swing the driver faster
  • Launch the ball higher
  • Drive the ball farther
  • Improve accuracy

That is, admittedly, a tall order. Here’s how the Speed System engineers approached it.

The Design of Speed System

First, some statistics.

The design team behind Speed System Golf determined that 90% of golfers swing their driver at a speed less than 100 miles per hour and achieve a carry distance of less than 255 yards. Looking at these stats, the engineers concluded that most drivers are heavier than necessary for the majority of golfers.

Leading brand drivers—those designed for tour players—tend to have a heavy tour weight shaft and a low-spin clubhead. Perfect for Tiger, maybe. In the hands of the average golfer, however, this kind of driver is likely to hit shorter, lower drives.

Drawing from these insights, the design team set out to create a lightweight, USGA and R&A conforming driver that could increase swing speed for the 90%. What they wound up with was much more than a driver.

They ultimately designed a full system, including a driver, golf balls, and tees all optimized to make the absolute most out of your swing. Then they further specialized this system by tailoring these components to four different speed zones.

Here’s how it works.

Speed Zones

Even while designing a driver to benefit the vast majority of golfers, the Speed System design team knew that one size doesn’t fit all.

They split golfers into four zones based average swing speed and average driving distance. Those speed zones are:

  • Speed Silver: 72 mph and below or 172 yards or less
  • Gold: 70-79 mph or 165-194 yards
  • Blue: 80-89 mph or 195-224 yards
  • Black: 90-99 mph or 225-255 yards  

But it doesn’t stop there.  For each speed zone, there is a Speed System driver fully optimized for:

  • Club head weighting
  • Effective loft
  • Club Face angle
  • Shaft dynamics, including kick point
  • Overall weight
  • Grip

The design for each of these elements takes into account the specific needs of golfers who fall within the given speed zone.

And the driver isn’t the only element of the Speed System that’s zone-specific . . .

The Components of Speed System Golf

No matter your speed zone, your Speed System Golf package comes with three major components.

  • An ultra-premium lightweight driver
  • 12 compression matched tour balls
  • 2 spring-loaded tees

These elements are engineered to work together to increase the speed and efficacy of your swing, giving you a better chance to hit the ball on the sweet spot more frequently.

Like the driver, the tour-performance golf balls are matched to your speed zone. So the slower the swing speed, the softer the balls are in their compression.

It’s also worth noting that while the balls are designed for use with the Speed System driver, they are meant to be used for every shot you take. So players who’ve used the Speed System Golf balls report feeling a difference even when using the ball with their irons and wedges.

So, now you understand how the components of Speed System Golf are supposed to perform together. But the question is: Does this new product actually deliver on its promises?

Putting Speed System Golf to the Test

Golf Laboratories conducted tests of Speed System Golf using both robots and amateur golfers. Within these tests, they explored the benefits of the Speed System driver alone and the full, three-part Speed System.

Robotic tests determined that, compared to the leading brands, the Speed System driver:

  • Hit the ball an average of 17 yards longer
  • Generated more golf club head speed
  • Created a higher launch angle
  • Generated a greater flight trajectory

Golf Laboratories conducted a similar test using real players—amateur golfers with average handicaps. When tested against each golfer’s regular driver, Golf Laboratories found that the Speed System driver enabled golfers to drive the ball 16.5 yards farther. Moreover, the driver seemed to improve accuracy, as well.

“With the majority of golfers, their shot is low, and their shot is to the right,” says Golf Laboratories president Gene Parente. “With [the Speed System driver], it hit higher and it hit straighter. And those are the two major results that I believe resulted in the 16.5 yards increase in distance.”

Those stats are plenty exciting on their own. But when Golf Laboratories tested the full Speed System—driver, golf, and tee—they found an average increase of 21 yards driving distance.

That’s no small gain.

The Speed System Golf Package

Now you know what Speed System Golf does. So let’s talk about what exactly you can expect to receive if you decide to order your own Speed System.

Every Speed System package includes:

  • An ultra-premium lightweight Speed System driver
  • 12 tour performance golf balls
  • 2 spring-loaded tees
  • A matching head cover
  • A bag tag
  • Membership to Club Speed System

On top of that, Club Speed System gives you access to exclusive online video content featuring expert golf instruction.

