Bushnell Phantom 2 Review

By Nick Anson
September 29, 2021

Introducing the The Bushnell Phantom 2: A Convenient and Easy-to-Use Rangefinder for All Levels of Golfers

Ever since Bushnell dipped their toes in the golf laser rangefinder world, they have had a dominating presence at every major level.  From the top tours in the world to the everyday golfer at your local course, hands down the most trusted rangefinder brand is Bushnell Golf.

Their game-changing “slope reading” ability allows golfers to factor elevation changes on the fly, while their innovative JOLT-technology gives off a vibration/jolt as soon as the user has locked onto the flag.

Both ground-breaking features helped solidify Bushnell as kings in the laser rangefinder world, while giving golfers the confidence that their distance is as accurate as possible. 

But what if you’re a casual golfer that just needs to know how far a hazard is, or what the distance is to the center of the green?  Not every golfer has pinpoint accuracy with their clubs, and really just needs a few simple yardages to navigate a day on the links. And that’s where the new Bushnell Phantom 2 shines.

Bushnell Phantom 2

Bushnell’s new addition of the Bushnell Phantom 2 continues to solidify their spot at the top of the rangefinder market.

The convenience of the size of the rangefinder as well as the accuracy of the distances is something that every golfer should want. The display of all the yardages on the Bushnell Phantom 2 are much clearer and larger than previous models allowing for the user to easily see the yardage in front of them.

Are you curious if the Bushnell Phantom 2 is something that you might need? Here’s everything you need to know about the product as well as the technology behind what makes it so useful.

Bushnell’s Professional Dominance

Since the start of the PGA and LPGA tour, their most used and most desired rangefinder brand has been Bushnell.

Over the years, Bushnell has handed out sponsorships to professional golfers to have them use and endorse the product. However, it also allows them to work with the top players in the world to get valuable feedback on their line of goods. This helps them improve their performance, and also helps ensure we get the best features possible. 

The New Bushnell Phantom 2 

The small and easy to use new Bushnell Phantom 2 has the latest technology that everyone wants and the convenient size to go along with it. 

So what are the features that you can expect to have with the new Bushnell Phantom 2?

Accurate Distances: Front / Center / Back

Being aware of the exact distance to the flag is important. However, at times having an awareness of how far the back or front of the green is can be even more vital to hitting a great golf shot.

The Bushnell Phantom 2 uses a bold, easy-to-read font that shows you all three major distances that you need. 

Also, it carries over 38,000 preloaded golf courses… unless you’re playing at Bushwood CC, they’ll definitely have your golf course.

Size and Display

As mentioned previously the new Bushnell Phantom 2 has an easy-to-use system. Not only does the bold lettering provide easier readings, it also with its unique display and attachment capability.

With the new BITE magnetic mount, this rangefinder can literally latch onto anything metal!

If you’re walking 9 or 18 holes, it can attach easily to your bag. If you’re taking a cart, it can grab onto the golf cart at nearly any angle to give you the yardage display right where you need it. You could even put it on a club head if you’re walking.

One of the new and improved features of the Bushnell Phantom 2 is the transflective display… which provides a high visibility even in bright sunlight.  And if you’ve ever played golf in the middle of the summer, a dimly-lit screen of any kind is frustrating, to say the least. This vivid display ensures you can get accurate and easy-to-read distances in any amount of light.

Hazard Tracker and Pin Placement

When managing yourself around the golf course there’s no better rangefinder than the Bushnell Phantom 2.

It provides you with up to 6 different hazard/layup yardages! That is more than any other model before it.

On the display, it also gives you a full greenview with a movable pin placement… This allows you to cycle through the different pin locations and find a more precise distance to the flag.

With the Bushnell Phantom 2, worrying about if you have the correct yardage will be a thing of the past.

Additional Features

One of the more helpful features from this new product is that it carries 18+ hours of battery life.

This new upgrade allows you to play 4 or more full rounds of golf without having to worry about where you’re going to find an outlet. It’s auto hole advance feature will also save you from having to click “next hole” after you finish the one prior, it will automatically go to the next.

You also don’t have to worry about typing in and searching for your golf course… The Bushnell Phantom 2 has built-in Auto Course Recognition that will automatically find the course nearest to your location.

How to Get your Hands on the Bushnell Phantom 2

The easiest and simplest way to get your own Bushnell Phantom 2 is to order directly from the Bushnell golf website

It comes with a one-year-limited warranty that guarantees the product has no defects in the display or workmanship of the device.

The reviews on this new product have been great and with a relatively low pricing point at $129.99, it’s something you should definitely get your hands on if you want to help your golf game.

What Do You Think?

You know how we feel about the Bushnell Phantom 2. What about you? Are you excited to check out this new Bushnell rangefinder? Do you have a favorite model you still swear by?

Join us in the comments and let us know your thoughts. We love talking gear.

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  1. I have two phatoms, works great. Why on some courses some holes have custom info and other holes on the same course says no custom info? I’m looking for some info in the middle of the hole and it tells me about a sand trap 348 yards away or a green side bunker. I can read the positive info very well ,Don’t see why you would have to enlarge that. Also $129.00 I think is too much to pay for this device, just saying.

  2. Do you have to sinc this with a computer or just turn on and go play? Like the izzo does

  3. Thanks for reaching out David, the Bushnell Phantom 2 uses GPS to find the course you are playing, and courses come pre-loaded. Hope that helps!

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