The Perfect Golf Shaft Angle at Address

April 5, 2022

The Perfect Golf Shaft Angle at Address – How to Make Solid Contact Throughout Your Golf Bag

Have you ever thought that the reason you can’t learn how to hit the golf ball more consistently has nothing to do with your golf swing?

In this golf lesson from Todd Kolb, we walk through your golf shaft angle at address. We break down driver, irons and wedges and see how each is a little different to make the perfect golf swing for flush golf shots!

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What do you love most about the game of golf? If you’re like a lot of golfers, great ball contact is probably high on your list.

That satisfying cracking sound, the long, straight shot…

When you make solid contact, you feel like you’re in control. At least I do. That’s why it’s so maddening to hit a great shot off a six-iron only to top it off a pitching wedge.

The good news? Finding consistency might just be a matter of adjusting your golf club shaft angle at address.

Because the rules aren’t the same for every club. If no one ever taught you this, you’re in for a game-changing discovery.

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How to Improve Contact with Your Golf Setup

Because the length of your golf shafts are different, you should not have the exact same golf setup throughout your golf bag. So how do you find the perfect golf shaft angle at address for each type of club?  Let’s break down three of your common clubs to give you an idea.

Golf Shaft Angle for Wedge

Your golf wedge is your shortest golf shaft, and you will be closer to the golf ball than with a longer club.  Your golf shaft angle should be slightly below your belt buckle for a reference point.

Golf Shaft Angle for 6 Iron

Your irons start to get a little longer, so your shaft angle is going to be a little bit higher.  You golf shaft angle at address should be pretty much right at the belt buckle.

How to Hit Driver

Driver is the longest club in the bag, so you’ll be the farthest from the ball when using driver. You want the butt end of the club to point just above your belt buckle, so the angle between the golf shaft and your forearms is less pronounced.

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