How to Use the Wrists in the Golf Swing

October 15, 2021

How to Use the Wrists in the Golf Swing

If you are wondering what sort of golf swing wrist rotation you should have, it likely depends on your skill level.

In this golf lesson, Todd Kolb shows us how to swing a golf club if you are a low digit handicap. He also gives some great senior golf swing tips to get proper golf wrist hinge in the backswing and through impact.

If you are a golfer with more swing speed and flexibility, your golf swing wrist action is going to be more held off, which can help you get a more consistent golf swing and shot accuracy. If you are an older golfer or have less time to practice, you should have some wrist hinge in golf swing to help you hit the ball, giving you more arm speed to increase club head speed.

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  1. I have a question on the how to use the wrist video. I tried to use the “hold off” method today and found it worked well for me with iron play but when I used it with my driver I seemed to have some really good shots but some significant over done draw shots i.e. hooks…. You used a iron in your video and did not talk about the driver per se. Can you advise if this method is for Iron play only or for the Driver as well. If it is applicable for the driver perhaps I got carried away with the rotation of my knuckles downwards to the ground on the initial takeaway and/or too much to the sky at the top? Thank you. Scott Schlesinger

  2. Scott,

    Good question. We typically use the hold off move for irons only. Now, if we are trying to hit a low shot with the driver, we my also use this style. However, it is mostly for irons. Hope that helps.

  3. You had a video about a small bump towards the ball on the down swing and I can’t locate the video.. can you direct me to it

  4. tried to watch this video, but it is no longer available
    i want to know what the writs do because my left wrist is not rotating to the proper position at impact and my ball is straight to a push right with a loss of one club of distance

  5. John, try this link

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