How to Hit Hard Pan Chip Shots Confidently

March 15, 2022

Learn How to Hit Hard Pan Chip Shots – Off Muddy AND Thin Lies

If you’ve ever played a shoddy course or played in a place where drought has taken hold of conditions, you know the fear of a hard pan chip shot.

You hit a decent approach – not on the green, but not far off.

“I can get this up-and-down,” you think confidently. 

Then you get a look at the lie. And your heart sinks.

There’s barely any grass under the ball and the ground is muddy… or maybe rock hard.

So much for saving par.

Unless… You use the technique I demonstrate in today’s video.

It’ll help you avoid a disastrous chunk and ensure that your next shot is a putt – hopefully a short one.

Few things are more frustrating than wrecking a potentially great round with a lousy short game.

Maybe you blade an easy chip. Or leave a ball in a bunker.

Perhaps the dreaded yips rear their ugly head at exactly the wrong time.

Whatever your bugaboo, you’ll find the solution in my new Vertical Line Short Game System.

It’s a series of videos showing you simpler ways to get up-and-down than the methods you’ve been taught.

You can learn these techniques in no time at all, hone them with minimal practice, and say goodbye to days where your short game lets you down.

Check it out here:

Start Saving Strokes Instead of Wasting Them, Right Away


  1. Hey Todd. I am a senior golfer (75). I have been watching many of your videos on chipping. My question is: My clubs are all hybrids including my SW (55) and PW. Does the set up, take away etc also apply to hybrid clubs?
    Thank you.

  2. David,

    Good question. Here is a good video we did on that topic

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