How to Make an Easy to Repeat Golf Swing

April 10, 2021

Make an Easy to Repeat Golf Swing with these 3 Vertical Line Swing Tips

The easiest swing in golf starts by understanding what you are capable of doing in your own golf swing.

In this simple golf lesson, you will learn 3 simple golf swing tips that are easy to repeat and implement. You will learn how a more vertical golf backswing, shorter length of swing, and proper finish position using our Vertical Line Swing system can help you create a simple golf swing that is easy to repeat and rely upon time and time again!

Get More Vertical in the Backswing

The traditional method of teaching the backswing involves the player taking the club in and around their body. This movement isn’t necessarily a bad move. However, it requires a great deal of strength and flexibility that the majority of golfers do not have.

It also causes tension on your hips and lower back which is something that we all want to avoid. The solution to this is to get the golf club higher or “more vertical” in the backswing.

This vertical movement will release the tension on your lower back and allow you to make a smooth and comfortable turn in your backswing. Some of the all-time greats of the game use this swing movement in their own golf swings to create their turn, speed and accuracy.

It’s easier to do, easy to repeat, and easier on your body. And that is the perfect combination for a successful and enjoyable golf experience!

Shorten Your Swing

Let’s compare your driver and your pitching wedge. Your driver is the longest club in your bag, and it’s what we use when we want to achieve the most distance possible.

Your pitching wedge on the other hand is much shorter in length and is used for less distance and more accuracy.

Which of these two clubs do you think you have more consistency? The obvious answer is your pitching wedge for one big reason: the length of the club!

The longer the club gets, the harder it is to have control and maintain accuracy. The same concept can be carried over to your actual golf swing.

A long golf swing results in definitely more distance. However, it’s much less accurate and your distances can be very sporadic.

By shortening your backswing you’ll see a much more repeatable shot shape. And your distance control will dramatically improve.

The Finish Position – High Handle

The finish position you might think is not that important in the golf swing. It is AFTER we hit the golf ball right?

Well, the finish position is an area that is very easily fixed and can relieve tremendous stress on your body, especially on your lower back. The finish position that we like to see in the Vertical Line Swing involves the handle of the golf club being at the high point of the swing.

This will force you to stop going down and around in your finish. If you have limited mobility, this usually leads to a weak slice and many other body movement issues.

The high handle finish position will also allow you to start hitting high draws and stay away from the low, hard to control slice that we all want to avoid.

Bonus – Golf Swing Tempo Drill

What happens to your golf swing when you haven’t played in a few weeks? What happens after a few months, if you’re coming out from the winter season? Our timing, tempo and ability to hit the golf ball in the center of the face is off.

This is from no fault of your own, as taking any form of time off is difficult for any level of golfer. Golf is a game of repetition and confidence. Unfortunately, many of us simply can’t devote hours on the range hitting balls.

This tempo drill is the solution to your lack of reps. It will allow you to start finding the center of the face right when you hit the range.

So how does it exactly work? First, you’ll get set up for a shot (without a golf ball) like you’re going to hit any other regular shot.

Then, when you take the club back and move to your right foot you’ll say to yourself right.  Then simply say “left” when you transition to the follow through and your left foot. Repeat this motion back and forth a few times before you hit your actual next golf shot.

Finally, step up to the golf ball and hit the shot repeating the words “right, left” throughout the swing.

Before long, you’ll start to realize that you’re making better contact, your tempo is much better and your swing feels much smoother. Yes, it really is that simple!

A Golf Swing That is Easy to Repeat

Having an awareness of your own ability to properly swing a golf club is very powerful. If you’re feeling uncomfortable throughout your swing and you leave the range with any form of pain then it’s time you switch over to the Vertical Line Swing.

Having a proper backswing, shorter length of swing and a high handle finish will be easier to repeat. You’ll take the stress off your body and start to hit golf shots that are smooth and much more accurate.



  1. What are you doing with the hands in the vertical line swing?

  2. Vertical swing is great, much improvement. However starting to hit more fat shots even with driver. Any help appreciated

  3. Looks a lot like Don Trahan’s teaching

  4. Richard,

    We need to take a look at Don’s coaching…sounds like a good guy!

  5. Steve,

    Take a look at this set up video….it will help

  6. Charles,

    Please expand on your question. At which part of the swing?

  7. Hi Todd,
    Is the Power Training Aid, advertised on your web site worth having?
    Alf Stiven.

  8. Alf,

    Yes, it is solid training tool.

  9. A swing plane at shoulder height works best for me. I think you need to find your own feel for consistency. Practice practice practice until you can feel what’s correct.

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