Your purchase also comes with a 60-day guarantee. So you can return your Speed System within 60 days, no questions asked. And you receive a full product refund.

Speed System Golf: A Snapshot

To put it simply, Speed System Golf is a comprehensive golf system designed with the majority of golfers in mind. Unlike leading brand drivers that are engineered for tour players, the Speed System driver was created specifically to compliment the natural swing speed of amateur golfers.

The design works. Moreover, leading independent testing lab in golf confirms that the Speed System driver alone helps golfers drive the ball an average of 16.5 yards farther.

But when used with the included Speed System golf balls and spring-loaded tee, the average gain leaps to 21 yards.

The success of the Speed System Golf design lies partly in the use of speed zones. So when you order your own Speed System, you select from one of four speed zones based on your average swing speed or carry distance. Each Speed System Golf driver and golf ball is fully optimized for its specific zone. By doing so, this product truly is tailored to the average golfer.

Finally, Speed System Golf comes with a no-questions asked, 60-day guarantee. So the risk is low. But do you think the potential reward is worth a shot?

Thoughts? Insights? Opinions?

Does Speed System Golf sound like it might be right for you? Perhaps you have any questions? Or are there other products you’d like to know more about?

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  1. How do you order the Speed System Golf Package, and what is the cost?

  2. You can go to http://www.getspeedsystem.com for more info. The site has a price of $347 for the package. Hope the info helps!

  3. I am trying to register my recently received system but have been unable to find any link that allows me to do this. The 800 customer service number has an hour wait. I find that to be unacceptable. Please advise how I can I validate my warranty coverage.

    My club serial number is: 18J2304A . Purchased Jan 30, 2019. I guess this makes me registered.

    Sincerely, Warren C Tiahrt

  4. Not sure about this “system”. The “black” driver weighs 296 grams. My Mizuno ST180 315 grams. No way that difference is going to get me 20 more yards. Many of the folks in the video have swings that probably got better because the lofts were higher, softer ball and higher tee heights. You can buy 50 gram shafts, most driver heads are 200 to 210 grams and you can get grips that weigh 30 grams. The other problem is that physics also tells you that hitting an object is a function of velocity times MASS. So if you lower the mass too much you have to compensate by adding a lot more speed. All this can be calculated. Bottom lone is most folks don’t tee the ball high enough, hit down on the ball on their drives and play a driver loft that is too low.

  5. If I were to purchase the speed system, would you regrip the driver to my needs. If not, and I regripped myself, would you still honor the 60 day return policy?

  6. How do I know or find out which Speed Category I fall into?

  7. Is this available in the UK

  8. Actually, lighter mass in a clubhead is very important. As someone else here said…ball speed is a function of mass times velocity. BUT IT IS NOT A LINEAR EQUATION!! FORCE is actually MASS times ACCELERATION!! Acceleration being a function of VELOCITY SQUARED !! So, if you swing a slightly lighter clubhead and swing it slightly faster you will get much more FORCE on the ball!! In fact If you are able to swing a lighter headed club that is a little longer and you just swing it at the same velocity, you will also impart much more Force on the Ball!! The longer club may cause a loss of control though. Thus…for optimum distance AND Control the ideal club would be lighter AND SHORTER.
    Physics does not lie!!

  9. In the black series what is the loft and is face square or closed?

  10. where do you go to register Exclusive Member Rewards. I love the driver its added a good 15 yards to my drives with far more control.

  11. im trying to registar my speedsystem driver but cannot find a link that allows me to I love my driver so much I bought a second driver for my wife please advise

  12. I have purchased the speed driver and like many others can’t find where to register for the club.
    Is there one?

  13. Hi Robert, this is a question we receive frequently. You should be able to go to https://www.clubspeedsystem.com to register your club.

    Hope this helps!

  14. Hi John, this is a question we receive frequently. You should be able to go to https://www.clubspeedsystem.com to register your club.

    Hope this helps!

  15. I have repeatedly tried to register. It thanks me and then goes back to the log-in screen. I can’t get past that. If I am doing something wrong, I surely can’t figure it out. I would like to watch some of the videos that supposedly come with my purchase.

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